All Course Highlights

Do you want to master the basics of Bodyweight Training 100%, avoid beginner mistakes, and make super-fast progress for the rest of your Calisthenics Journey? 


In general
✔️ All knowledge and tools in one clear platform
✔️ Start Calisthenics safe and effective
✔️ Take the course anywhere with you
✔️ Theoretical part and practical part for optimal results

✔️ All basic exercises and movement patterns of Calisthenics
✔️ Everything about technique and proper form in detail
✔️ Learn different pro- and regressions (levels) from each exercise
✔️ 20+ theoretical videos about Calisthenics and training principles
✔️ 10+ common beginner mistakes and how to avoid them
✔️ 150+ quiz questions and a theory exam to test your knowledge
✔️ An official Calisthenics Family Certificate

✔️ Clear Workout Plan: 100% adjustable at any level.
✔️ Long-term Workout Plan for 3 months to 1+ year.
✔️ 70+ high-quality instructional videos.
✔️ 3 different Full Body Workouts.
✔️ 8 exercises per Full Body Workout.
✔️ 3 training levels per exercise.
✔️ 3 logs: interactive, digital, or on paper.
✔️ Discover which training routine gives you the most optimal results!

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