VAHVA Fitness Movement 20XX Review — Grit, Strength & Determination 

Eero Westerberg from VAHVA Fitness is doing an animal movement exercise

VAHVA Fitness combines mobility, strength, endurance and balance in a variety of comprehensive high-tier Calisthenics Programs, including the VAHVA Fitness Movement 20XX program. Where the combination of all these aspects into a single full-spectrum routine is relatively new to us in the West, the Fins have been practicing this style of exercise for decades. VAHVA Fitness promises a complete bodily and mental overhaul, starting with the Movement 20XX course. But it comes at a price both in your wallet and between your ears. You will undergo a mental as much as a physical change and you will be pushed. The goal? Apparently, these Fins want to push you to your genetic limit. We’ll see how far they meet that challenge and tell you whether VAHVA Fitness is worth your time and hard-earned dollars.

Who is VAHVA Fitness?  

Samuli Jyrkinen and Eero Westerberg are behind VAHVA Fitness and are responsible for creating a number of holistic fitness methods. VAHVA Fitness embodies the Finish concept of “Sisu”, which roughly translates to hardiness, or fortitude. The Fins have a long history of needing to be both physically and mentally strong. The Finnish people have been geographically sandwiched between fierce Vikings and expansionist Russians. They’ve had a lot to endure over the centuries at the hands of other people, let alone the harsh climate they live in. 

This has resulted in a particularly hardy people, who don’t just know how to overcome hardship; they embody hardship. It is this immoveable foundation stone which stands at the core of VAHVA Fitness mentality. Samuli and Eero add to this a healthy mix of both Western and Eastern styled fitness and martial arts, again harkening back to the Fins’ knack to adapt, improvise on and overcome whatever the adversary was throwing at them. 

Vahva means “strong, able-bodied” in Finnish after all. 

What is Movement 20XX?  

Hard times make hard men, hard men make good times, good times make soft men, soft men make hard times. The Movement 20XX program is meant to make you a hard man, or woman of course. This is the first takeaway we’d like to put upfront about this program. It is not as hard or difficult as the Warrior 20XX program but it does rank up there. It is not a very easy program; it is not meant for the absolute beginner looking for some easy Calisthenics. It is meant to make you lean, strong and push your boundaries in terms of lean muscle mass, agility, mobility and balance. So, what is Movement 20XX? 

The Movement 20XX is what we’d describe as a bodyweight mobility routine. It has a lot in common with Mobility Programs, but with an emphasis on growing stronger. It makes you limber, agile and fast. The Movement 20XX is implied to be an ideal companion for other active and outdoor sports requiring feats of agility, strength and endurance. 

You will be acquiring both static and dynamic skills, which are combined into flow routines and static holds. VAHVA Fitness calls this an “Animal Flow”. These can be quite impressive to look at, if not impossible to attain at first glance. The moves you learn are inspired by animalistic movements associated with the hominid species, of which we humans are a part. The idea is that since we took a very long time to evolve, all those different muscles must have a purpose; it follows that moving those muscles in the way intended will lead to the best and strongest results. This is of course coupled with our modern understanding of locomotion and training principles. 

VAHVA Fitness Movement 20XX Program Overview  

We’ve done quite a few of these programs now and we quite like the four-pronged method of reviewing. It gives us a solid comparison method to other programs, which can be a difficult thing to do. You, our loyal reader, will be presented with an easily digestible overview of what to expect from the Movement 20XX program. We’ll start by listing the requirements according to us, not VAHVA Fitness. Then we’ll go over the form and function of the program and how it is presented to us. This is an important factor in the overall efficiency of the program since a clearer, easier to navigate structure makes for a more pleasant experience. 

After evaluating all the upfront work, we’ll dive into the actual exercises and the progression curve you’ll be represented with. Here we’ll look into the effectiveness of the program and what you can expect in terms of hardship and of course results!  


Like all VAHVA Fitness 20XX programs, the Movement 20XX isn’t the easiest program fit for just about anyone. It is the easiest in the 20XX family but that still means we’d recommend the following benchmarks: 

  • 10 Push-Ups 
  • 20 Squats 
  • 5 Dips 
  • 1 full Pull-Up 

Form and function  

Clean, minimalist and of high quality is how we’d describe the front-end of the Movement 20XX. The website is easy to navigate and intuitively designed. We won’t say anything about Scandinavian furniture, but Brutalism does go hand-in-hand with web design quite well. The white, clean backgrounds and soft-colored big buttons make going where we need to be easy.  

The UI (user interface) is contrasted by the black and industrial esthetic of the HD-videos depicting Eero Westerberg in his gym. The follow-along videos run the span of the exercise and the session, along with additional reading and video material for you to watch. This extra material will take a deeper dive into each exercise so that you can learn them at your own pace instead of having to do new things on the fly during a session. We didn’t find any bugs or faults with the design or useability. Of course, being a website with HD-video feed means you need a stable internet connection. 

Effectiveness of the exercises  

Movement 20XX focusses on acquiring dynamic skills and techniques inspired by animalistic movements. Your body is activated by mimicking some of the natural movements we used to make, back when we were still steppe hunters and, let’s be frank, scavengers all too often running away from the danger rather than opposing it.  

This means a lot of explosive skills, sudden bursts of very agile movements and activating both muscles you commonly use as well as muscles we don’t use very often in our daily, cozy, modern life. A training session is fun and engaging and despite being very unique, all movements follow basic Calisthenics principles at their core. VAHVA Fitness did a good job incorporating solid Calisthenics in a dynamic way. Strength is developed in 3 main categories and all towards the goal of dynamic mobility. These focus categories are: pushing, pulling and leg strength. These simpler exercises are almost always variations of push-ups, pull-ups and squats. The goal is that you can support your entire bodyweight with relative ease either pushing it or pulling it. 

We also discovered aspects of Yoga stretching worked into the program. This helped keep our muscles supple and prevented foreshortened muscle growth which would impede limberness and agility. Movement 20XX is simultaneously also a cardio exercise and you’ll find no want of jogging or track with this program on the days you exercise. Each session left us out of breath and feeling satisfyingly worn.  

The ultimate goal is to execute “Animal Flows”, transitions from one dynamic movement to the next somewhat akin to breakdance. These Animal Flows are divided into three classes: 

  • High Flows: These are performed standing up and work mostly to improve upper-body mobility. 
  • Low Flows: Performed in a low stance, with or without the hands touching the floor. These activate the muscles much more so than High Flows. 
  • Ground Flows: These are done on the ground, either lying on the floor or supported on your hands. Dynamic exercises in this category can be very challenging.  

We must conclude that Movement 20XX delivers its promises on the following key areas: strength and agility gains and endurance gains. The exercises are effective mobility exercises in and off their own, with good results where it comes to increased lean muscle mass and raw strength. You become more endurant as well, although we find that the emphasis lies on explosive power.  To use an analogy: the goalkeeper leaping into an incredible, cat-like safe instead of the midfielder covering many miles over the course of a game. 


Steep and quick, with plenty of mental boundaries to overcome. VAHVA Fitness’ Movement 20XX is a fun challenge and you hardly notice time slip by until the end of the session. However, the pain comes later and it is very much a matter of showing grit and determination. You can take it slower by simply repeating past sessions over and over, lengthening the intended 6-month course. However, everything about the program is designed to push you forward and achieve your evolutionary limit. 

Following the course within its 6-month timespan will be a true challenge and a testament to your mastery over both your physical and psychological dominion. 

The program is properly spaced, however and is appropriate for the healthy human body both male and female to conduct. The rest is between the ears. 

How much does Movement 20XX costs? 

VAHVA Fitness is not cheap. The Movement 20XX costs $497. Included in the program is the following: 

  • 30 strength exercises 
  • 30 mobility drills 
  • 53 flow elements 
  • 11 flow routines 
  • 6 active flexibility drills 
  • 4 static strength skills 
  • 6-month workout routines with week-by-week schedule 
  • Movement Masterclass of 15 lessons 
  • Guide to Muscle Ups 
  • Traditional Sisu Mindset Training 
  • Facebook Community 
  • Support from VAHVA Fitness 
  • 30-day money back guarantee 

You can try their free “The Ten Commandments of Strength Training” to get a sneak peek at what they’re all about. 

The Equipment You Need  

You don’t *need* any equipment to participate in the Movement 20XX. We recommend the following Calisthenics equipment to help prevent injury and make exercising more enjoyable: 

Other VAHVA Fitness Programs  

VAHVA Fitness has other programs next to the Movement 20XX. Most have the same denominator of 20XX, preceded by a unique name. Each program builds on the same core mentality of endurance and combining strength, speed, agility and endurance without compromise. Here is an overview of other VAHVA Fitness programs: 

Morning Routine 20XX Easy 15-minute mobility and stretching exercises. Meant for people in need of a healthy, time-saving routine to keep them fit and healthy. $97 
Athlete 20XX Method Full-spectrum mobility, strength and endurance training. Meant for the athlete to complement any dynamic sport on a professional level. $997 
Movement 20XX Method The program reviewed in this article. Meant for mobility and strength. $497 
Warrior 20XX Method Full-Spectrum routines meant to build massive amounts of lean muscle mass quick without bulking up or becoming slower. Meant for people who ambition that chiseled warrior physique that isn’t just for show. $497 
Trinity 20XX Bundle A combination of the Athlete, Movement and Warrior 20XX Methods into one bundle. This saves you $494 off the combined cost.  $1497 

Conclusions about VAHVA Fitness’ Movement 20XX 

At the start of this article, we said in the first sentence that VAHVA Fitness combines various elements found in different branches of Calisthenics. Combining is not the right verb here, not precisely anyway. It’s more VAHVA Fitness manages to bring out the highest of each; you become very agile, very fast, very endurant and very strong. It brings out the very epitome of the physique that your genes are capable off. The sum of all these parts is greater than the whole. A higher mobility positively affects the way you train strength, making you stronger. Being stronger means you can maintain a flow longer, making you more flexible and mobile. This cycle stops, with no compromise between lean mass, speed or endurance, only when you’ve met the very best version of yourself you can be. 

We liked Movement 20XX very much. We liked its precepts and how it seamlessly incorporates Eastern and Western fitness philosophies into an effective training regimen. Is it worth the price? Only if you’re determined to see it through and reap its benefits. If you’re only of half a mind about getting into Calisthenics, you’re better of starting with some easy Calisthenics moves and routines first. If you are determined and are ready to show grit and build strength of body as well as character, then VAHVA Fitness Movement 20XX is right for you.

Frequently Asked Questions About VAHVA Fitness Movement 20XX 

A number of questions frequently asked on the net about VAHVA Fitness and Movement 20XX, answered below: 

What is vahva fitness?

VAHVA Fitness is a Finnish calisthenics and fitness platform designed and run by Samuli Jyrkinen and Eero Westerberg. VAHVA means “strong” or “able-bodied” in Finnish and uses many aspects of traditional Finnish culture such as Sisu (hardiness, resilience) to instill the proper mindset in its practitioners. Its goal is to overcome mental and physical boundaries in exchange for long term benefits, and to become the very best version of yourself you could be on an evolutionary (genetic) level. 

How do you learn Animal Flow

Animal Flow is learned through the VAHVA Fitness Movement 20XX program, which teaches dynamic Calisthenics along with Yoga and MMA moves. The resulting dynamic exercises are combined into “flows” which are called Animal Flows. The moves are inspired by typical muscle movements performed by other hominids with similar musculature as humans. 

Is Animal Flow same as yoga?

Animal Flow has elements of Yoga in it but relies on explosive strength as well. Apart from Yoga, Animal Flow uses Calisthenics to increase the practitioner's strength and endurance. 

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