Wooden Gymnastic Rings

The Wooden Gymnastic Rings we have on offer are Olympic grade quality by GORNATION. Their sizes, both in girth and inner-diameter, are the same as those used by Olympic gymnasts. Wooden Gymnastic Rings are an industry standard and the go-to option for many professional Calisthenics athletes. Wood is strong and provides you with an innate grip due its material properties. It is also much less likely to promote sweating as plastic will. Sweat is also more readily absorbed by the material, providing you with maximum grip. They will serve you well during your enhanced Calisthenics exercise and will continue to do so for many years to come. The provided suspensions are tough and wear-resistant. They are more than capable of taking your entire weight multiple times. Make use of the provided fixation materials and follow the installation instructions and safety instructions when installing your Wooden Gymnastic Rings.