Gymnastic Rings

Gymnastic Rings, or Workout Rings, are a set of wooden or plastic rings suspended freely from either a ceiling or a metal frame. Traditionally, these rings were used by gymnasts to perform artistic gymnastics. In that application they are most often used by men due to immense upper body strength required. Other athletes have now discovered the usefulness of including Workout Rings into their training schedule, including practitioners of Calisthenics. With the rings you need to practice better balance and maintain a stable control of your body’s muscles. This adds a new dimension to your Calisthenics exercise and actuates muscles otherwise left alone. [su_spacer size="20"]

How Can Gymnastic Rings Improve Your Calisthenics Workout

You can perform a variety of exercises you should be familiar with already such as Push-Ups, Dips, Leg-Ups and more. By making use of Gymnastic Rings, you must put tension on various muscles in your body to maintain your balance. This actuates many more muscles than a typical exercise would. In particular your core muscles will receive an additional workload to keep your body straight and in balance during the workout. This can help you build more on your core strength. Just like gymnasts, you can also work on your upper body, shoulders and arms. This makes Workout Rings ideal for intermediate to advanced calisthenics practitioners who want to push their body beyond that plateau stage. [su_spacer size="20"]

Wooden Gymnastic Rings or Plastic Gymnastic Rings

When it comes to Gymnastic Rings you have two choices for material. Wooden Gymnastic Rings are the industry and Olympic standard. Wood is strong and provides you with a lot of innate grip due to the nature of the material. Wooden grips also do not promote sweating as much and sweat is more easily absorbed by the material itself. Plastic Workout Rings are also very strong but provide none of the natural grip and sweat prevention wood does. Plastic is the more affordable option, however. If you’d like to see whether or not Gymnastic Rings are the thing for you, or you only intend to use them as an occasional supplement to your training, plastic rings will suffice. [su_spacer size="20"]

Why You’re Buying Your Workout Rings at Calisthenics Worldwide

We at Calisthenics Worldwide are enthusiastic practitioners of calisthenics in our own home gyms. We also listen closely to what Calisthenics World Champions and professional athletes are doing for their own workouts. Gymnastic Rings, or in calisthenics terms “Workout Rings”, are an excellent next step in your workout schedule. That is why the Wooden Gymnastic Rings we have on offer are Olympic grade rings. By buying at CWW you can be sure that you’re getting the very best equipment at affordable prices.