What is a pull-up bar?

A pull-up bar, also known as a chinning bar, forms the basic of every calisthenics training A chin-up bar is a hugely versatile and effective training device. It offers the possibility to train the entire upper body. Back, chest, shoulders, arms and even your abs. It is ideal for performing pull-ups, leg raises, muscle-ups, front-levers and back-livers. In addition, pull-up bars can also be used to attach resistance bands, set of gymnastic rings or suspension trainers.

Which pull-up bar do you choose?

You'll find four different categories of bars in our webshop. Each with its own unique characteristic. We offer wall mounted pull-up bars, like the one from Gravity Fitness. This is a strong bar which you can attach to almost every wall. Wal mounted bars are more stable than free standing pull-up bars, but you can't take them with you on a trip. As a third option you could choose from is the doorway pull- up bar. This bar is probably the most famous one and almost everyone is familiair with this bar. Beginners in calisthenics often use them and they frequently mount them in the wrong way. Make sure you know how to hang your doorway chinning bar, or you could risk yourself to get injured.

What is the best calisthenics bar?

Would you rather not drill holes in the wall or place it between your doorframe? Then there are enough other options to choose from! You can buy free standing chinning bars, bars for outdoor training or even a complete power tower. Training in your backyard or on the streets? We offer a high variety of different gym bars for every solution. Which one will fits your needs and what is the best bar for you? We wrote an article about the best calisthenics bars that exists. As a beginner we definitely recommend the Gravity Fitness Portable Pull-Up Rack, since you can use it to train your whole body. If you are more advanced, we recommend wall mounted chinning bars. These are designed for heavy workouts, big calisthenics athletes or even for weighted calisthenics.

Already made your choice?

Choosing the right pull-up bar is quite a job. There are many different functionalities, prices, brands and price ranges. We are here to help. We designed a pull-up bar quiz. If you take this quiz, you eventually know which pull-up bar suits your best. Good luck!