The ubiquitous and versatile Parallettes are essential pieces of calisthenics equipment the serious practitioner should be familiar with. Also known as Push-Up Bars, Dip Bars and Gymnastic Bars, Parallettes allow you to train a variety of muscle groups effectively and comfortably. Because they raise your hands off the ground, they relieve your wrists and knuckles during Push-Ups and other exercises. Normal Push-Ups require you to either place the hands flat on the ground, causing strain to the wrist, or your knuckles which causes discomfort. With Parallettes, you grip a bar raised off the ground, preventing both sources of discomfort and potential injury while also allowing you to descend deeper. This means faster results and stronger muscles. [su_spacer size="20"]

Parallettes of All Sizes

Parallettes come in a variety of sizes both in height and in width. The low Parallettes are ideal for doing a variety of Push-Ups, Handstands, Triceps Dips and Planches. With effective use of your Parallettes, you actuate your muscles more for faster and better results. Since they are relatively small, you can take them with you and do your calisthenics exercise outdoors or in a gym. They are also ideal if you don’t have room for a dedicated home gym. Any space where you can perform your calisthenics will suffice after which you can store your Parallettes for later use.

High Parallettes, also known as Equalizers, can be used to train the triceps and shoulders effectively as well as making Push-Ups slightly easier to do. They allow for enough legroom to move them freely if you bend your knees. This allows for a more versatile approach to your calisthenics since, for instance, Triceps Dips are now a possibility. They can also decrease the difficulty of doing Push-Ups since they increase the minimum angle you have to achieve, in other words Incline Push-Ups.

Whichever calisthenics exercise you aim to accomplish, we offer a wide variety of differently sized Parallettes for the job. [su_spacer size="20"]

Wooden Parallettes

With their wooden handles, our Wooden Parallettes combine excellent comfort with strength and enduring grip even if your hands have become sweaty. The wooden handles don’t become slippery when wet and are an all-time favorite material by expert athletes. Wood, unlike metal, doesn’t promote sweat production and any sweat that does accumulate can be readily absorbed by the wood. Made of high-quality wood, these Parallettes are comfortable to hold and strong enough for Push-Ups and even Handstands. You can achieve similar results with cotton tape, possibly in combination with gymnastic gloves. But natural wood achieves this effect on its own. [su_spacer size="20"]

Steel Parallettes

For maximum strength and load bearing, you can use steel Parallettes. Made of high-grade, durable, scratch, wear and corrosion resistant tubular steel, these Parallettes will last you a lifetime. They allow you to do Handstands, Decline Push-Ups and Triceps Dips without any worry that the Parallettes will succumb under the weight. The High Parallettes/Equalizers are all made of single piece tubular steel to maximize your safety. If you possess a higher bodyweight and/or wish to do explosive exercises with confidence, these Steel Parallettes are the ideal choice for you. [su_spacer size="20"]

Mini Parallettes

Mini Parallettes are the perfect Push-Up Bar to use either at home, in the gym or on to go. The advantage of using Mini Parallettes/Push-Up Bars is that you can achieve more depth while doing your Push-Ups. This engages your muscles to a greater degree, making the Push-Up harder but also much more effective in building muscle and strength. You can take your Mini Parallettes with you in almost any bag and make them part of your daily calisthenics regimen. [su_spacer size="20"]

Why You’re Buying Your Parallettes at Calisthenics Worldwide

Parallettes are an essential part of your calisthenics exercise and you will use them very frequently. That is why quality, comfort and durability are of the utmost importance. We at Calisthenics Worldwide are enthusiastic practitioners of calisthenics in our own home gyms. We also listen closely to what Calisthenics World Champions and professional athletes want from their Parallettes. That is why all of the Parallettes we have on offer reflect what we use ourselves and why you’ll find only the best Parallettes offered at Calisthenics Worldwide.