Cali Move Complete Calisthenics Review 2024

Jelle from Calisthenics Worldwide is reviewing the Complete Calisthenics Program from Calisthenics Movement

The Complete Calisthenics program is a comprehensive, beginner to master, journey for those who want a fit and healthy lifestyle and a great looking body. Offered by Cali Move, or officially Calisthenics Movement, it has attracted many thousands of amateur athletes already. This Calisthenics program, aptly named “complete”, promises a bodily transformation to anyone willing and able to participate. In this Cali Move Complete Calisthenics Review, we’ll take an in-depth look at what’s on offer, who it is good for and what the end results ought to be. If you’re wondering whether the Cali Move Complete Calisthenics program is for you, we hope to clear things up for you. Finally, should you decide that our Cali Move Complete Calisthenics review has convinced you, we procured a Discount Code just for our most loyal readers.

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CaliMove Complete Calisthenics Review Levels 1-5 | Best Calisthenics Program?

What is Calisthenics Movement – Cali Move? 

Cali Move is an online platform delivering Calisthenics programs to anyone looking to get in shape, pursue a healthier lifestyle or who seek to sculpt their bodies according to their ideal self-image. Cali Move can be accessed and successfully used by anyone, whether a complete novice or a master Calisthenics practitioner. 

In this Cali Move Complete Calisthenics review, we will be looking at one of their most fundamental programs; aimed to transform the complete novice into a Calisthenics master.

Best For Beginners
Complete Calisthenics – Level 1-5 Bundle | Cali Move

10% off with our code: CWW10
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Who is behind Cali Move – Calisthenics Movement? 

Sven Kohl and Alex “El Eggs” Lorenz are behind Cali Move. Together they sport a combined 25 years of fitness and Calisthenics experience. They’ve made their hobby their business by starting Cali Move and it is their endeavor to make Calisthenics accessible and fun to a broad audience. Despite their immense fame online, as evident by their multi-million subscriber YouTube channel, both Sven and Alex remain down to earth. This is best seen with their in-person fitness events which are comparably cheap to attend and are most likely not the most profitable for them; when viewed from an economic lens.

Their passion for Calisthenics is more important to them, which is expressed through their Cali Move programs, workshops and live events. These live events, frequently in Leipzig, Germany, attract attendees from all over the world.

THE MAN IN THE BLUE SHORTS | Interview with El Eggs from Cali Move | Athlete Insider Podcast #58

The Complete Calisthenics by Cali Move Review 

We have divided our review of the Complete Calisthenics program into 5 sections. Each section will shed light on a specific aspect of the Complete Calisthenics program while together, they paint a complete picture. By carving up all the ground we have to cover, we hope that all the facts, facets and functionalities become clearer to you. In any case, it made this Cali Move program a lot easier to review from our side. 

We will start with the program itself, the meat and gravy of what you’re buying. The way the program is presented to you is certainly important, but the actual content outweighs this by a considerable margin. Compare the actual text of a book to its paper quality, cover design and choice of font. 

We won’t dismiss the presentation completely, of course, and this is what we’ll discuss next. Finally, we’ll make a two-part assessment about the effectiveness of the program and how well it progresses. 

Program Overview

The Complete Calisthenics program comes in 5 courses called “levels”. These are numbered and named simply 1 to 5 and Beginner to Master. Each course lasts 19 weeks, these weeks themselves being divided into a number of phases. This means that the Complete Calisthenics program is a very long program, intended to last almost 2 years (19 x 5 = 95 weeks).

cali move complete calisthenics review overview 1-5 bundle

Each phase in the course is a cycle consisting of a test week, where you do a number of benchmark tests, followed by 3 or 4 training weeks. This is a pretty standard macro cycle which we see in many other Calisthenics programs. Cali Move requires you to keep your own schedule and figure out which exercises you need to do on which days. To do this, you refer to the provided Lecture Overview.

Cali move complete calisthenics schedule bundle 1-5

By looking at which week and day you are, you can find the corresponding “lecture” (e.g., workout) you need to do that day. The lectures are also coded but if you keep to the schedule, it shouldn’t be too hard to follow. You can also download each overview and schedule in pdf format. 

Each lecture is accompanied by a GIF animation called a “Frame”. The Frame will tell you the exercise to perform, number of repetitions you should strive for or how long you should be doing that exercise. Aside from the Frames, each exercise can be viewed in the Phase’s Exercise List as well, where they are displayed with high-quality videos and excellent narration by El Eggs.

cali move complete calisthenics bodyrow frame by El Eggs

The structure chosen by Cali Move for the Complete Calisthenics program makes sense. It is a very large and all-encompassing program and there is a lot of information they need to convey. The system they came up with will require you to watch the general information videos at the very beginning of the course for you to understand (or maybe you’re just smarter than us). After that, the Frames provide you with a concise, easily to glean from pictorial telling you what to do. We prefer this over more contrived programs which regurgitate the same videos and information over and over again.


The baseline requirements from you are none at all. That is to say, to start the Level 1 “Beginner Program”. Since each course is individually purchasable, it makes sense to step in at a higher Level should you already be a more advanced Calisthenics practitioner. To this end, you can refer to the following chart which depicts the prerequisite capabilities to start that level.

cali move complete calisthenics level 1-5 requirements

This is NOT the same as a personalized assessment like we see in The Movement Athlete and, will only provide you with a rudimentary yardstick approach to gauging where you should step in.

Form & Function

The website functions smoothly and works on any device that’s not your old toaster. We like the sleek design with minimal clutter. Most of the information is given to you in video format and once you know what you need to do, you’re no longer coddled but just given the Frames showing you what you need to do. The most complex part about the Complete Calisthenics program is the list of lectures and the codes they have. 

Five minutes after enrolling however, we knew what they meant. Quite frankly, they are more of an administrative indication to the program designer than for us. We only need to know what day and week we are currently in. The UI of the webpage directs us to the right lecture and the exercises in the lectures themselves refer back to the list of video tutorials.

Effectiveness of the Exercises

All the exercises in the Cali Move Complete Calisthenics program are effective and suitable for each given level. Exercises given in Level 1 focus on gross motor skills and building up core strength. They expect no athletic finesse from you, only basic movements which strain the largest muscles in your body, arms and legs. 

Progressively harder levels come with equally harder exercises. Here are some examples (but not an exhaustive list by a long shot) of what’s in store for you:

Level 1Level 2Level 3Level 4Level 5
Body RowsPush UpsJumping SquatsSkin the CatAdv. Skin the Cat
Incline Push UpsDeep SquatsActive HangHanging S. LeanHandstand Switch
PlanksPull UpsSkin the CatSitting Leg RaisePlanche Leans
SquatsBody RowsDeep SquatsHandstand WalkOne Arm Raises
Jumping SquatsDipsArcher SquatsPlancheL-Sit Presses
Band Ass. DipsPike StandsL-SitsFront Lever RaiseBulgarian Ring Dip


We mentioned above that higher levels come with progressively harder exercises. This is a long program with relatively realistic expectations. If you really set your mind to it, you can complete the entire Complete Calisthenics program in just under 2 years’ time. That is still a bit optimistic though since it doesn’t take into account any rest weeks between levels, vacations, coming down sick, and so on. We gauge that an average person starting at Level 1 and who strives not to skip a week (but will go on vacation and who does come down with the cold) will take up to 3 years.

The incremental level of difficulty though is pretty solid. By the time you’re done with a particular level, your body is just about ready to start the next level. For most, it won’t be a constant uphill battle, but there will be this slope you’re constantly walking up to. It should fit most people’s schedules and physical capabilities.

To make sure you’re not overwhelmed, Cali Move decided to only allow you to sneak peek one week in advance. The weeks beyond that remain locked until then. This will also limit the number of pages you can access, keeping you from getting lost and it makes it easier to see which week you’re at currently.

cali move complete calisthenics preview full schedule

How much does Complete Calisthenics Costs? 

You can buy the Complete Calisthenics program four different ways. First, you can buy each course individually. Secondly, you can by all 5 courses in one package. For those who are only interested in getting in shape or for those who already are in shape, there is the option to either buy levels 1 to 3 in a package or just levels 4 and 5 as a package deal. 

We’ll go over each configuration and their total costs.

LEVELS 1 – 3$155.99$51.99$20
LEVELS 4 & 5$107.99$53.99$18
COMPLETE BUNDLE$239.99$47.99$24

Per Level, buying the complete bundle is the cheapest and will save you a total of (24 x 5) $120. If you’re looking to get into the complete Complete Calisthenics program, going straight for the Complete Bundle is the most economical choice. Buying individual levels, we find prohibitively expensive. If you’re satisfied with just getting into (very good) shape, then buying the bundle with the first three levels is also comparatively cheap.

Best For Beginners
Complete Calisthenics – Level 1-5 Bundle | Cali Move

10% off with our code: CWW10
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Equipment You Need for the Complete Calisthenics Program

You will need some Calisthenics equipment to complete the Complete Calisthenics Program. What you’ll need is the following:

Cali Move Complete Calisthenics Alternatives? 

The first alternative which comes to mind is The Movement Athlete, a Calisthenics App which tries to do a similar thing. Indeed, in the oft raised question of Calisthenics Movement vs. The Movement Athlete, it seems a matter of personal preference. The app gives some additional functionality on a mobile device which a website simply can’t. On the other hand, visiting the Cali Move website gives you a much better overview of all the information available and at a glance, something which isn’t possible from any mobile screen.

Other Cali Move Programs

Cali Move hosts a number of Calisthenics programs for people starting from different places in their life and with different goals in mind. The most popular are:

We plan on doing reviews of each of these programs in the future, so if you like our content consider subscribing to the Newsletter or our RSS feed to stay up-to-date.

Cali Move Discount Code 

You should be convinced by now that Cali Move is the real deal and that it can help shape you up. If so, our most loyal readers can use the permanent discount code CWW10 for 10% off on any Cali Move program and product. This includes the reviewed Cali Move Complete Calisthenics program and any new products they may add to their shop in the future.

Best For Beginners
Complete Calisthenics – Level 1-5 Bundle | Cali Move

10% off with our code: CWW10
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cali Move

Here are some frequently asked questions we find a lot about Cali Move and the Complete Calisthenics program.

Who Is El Eggs?

Alex “El Eggs” Lorenz is a popular Calisthenics YouTuber from Germany who adopted his nickname because of the hair on his head. He has a degree in physical education and nutrition. In 2012 he founded a Calisthenics and Parkour oriented sports club in Leipzig, Germany. Aside from his professional career in sports and Calisthenics, he is also a Taekwondo enthusiast among others. He runs the popular Cali Move website along with his friend and associate, Sven Kohl.

How long are Cali Move workouts?

This depends on the level you’re at. Lower levels might be as short as 10 minutes, while higher levels can go up to 45 minutes. This is with rests, warm-up and stretching included.

How long does the Cali Move Complete Calisthenics program take?

Each Level is 19 weeks long, there are 5 Levels so it will take a total of 95 weeks to complete the program in full. This is without taking any vacation (or at least not skipping your exercise days during vacation) or sick days. A more realistic estimation would be 3 years.

2 thoughts on “Cali Move Complete Calisthenics Review 2024

  1. Antonio says:

    I have already purchased the complete calisthenics course. I would like to know if there is a dedicated Android app or one where I can manually input the exercises, or if I need to keep the web page open on my phone. Thank you.

    • Jari Dohmen says:

      Hi Antonio! Great question. We have good contact with the owners and as we speak they are creating a calisthenics app. As you can understand it’s a lot of work, since they sell a lot of calisthenics programs and have a lot of content. Alex Lorenz told me that the app will be finished early 2025 and that it is depending on how fast they proceed with developing with the app. So, right now you are forced to use the web page open until they release their app. Hope this helps and good luck with your training!

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