Cali Move Body Transformation Review


With our Cali Move Body Transformation review, we hope to shed some light on this demonstratively effective Calisthenics program. Cali Move is known for its selection of user friendly, beginner friendly and mobile friendly courses, which have seen great multitudes pick themselves up and enhance their bodies. The Cali Move Body Transformation course has a single-minded, simple objective: to transform your body into something you can be proud off and do it in a reasonably short time span. We’ll be looking into these claims and prove them either right or wrong. As our loyal readers have come to expect, we’ll break the whole program down into digestible chunks and determine its advantages and disadvantages. If you’re as convinced about the Cali Move Body Transformation as we were, we have a 10% discount code for our loyal readers at the end.

Who is Cali Move — Calisthenics Movement?

Despite El Egg’s appropriate haircut and glossy dome, Cali Move is certainly no Calimero on the Calisthenics scene. As an online platform, Cali Move is frequented by hundreds of thousands who seek to work on their bodily fitness, health and let’s face it: looks. Sven Kohl and Alex “El Eggs” Lorenz, the founders of Cali Move, put their combined 25 years of Calisthenics experience to good use on the platform. Not only does their YouTube channel have millions of subscribers, their live-events in Leipzig, Germany, attract many Calisthenics enthusiasts from all over the world. 

Sven and Alex are in it primarily for their love of Calisthenics and are willing to put monetary gains aside to further their live-long passion and hobby. With that, we believe, they’ve struck gold. It’s this enthusiasm coupled with their expertise which sets Cali Move apart from so many other Calisthenics platforms.

Cali Move Body Transformation Review

To get a better understanding of what this Calisthenics program entails, our Cali Move Body Transformation review is cut into 5 bite sized pieces. We hope to paint a full picture of the benefits of the Cali Move Body Transformation program, who it is for and what you can expect. In many ways, our Cali Move Body Transformation review will be quite similar to our earlier review of their Cali Move Complete Calisthenics program. The Cali Move Body Transformation program can be seen as a more intense version of Complete Calisthenics, as we will soon see.

Our review will start with an overview of the Calisthenics itself. This is the most important part of any Calisthenics program and needs to check out before anything else is considered. Next, we’ll go over the requirements and prerequisites to even start. That will lay a baseline of what you can expect to be doing and who it is for. Form and function will tell us about the look and feel of the program, the website and how information is presented to us.

The final two elements. effectiveness and progression, have to do with the effectiveness of the program and its progression over time. By that time, you should have a solid idea on what this program will culminate in for your body and health. Our Cali Move Transformation review includes all 3 courses, Basics, Pro and Elite. These are included in the Body Transformation Bundle, which is the bundle we acquired for this review.

Program Overview

The Cali Move Body Transformation bundle consists of three levels, Basics, Pro and Elite. Each successive level will expose you to more advanced techniques and generally see an increase in difficulty. From the start, it is clear that the Cali Move Body Transformation program is hard. Much harder than the Complete Calisthenics program. The Body Transformation Basics program is 29 weeks, the Pro program is 40 weeks and the Elite program is 35 weeks. Combined this means 104 weeks of Calisthenics or 2 years. That is without any hiatus like holidays, sickness or anything else that could come in between. Experience tells us that you’ll likely take something approaching 2.5 to 3 years to complete the entire Cali Move Body Transformation program.


Each course is divided into phases which last a number of weeks, typically 5. At the beginning of each phase, you learn which techniques you’ll be doing during that phase. The rest of the phase is a hypertrophic, incremental workout plan which targets different muscle groups at different times. The next phase will be a bit more difficult than the last. 

Unlike the Complete Calisthenics program, you’re not given a week-by-week overview of which workout you need to be doing. The Cali Move Body Transformation program is much more geared towards a hunker down and get on with it attitude towards Calisthenics. You’re also expected to already know why you’re doing these exercises and that you don’t need an explanation what they’re good for or why they are spaced out the way they are. However, each phase is prefaced with the familiar list of videos explaining each exercise in the phase.


It is particular important for this program to have such high-quality videos which show you exactly how you need to do every exercise. The Cali Move Body Transformation program is designed to give you results fast and to build big muscles. To this end, a lot of more complicated techniques are taught early on and it is important that you do them right from the get go. Any misconception or misunderstanding here could have quite dire consequences. Sven and Alex do a great job here, keeping the videos concise, clutter-free and easy to follow. They also don’t shy away from showing some skin as this gives us a much better view of the exact positioning of the body and the movements we need to make.

Starting Requirements

We already mentioned that the Cali Move Body Transformation program is hard. It is meant to give you results much faster than the Complete Calisthenics program and with a focus on building muscle mass. This despite the fact that the Cali Move Body Transformation program is a good 10 weeks longer than the Complete Calisthenics course. According to the Cali Move website, anyone can start in theory:


However, looking at the intensity of even the prep week in the Basics course, we’d advise 1 year of Calisthenics experience before attempting the Cali Move Body Transformation program. You can also gather this experience by completing the Complete Calisthenics course either to Advanced level or in its entirety. This should give you the tools and body to tackle the Cali Move Body Transformation program too.

Form & Function

The Cali Move website and portal are kept simple and smoothly operating. Any mobile device that isn’t too old and rackety should have no problem navigating the Cali Move Body Transformation program. Without any integrated calendar, it is up to you to remember in which phase and which week you are. We suggest noting this down on a physical calendar or the calendar on your phone.


Navigation is quick and simple and once you get used to the list-like setup of the courses and programs, it’s simply a matter of working your way down each week, day and exercise in turn. Before every phase, it is wise to watch all the videos of what to expect, even if it’s a repeat of what you already know. Individual exercises are given with what Cali Move calls a “Frame”. These are gif animations of the exercise you need to be doing, including the number of sets, reps and time.

Before long, you’ll get used to this setup and you’ll find yourself just doing your daily set of exercises from the list. This is again very much a put your head down and your back against it program.

Effectiveness of the Exercises

The exercises are meant to induce hypertrophy and the Cali Move Body Transformation is successful in doing this. The difficulty is ramped up pretty quickly, combining more ubiquitous Calisthenics exercise

with more advanced techniques pretty quickly. Muscle soreness will be a thing, especially in the beginning and you will need to take a look at nutrition as well to keep up. This is a pretty stark difference with the beginner course of the Complete Calisthenics program.

Here are a few examples of exercises we thought we ought to show you, to give you an idea. Keep in mind that this is by no means an exhaustive list and we haven’t only selected the more exotic ones.

Basics Phase 1Basics Phase 4Pro Phase 5Pro Phase 11
Pike WalkVertical PushPlanksLeg Raise Variation
Horizontal PullVertical PullRolloutsSquats Variation
Vertical PushProne Arm CirclesLungesLunge Variation
Leg RaisesLungesHanging Leg RaisesHorizontal Pulls
Candle RaiseSquatsHorizontal PushHorizontal Pushes
SquatsLeg RaisesVertical PullVertical Pulls

The more experienced Calisthenics practitioners can instantly tell that you’re thrown into the deep end right away. Even Phase 1 of the Basics course has some pretty tough exercises in there which are sincerely pretty high up there. Towards the Pro and Elite courses, variations on pulls, pushes, lunges, squats and leg raises are introduced. These make use of slightly different techniques to increase the difficulty.

Program Progression

Fast paced and pretty hardcore is what we’d call the Cali Move Body Transformation program. You are expected to bite down and grind it out. Only with a proper “grindset” will you make it. But the rewards can be phenomenal, especially if you keep up your nutrition, sleep pattern and make use of the proper supplements. From Phase 1 of the Basics course, the Cali Move Body Transformation program sets the bar high.

Once you get through the first Prep Phase and Phase 1 of the Basics course, progression becomes much more linear. It is really that first phase which may prove quite the hurdle. Things won’t get easy after that though, the throttle is kept down quite a lot and speed signs are more like suggestions for this program. You can expect to see results to climb steadily, once you’ve climbed than initial Phase 1 wall.

Like we’re used too with Cali Move, they’ve locked future schedules as “timed content”, which means you first need to complete previous weeks before you can preview the next week’s content. This is meant to help new practitioners on their way around the website and it shows you where you’ve left last time. For our Cali Move Body Transformation program review, it meant it took us a considerable time to write this, our loyal reader. Should you want to preview the entire course yourself, you’ll find similar trouble. The only way is to start, train and see what comes.

How much does Cali Move Body Transformation Cost?  

You can buy any part of the Cali Move Body Transformation program or you can buy the whole bundle as a whole. We believe the Cali Move Body Transformation program is for the serious Calisthenics practitioner who wants to take this all the way. We recommend you buy the complete bundle altogether at a much-reduced price. At the end of this review, we have a discount code you can use as well.

BASICS + PRO$205.69$102.85$24.19
PRO + ELITE$217.79$108.90$18.14
COMPLETE BUNDLE$278.29$92.76$66.53

Required equipment

To properly follow the Cali Move Body Transformation program, you will need some Calisthenics equipment at your disposal. The minimum requirements are as well as some optional things you want to invest in:

Alternatives to the Cali Move Body Transformation program

You might be wondering about alternatives to the Cali Move Body Transformation program. That is a good thing, as Calisthenics enthusiasts and bloggers about all things Calisthenics ourselves, we are always in search of alternatives to everything Calisthenics related. For a strong contended, you can look at The Movement Athlete, which features many similar techniques and which you can ramp up in difficulty. A second alternative to the Cali Move Body Transformation program would be the Calisthenics Movement course by School of Calisthenics. You can find a review of School of Calisthenics and many other programs in our 10 Best Calisthenics Programs Which Bring Results article.

Other Cali Move Programs to Look For

Cali Move offers a number of other programs which should pique your interest too. There is the very similar but catered more towards general Calisthenics and fitness “Cali Move Complete Calisthenics” course. This course is fit for beginner and advanced Calisthenics practitioner alike. Other programs are the Mobility Program and the Home Workout program. 

Discount Code for Cali Move

If you are a firm believer in Cali Move’s efficacy and are going to start with the Cali Move Body Transformation program, we have secured a discount code, for our loyal readers. Use the code CWW10 during checkout for a 10% discount. This code works on all of the Cali Move programs, not just the Cali Move Body Transformation. You’re welcome.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Cali Move Body Transformation

A couple of frequently asked questions about the Cali Move Body Transformation program answered.

Calimove Body Transformation vs Complete Calisthenics?

The Complete Calisthenics program by Cali Move is intended as a general-purpose Calisthenics and fitness program for anyone and any level and age. Most Calisthenics practitioners are perfectly happy with their results by following the Complete Calisthenics course. The Cali Move Body Transformation program is designed to be harder and more difficult but to give results faster and grow bigger muscles.

How long does it take to see a body transformation?

This depends on your definition of a transformation. The first effects are usually noticeable after 4 to 8 weeks of regular Calisthenics exercise. For more dramatic change, you have to think more long term, first in months and then in years. Building muscle just takes time.

Can you transform your body at 40?

Yes, but to what extent depends on a number of factors. First, males will find it much easier to still get ripped and transform their bodies at 40 than females. A healthy lifestyle with good nutrition and sleep is paramount. For the rest, you need to show an iron will and determination to follow through with a Calisthenics program like the Cali Move Body Transformation.

How long does the Cali Move Body Transformation program take?

Each course in the Cali Move Body Transformation program takes 30 to 40 weeks. The full 3 course program takes 104 weeks, or 2 years to complete. That is without any hiccups like holidays and sickness. More realistically, you're looking at 2.5 to 3 years.

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