Pull-Up Bars for Your Home Calisthenics Gym

Pull-Up Bars are a central piece of calisthenics equipment every calisthenics enthusiast should be familiar with. The Pull-Up Bar allows for one of the most important exercises for the development of a strong upper back: the pull-up. This simple yet versatile piece of calisthenics equipment should be one of your go-to options to develop a strong upper-body physique. A variety of exercises can be performed using a Pull-Up bar, training different muscle groups at once or pinpointing single muscles for enhancement. Apart from building up a strong back, you can also train your abdomen and help strengthen your biceps by doing chin-ups. This makes Pull-Up Bars a popular choice with both practitioners of calisthenics and of other sports where upper-body strength is desired.
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What Are Pull-Up Bars?

Also known as calisthenics bars or chinning bars, pull-up bars are the quintessential piece of calisthenics equipment for your home gym. The typical Pull-Up Bar consists of a horizontal bar - with or without additional extensions - and a standing or mounting device so it can be fixed to a static object like a wall or doorway. They are used for a variety of exercises where you use your own bodyweight to actuate different muscles. This almost always comes down to you pulling yourself up at the bar in different ways. Since the whole of your bodyweight rests on the bar, both it and the object it is fixed too must be strong enough to bear the load. Pull-Up Bars or chinning bars come in 4 typical varieties, each possessing their own advantages to the user.

Free Standing Pull-Up Racks

Free Standing Pull-Up Racks provide you excellent freedom of movement during your calisthenic workout. At the same time, they guarantee a safe exercise and excellent stability while doing Pull-Ups and Chin-Ups. Also called Pull-Up Stations or Pull-Up Towers, they can be placed anywhere on the floor where you have room and the floor itself will support your weight. Due to their incredibly strong steel construction and extended legs, they won’t buckle or be easily toppled. This makes them ideal for use inside homes where the structural integrity of the walls and ceiling can’t be trusted, such as in the case of drywall. The Free Standing Pull-Up Racks we have on offer can be disassembled and reassembled easily, allowing for convenient transport and use outdoors as well.

Wall Mounted Pull-Up Bars

Wall Mounted Pull-Up Bars provide you with reliable and room-saving option to do your calisthenics indoors. Often a part of the home gym calisthenics equipment, our bars are made of professional grade tube steel and come with wall bolts and plugs for your home installment. Wall Mounted Bars are normally affixed to loadbearing concrete walls. This ensures a strong enough fixation when in use and can safely support a weight of up to 600 pounds hanging off its end. Our Wall Mounted Pull-Up Bars provide enough clearance from the wall for all typical exercises to be performed including all Pull-Ups, Chin-Ups and of course Dips.

Outdoor Pull-Up Bars

With Outdoor Pull-Up Bars you take your calisthenics outside as you please. With the provided tensioning strap you can mount your Pull-Up Bar around any suitably strong anchor point such as a tree, concrete column or steel beam. Their use indoors is in no way compromised and you can also mount them on the wall using the provided wall bolts and plugs. This combination allows for the highest degree of flexibility in where you perform your exercise. You’re no longer dependent on the room you have at your home or gym. These Outdoor Pull-Up Bars meet the highest safety standards and will easily hold a bodyweight up to 240 pounds when mounted on a strong fixture.

Doorway Pull-Up Bars

For ease of use and an optimal use of your available surface area, Doorway Pull-Up Bars are an excellent alternative to wall mounted bars. You can do all the calisthenics exercises on the Doorway Pull-Up as you would on a regular, wall mounted version. This makes the Doorway bars perfect in situations where you lack the room for a permanent fixture or when no suitable walls are available. These Doorway bars are designed for maximum safety and use the leverage of your own bodyweight to increase security. The more weight that is suspended on the bar, the more force is being applied to the bond with the doorway and its frame. For more clearance to do all varieties of Pull-Ups, Chin-Ups and Dips, you can choose to purchase a bar which is offset to one side of the doorway.

Safely Mounting Your Pull-Up Bar

As with any gymnastic equipment, safety is key. To safely mount your bar, you should always refer to the provided installation instructions and safety precautions. As a general rule of thumb, you should first make sure that the fixture point itself is strong enough to carry the weight of the practitioner in combination with the weight of the equipment itself. Second, you must make sure to properly fix the bar to the fixture point using the provided for materials and instructions. In case of a static bar this will mean using all the wall bolts and plugs to ensure a firm bond. For portable bars you must inspect that the fixture point is of sufficient strength and girth or that the bar can correctly clamp over the frame of the door.

Safely Using Your Pull-Up Bar for Many Exercises

Before you start your exercise, inspect your bar for any structural shortcomings, for instance to the fixture point or to the mounting itself. Verify that it is properly mounted according to the manual and safety precautions before attempting to lift yourself on them. At no point should more than one person use the bar at once. With proper use, all normal exercises can be performed using your bars. For more information and many examples of proper, effective exercise using your Pull-Up Bar, you can read our blog including the following tutorials:

Why You’re Buying Your Pull-Up Bar at Calisthenics Worldwide

We at Calisthenics Worldwide offer only the highest quality calisthenics equipment. Since you use your bodyweight to train with, the materials and fixture methods must be strong and durable without compromise. All the listed Pull-Up Bars are made of professional grade tubular steel as used in professional gyms. They have been treated with a matte black powder coating which makes them extremely wear and corrosion resistant, good to last through years of heavy-duty training. We listen closely to what Calisthenics World Champions and professional athletes want from their Pull-Up Bars. The bars we sell offer great freedom of moment, ergonomics and grip so you can do all the typical exercises with maximum comfort and for the best results. That is why you’ll find only the best equipment offered at Calisthenics Worldwide.