Wall Mounted Pull-Up Bars

Wall Mounted Pull-Up Bars offer you a secure, out of the way and room saving method to perform Pull-Ups. As part of your calisthenics exercise, doing Pull-Ups are essential. One of the safest and most convenient ways to do this is with a Wall Mounted Pull-Up Bar. The bars provide for enough wall clearance so you can do all typical exercises including all Pull-Ups, Chin-Ups and of course Dips. When properly mounted onto a concrete load-bearing wall, the Wall Mounted Pull-Up Bars are capable of supporting a weight of up to 600 pounds hanging of its end. This makes them the perfect addition to any home gym. [su_spacer size="20"]

Safely Installing Your Wall Mounted Pull-Up Bars

Always consult with the installation manual and safety precautions when setting up your Wall Mounted Pull-Up Bars. In general, Wall Mounted Pull-Up Bar should be installed onto a load-bearing concrete wall. These walls are designed to support a great weight and will accept the bolts without risk of tear-out. Avoid weak construction material not meant for load bearing such as drywall or plywood. Make proper use of all the provided for bolts and plugs and take care for a proper seating into the concrete wall. At no point should more than one practitioner make use of the Pull-Up Bar at the same time. [su_spacer size="20"]

Safely Performing Many Exercises on Your Wall Mounted Pull-Up Bar

A variety of Pull-Ups and Dips can be safely performed on your Wall Mounted Pull-Up Bar. To properly train your muscles with calisthenics you must know how to make proper use of your Pull-Up Bar. To that end, we have written a number of basic tutorials for you on various calisthenics exercises using the Pull-Up Bar: [su_spacer size="20"] For many more tutorials and to master the more advanced techniques, please refer to our calisthenics blog. [su_spacer size="20"]

Why You’re Buying Your Wall Mounted Pull-Up Bars at Calisthenics Worldwide

We at Calisthenics Worldwide offer only the highest quality calisthenics equipment. Since you use your bodyweight to train with, the materials and fixture methods must be strong and durable without compromise. All the listed Wall Mounted Pull-Up Bars are made of professional grade tubular steel as used in professional gyms. They have been treated with a matte black powder coating which makes them extremely wear and corrosion resistant, good to last through years of heavy-duty training. They come provided with the proper sized wall plugs and wall bolts of hardened steel. We listen closely to what Calisthenics World Champions and professional athletes want from their calisthenics equipment. The bars we sell offer great freedom of moment, ergonomics and grip so you can do all the typical exercises with maximum comfort and for the best results. That is why you’ll find only the best calisthenics equipment offered at Calisthenics Worldwide.