Free Standing Pull-Up Racks

With Free Standing Pull-Up Racks, you are afforded almost unlimited freedom of movement during your calisthenic workout. They guarantee a safe exercise and excellent stability while doing Pull-Ups and Chin-Ups because of their extended legs. You can place them anywhere on the floor or ground where there is sufficient room. Their safety is attributed to the tubular steel construction and the fact that it is the floor which will support your weight. This makes them ideal for use inside homes where the structural integrity of the walls and ceiling can’t be trusted, such as in the case of drywall. [su_spacer size="20"]

Ease of Mobility with a Free Standing Pull-Up Rack

The Free Standing Pull-Up Racks we have on offer can be disassembled and reassembled easily, allowing for convenient transport and use outdoors as well. Place them anywhere where there is sufficient room for the legs to stand unobstructed. While doing so, you must make sure that the floor is relatively level and that there are no obstructions in-between the vertical beams for you to potentially collide with while doing your Pull-Ups or Dips. Refer to the instruction manual and safety precautions to determine which flooring is level enough for safe use of your Free Standing Pull-Up Racks [su_spacer size="20"]

Pull-Up Stations and Pull-Up Towers

Whereas a Pull-Up Rack provides for all your basic Pull-Up exercises, Pull-Up Stations or Pull-Up Towers are comprehensive pieces of calisthenics equipment. They feature a high horizontal bar for Pull-Ups but are also outfitted with different other grips to allow for Military Pull-Ups, Hammer Pull-Ups, easier Dips and other Pull-Up and Chin-Up variations. This makes Pull-Up Stations/Towers more versatile while doing your calisthenics exercise and may provide you with a complete calisthenic workout. When adding all the possible exercises you can perform on a single Pull-Up Station or Pull-Up Tower together, they are room saving in that you no longer require multiple other pieces of calisthenics equipment. [su_spacer size="20"]

Safely Setting Up your Free Standing Pull-Up Rack

Always consult with the installation manual and safety precautions when setting up your Pull-Up Rack. In general, the different components of your Pull-Up Rack should fit easily and be securely seated. The floor should be level to within the parameters set by the installation manual. The floor should also be able to hold the combined weight of the Pull-Up Rack and the practitioner. At no point should more than one practitioner make use of the Pull-Up Rack at the same time. The legs should be free from any obstacle against or underneath them. In a similar light, there should be no obstacle in between the legs for the practitioner to possibly collide with while doing their calisthenics. [su_spacer size="20"]

Safely Performing Calisthenics on Your Pull-Up Rack

Pull-Ups and Dips of all variety can be safely performed on a properly set up Free Standing Pull-Up Rack. Before starting your calisthenics exercise, inspect the Free Standing Pull-Up Rack for damages and whether it is standing level on the floor. Although the Free Standing Pull-Up Rack is designed to stand securely and will not topple easily, they are not designed for performing gymnastics such as pullovers, casts or leg cuts. For such gymnastics a gymnastic bar is the proper equipment. Some tutorials for the proper calisthenics exercises using your Pull-Up Rack: [su_spacer size="20"] [su_spacer size="20"]

Why You’re Buying Your Free Standing Pull-Up Racks at Calisthenics Worldwide

We at Calisthenics Worldwide offer only the highest quality calisthenics equipment. Since you use your bodyweight to train with, the materials and fixture methods must be strong and durable without compromise. All the listed Pull-Up Racks are made of professional grade tubular steel as used in professional gyms. They have been treated with a matte black powder coating which makes them extremely wear and corrosion resistant, good to last through years of heavy-duty training. We listen closely to what Calisthenics World Champions and professional athletes want from their calisthenics equipment. The bars we sell offer great freedom of moment, ergonomics and grip so you can do all the typical exercises with maximum comfort and for the best results. That is why you’ll find only the best calisthenics equipment offered at Calisthenics Worldwide.