Calisthenics Worldwide Podcast; Mastering Calisthenics Together

Tune in to the #1 Worldwide Calisthenics Podcast where we Master Calisthenics together. The Calisthenics Worldwide Podcast features interviews with prominent members of the Calisthenics community including influencers and award-winning athletes. Join us as we explore the world of Calisthenics, where each episode is an opportunity to learn something new and where, together, we grow stronger.

Our Mission

It is our mission with every podcast episode to educate, inspire and to build a stronger, more connected Calisthenics Community. We dive deep into training techniques, share physiotherapeutic insights, and celebrate the stories of individuals who’ve transformed their lives through Calisthenics. Just talking about fitness isn’t enough. We at Calisthenics Worldwide are about true, actionable empowerment and collaboration ─ Mastering Calisthenics Together.

Our Practice

The Calisthenics Worldwide Podcast is an extension of our mission to make Calisthenics accessible to everyone, everywhere. Our episodes are packed with insights, tips, and inspiring stories from the world of Calisthenics. We give a podium to Calisthenics experts, award-winning athletes and physiotherapists who home in on the latest scientific principles of bodyweight exercise. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced practitioner, This Calisthenics Podcast is about You and how you can transform your life through Calisthenics.

Who We Are

The Calisthenics Worldwide family is a global one. We stand united in our passion for Calisthenics and bring together experts, enthusiasts, athletes and beginners from the far reaches of the world. Our team includes seasoned Calisthenics professionals, trained and licensed physiotherapists, and dedicated content creators; all working together to bring you the best in Calisthenics knowledge and inspiration.

Meet Your Host – Jelle Smeding

Jelle Smeding has a rich background in Calisthenics with over a decade of experience in the field and numerous accolades which exemplify his expertise. As a true enthusiast for the sport, Jelle honed his skills at the Calisthenics Educational Institute and became a certified Calisthenics coach under their tutelage. Jelle’s subsequent journey in the Calisthenics discipline is marked by his impactful tenure as the (formal) director of the Dutch Calisthenics Federation.

Today, Jelle is Your charismatic host on our Calisthenics Worldwide YouTube channel, where his flair for presenting is perfectly married with his expertise in video editing. His videos are both informative and engaging, making learning about his passion, Calisthenics, not only insightful but also thoroughly enjoyable. Jelle’s ability to demystify complex concepts and turn them into concise talking points while keeping the audience entertained sets his content style apart from the rest.

Behind the scenes, Jelle is also our social media manager. He engages with the Calisthenics community in a way that resonates with our audience and the community that we as Calisthenics Worldwide are fostering.

Jelle Smeding
Podcast Host

Our Calisthenics Podcast Studio

The Studio: Our podcast studio is situated in the heart of historic Maastricht, the Netherlands and stands as testimony to our dedication and commitment to the Calisthenics community. We have spared no effort in transforming a historic building into a state-of-the-art podcast studio.

🌟 Investing in Excellence: We understand that great content starts with great equipment. That’s why we’ve invested in the best podcasting gear available, ensuring every episode we produce is of the highest audio quality.

🛠️ A Labor of Love: We are happy and proud to announce the commissioning of our podcast studio. It took a lot of hard work to breathe new life into an old building, but the challenge was more than worth it. Today, our studio is not only a recording space; it’s a symbol of our dedication to the calisthenics community.

What started with a photoshopped design, ended in the familiar space where high-quality podcasts are produced today.

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