Welcome to the Calisthenics Family!

Follow this step by step instruction to get the best out of your calisthenics journey:

  1. Within a few minutes you’ll receive your training program in your e-mail inbox. Please check your spam folder if it seems like you didn’t recieve it. Print this PDF file and take it with you to your gym or calisthenics park.
  2. Check our blog to learn about calisthenics, training methods, exercises and the best calisthenics equipment.
  3. Purchase your gymnastic rings here. Training with gymnastic rings is a great way to start your calisthenics journey. Use the discount code CWW10 for 10% discount on our recommended rings.
  4. Visit our Calisthenics Worldwide Community on Facebook. Share your progress, ask questions, meet people that are on the same mission as you and discuss different training methods.
  5. Always have fun! Calisthenics is fun and exciting. Train with others, challenge your friends and share your progress with us!

See you soon!