Bar Brothers System Program Review

From left to right: Ivan Markioli, Dusan Djolevic and Lazar Novovic. We call these men the Bar Brothers

The Bar Brothers System is a program developed by the Calisthenics legends called the Bar Brothers. If you’ve participated in Calisthenics in any serious way, chances are you’ll have encountered the name before. If you haven’t heard of them anyway, don’t worry because we’ll introduce you to them and if you’re anything like us, you’ll probably like them. Their program, the Bar Brothers System or simply The System, is a method for growing hulking muscles and a godlike physique over a short period of time. You are to undergo a mental and physical metamorphosis to become the very best version of yourself. All of that, the Bar Brothers promise us, in just 12 weeks’ time and with an inexpensive program. Time to test their mettle and see how high the bar is set in this Bar Brothers System program review.

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Who are The Bar Brothers?

Lazar Novovic (@lazarnovovic), Dusan Djolevic (@dusandjolevic) and Ivan Markioli (@markioli.ivan) comprise the trio otherwise known as the Bar Brothers. As true self-made Calisthenics masters, they have gathered 2+ million followers on FacebookInstagram and YouTube. 

Their story starts with the founders, Dusan and Lazar. Dusan met Lazar in high school and was impressed by Lazar’s mighty physique, catching the eyes of other guys and more importantly; girls. At first, he was convinced that Lazar was a gym rat who spent all his time pushing weights. But Lazar’s secret wasn’t taking an unlimited gym subscription too literally. Instead, Lazar only used a single Pull-Up Bar and the weight of his own body. In other words, Calisthenics (quite a new phenomenon at the time).

Dusan started training under the watchful eye of Lazar and they became best friends, brothers through the blood, sweat and tears spent together. After many trials and tribulations, they decided to take their Calisthenics to a broader audience. The Bar Brothers were born. Later, Ivan Markioli joined the Bar Brothers program as a welcome addition to the friendship.

Now, they develop Calisthenics programs aimed to maximize results and build inhuman levels of strength. They regularly host street performances in front of and with large crowds of Calisthenics enthusiasts. They are quite a spectacle to behold, certainly worth a watch and surely enticing to participate.

When we first conceived of Calisthenics Worldwide, the Bar Brothers were a major source of inspiration to us. That all came to heads when we had the pleasure and the honor of meeting Ivan Markioli in person. Back before a certain virus put the world on-hold, Ivan came to the Netherlands to witness our opening of a Calisthenics Park

Bar Brothers Workout Motivation!

What is The Bar Brothers System? 

The Bar Brothers System is a Calisthenic program designed to teach you how to train yourself. It consists of a several high qualities videos in which you are taught new techniques, gradually over the course of 12 weeks. After these 12 weeks, you will have noticed a bodily transformation. You will be stronger, fitter and more endurant. Most importantly, you will be outfitted with all the tools necessary to carry on with your Calisthenics into the future. From there, only the sky and your own willpower are the limits. 

The Bar Brothers System program is very much meant for the self-made individual, the Sigma who goes his own way and who isn’t afraid to suffer through it in his own time and with only himself to complain too. It encourages stoicism (don’t believe anyone who tells you this is a dirty word) and utter focus on yourself.

Bar Brothers System Program Review

For your reviewing purposes and to make our job a bit easier, we have divided our examination of the Bar Brothers System program into 5 parts. First, we give you an overview of the program chronologically; the timetable and in general what you can expect and when. Second, we will take a look at the form and function of the program. We expect to be brief here, since it is entirely a videoed program aimed to teach you techniques, mindset and routines. Specifically for the Bar Brothers System, we are keenly interested in the effectiveness of the exercises and that promised progression. Combined, these facets should give you an excellent insight into the Bar Brothers System program and what you’ll get for you money.

Bar Brothers Program Overview

The Bar Brothers System is a 12-week course featuring progressive, intermittent exercises targeting different muscle groups at different points in time. It also a hypertrophic workout routine, inducing muscle atrophy and rapid regeneration to get results fast. The goal is to build muscle quickly — within the 12-week period preferably — while also shedding as much fat as possible and replacing it with lean muscle mass. 

Each week sees you working out 5 to 6 days, with either 1 or 2 full resting days. We recommend doing light stretching or following a light Mobility Program routine on these days. This should aid in reducing muscle souring and soreness. Each training day consists of a 1-hour workout session. Together, this means a sizable time investment but this is hardly surprising given the promise of a full bodily transformation in just 12 weeks’ time. 

The first day of the Bar Brothers System program is an assessment day. You will go through a series of exercises, repeated to failure and where you will take note of your maximum repetition for each exercise. This will serve as a personal benchmark to improve upon.

Form & Function

The course comes in website format and consists of a multitude of high-quality videos. Every training day is accompanied by a follow-along video tutorial, showing you the precise movement. The quality is in HD format, crisp and well-narrated. The only downside is that the video feed is data demanding, either gobbling up your monthly data quickly or requiring a Wi-Fi connection altogether.

We recommend you follow the Calisthenics program at home or in your private Home Calisthenics Gym. That way, you will have all the tools available including internet.

Effectiveness of the Exercises

All the exercises are high-intensity and, outside of pure cardio, are meant to induce muscle hypertrophy for swift gains. As the name Bar Brothers might suggest, the only equipment used is a Pull-Up Bar. All other exercises are done using your bodyweight sans Calisthenics Equipment.

You will exercise to either achieve a certain number of minimum reps in targeted sets, exercise to failure or do a timed circuit to get as many repetitions as possible before time runs out. We find that all exercises are demanding and especially the timed circuits get your heart pumping and your glands sweating. 

We felt a nice, deep muscle burn after every workout, which developed into a soreness the next day. This soreness was almost but not quite gone by the time those particular muscles were exercised again. This facilitates further hypertrophy until your muscles have accustomed to that level of intensity and have grown accordingly. 


Hard, hard, hard. The Bar Brothers System program is balls to walls hard. Even us experienced Calisthenics practitioners were struggling in all the right ways. You’re supposed to go from just about average to a ripped, finetuned machine in 12 weeks’ time. We knew what we started after day 1 and so will you. Progression is very steep and this program isn’t for the weak-willed or fleetingly motivated. 

That said, it isn’t going from 0 to 100 in a day. There is some linear progression in the form of techniques becoming more advanced over time. You also set your own bar in the beginning and are taught how to create your own, customizable regime. It kind of defeats the purpose, but you could take it much slower.

The Costs of The Bar Brothers System Program

We liked this part best, because for all that you’re getting, you’re not paying a whole lot. This quality program sells for fifty bucks and you get lifetime access to the Bar Brothers System program. There are two more add-ons which you can buy, which add additional techniques focusing more on faster gains and spectacular moves to show off.

The SystemThe System AcceleratorThe System — Freestyle moves

The System Accelerator is a direct upgrade over the original System program. This new 12-week program takes things even further, breaking boundaries you thought were unbreakable before.  Freestyle Moves is a tutorial on some of the most popular freestyle techniques used in Calisthenics. We highly recommend doing the standard The System first before attempting either of the add-ons.

What is Included in The Bar Brothers System?  

Summarizing what you get with your Bar Brothers System program,

  • A full 12-week exercise program designed to build large muscles and great strength, fast.
  • HD-video follow-along exercising for each workout day
  • A Bar Brothers System pdf summary of the entire program for your review or standalone use independent from the video tutorials.
  • Enormous strength and a jacked body.
  • An iron discipline.

Other Bar Brothers Programs

The Bar Brothers like to keep things simple. There aren’t any other Bar Brothers programs you can get as-is. However, other very interesting products we found were their nutritional program designed to keep your muscles well supplied with proteins (God knows they’ll need them) and access to their community (which costs just 1 dollar).

Required Equipment

This might come as a huge surprise, but you’ll need a Pull-Up Bar. Since you’ll be doing high-powered, explosive Calisthenics at some point, it is important you acquire access to a stable, robust and safe Pull-Up Bar. We recommend the following in order of recommendation:

Broke or feeling artsy? Try building your own DIY Calisthenics Equipment instead. 

Does it Work? Body Transformations Using the Bar Brothers System

The Bar Brothers System is highly effective and efficient. The Bar Brothers aren’t afraid to show their social proof either, showcasing independent individuals, satisfied customers like you and us, and their journey using the Bar Brothers System program. One such story is how Dale (living in Seattle) overcame his heroin addiction using Calisthenics and the Bar Brothers System program.

Most Insane Transformation Ever! Bar Brothers

Free Bar Brothers System PDF

We needn’t say this to our loyal readers but: there’s no such thing as free lunch, and although we’re sure you could find a free Bar Brothers System pdf, consider the consequences. We’re not talking about anything legal here, but rather a mentality issue. What does it say about you if you’re not even willing put down fifty bucks to change your life around? Just because you got the material, fat won’t magically fly off your body to be replaced by muscle. You’ll need to work for it; hard, honest work. If you’re not prepared to put in a tiny amount of work to buy the real thing, you might as well give up right now because you won’t complete the program anyway. If you go out there trying to swindle creators out of a couple of dollars, you still have the mindset of a loser — someone who expects everything to come for free in life.

We respect the Bar Brothers and we love what they’re doing, so should you and you can show that by paying the creators for their time and expertise. Loyal CWW readers, of course, do this naturally. 

Conclusion On the Bar Brothers System Program: Is it Worth It? 

Worth it? Certainly. For just about anyone? Certainly not! The Bar Brothers System is a hard program, expecting you to tough it out, eat nails for breakfast and ask for seconds. It is an extremely effective program to build muscle and shed fat. If you’re dead set on building mass quickly, the Bar Brothers System is an effective and (very importantly) efficient way of doing it. The website format and dependence on mainly HD video’s is somewhat restrictive, but you do get the Bar Brother System pfd too, that helps. 

Other programs, like the Cali Move Complete Calisthenics, have a more holistic approach to Calisthenics. The idea there is to build up muscle, strength and mobility over an extended period of time. Not so with the Bar Brothers System. The Bar Brothers program has you see results within the season. Late for a summer body? No problem, the Bar Brothers have you covered. But for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction and for that 12-week transformation, that means pain and suffering. 

That brings us to the question: who is the Bar Brothers System program for? Men, who want to sport the physique of a Greek statue and who want it within the foreseeable future. Men, who aren’t afraid to suffer a little for it. 

Frequently Asked Questions About the Bar Brothers System

Here are a few frequently asked questions about the Bar Brothers System we found percolating the internet.

What is the Bar Brothers System?

The Bar Brothers System is a high intensity exercise routine featuring high repetition and timed circuit workouts aimed to instill muscle hypertrophy. The Bar Brothers System’s distinguishing feature is the use of only a Pull-Up Bar as far as Calisthenics equipment goes. All other exercises are bodyweight exercises.

Does the Bar Brothers System really work?

The Bar Brothers System is very effective in shedding excess fat and building muscle fast. The downside is that it takes a substantial time investment each day. The progression is also tough.

Who are the Bar Brothers?

The Bar Brothers were initially Lazar Novovic and Dusan Djolevic from Serbia. They have since been joined by Ivan Markioli. They run the Bar Brothers community; a Calisthenics group dedicated to creating routines effective and efficient at building strength and muscle fast.

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