Did you searched for online calisthenics coaching?

Do you need help in starting your calisthenics journey? Then you are on the right spot! Our online calisthenics coaching program is the best in helping people achieving their physique goals. We teach you to be your own calisthenics coach! 

Our vision is that everyone should know what they are doing and why they are doing something. Our online calisthenics coaching program will provide you all those information and skills by interactive lessons, coach calls and assignments. 

You’ll learn a lifetime skill that is called training. Training isn’t just about the following a workout plan, it’s about how to workout, set goals, use different methods to reach those goals and documenting your progress.

What's included in our coaching plan?


Do you need help in starting your calisthenics journey? Then you are on the right spot! Our online calisthenics coaching program is the best in helping people achieving their physique goals.

  • In-depth intake/ assessment by one of our Physiotherapists
  • Customized training program
  • Weekly video support (check-ins)
  • A 28 Day Clean Eating Meal Plan
  • Access to all our E-books
  • Weekly lessons, assignments and personal challeges
  • Access to private video tutorials
  • Discount on equipment from our partners

€249 / total

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Personalized calisthenics program

In this program you’ll get all the personal attention you need. We’ll customize a personal program special for you. We’ll start with a intake conversation (without obligation). In this intake we’ll talk about your goals, needs and desires.

As you maybe know, we are bachelor degree physical therapists with a love for sports rehab. Everyday we are working with athletes or rehabiltate people after surgery. We know what we are doing!

12 Weekly check-ins

We like personal contact therefore we’ll coach you through Skype calls every week. With the online calisthenics coaching package, you’ll get 45 minutes video-call every week.

Our vision is that you can only be coached in the right way if you speak to each other with an online video connection.

Static Holds is one of the best known calisthenics exercises

24/7 supprt by WhatsApp and e-mail

We want you to be successful, therefore you can always contact us. You can send your questions to us by e-mail or WhatsApp. We can guarantee a reply within 48 hours. To make sure you get your reply, we’ll make everyone with the online coaching traject a priority in our e-mail list. In this way we never miss an e-mail.


Unlimited program modifications

Sometimes a change to your training program is needed. Some people can’t adjust the program to their own lifestyle, some of them are injured and some of them don’t have the required equipment within reach. 

That is no problem for us. During your coaching traject you may use our knowledge and creativity. We offer you the possibility that you can change your training program as often als you need.

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Meet your coaches

Jari Dohmen - Physiotherapist

Jari Dohmen
Coach & Physiotherapist

Cock van den Hombergh - Calisthenics Worldwide

Cock v/d Hombergh
Coach & Physiotherapist

Jan Willem Plug- Calisthenics Worldwide

Jan-Willem Plug
Mental Coach & Nutritionist

Frequently asked questions (FAQ’s)

Is online calisthenics coaching exclusive?

Yes it is! We help everyone with his own specific desires, wishes and goals. There will be no short-cuts and no pre-set workout programs. All the programs are individual and set special made for you!

To make sure we are the best fit for you, we’ll first have an online video call. We do this to get to know each other and discuss your goals and desires. If you want to request a personal online coach, you need to click on the green button and leave your personal information.

When is Online Calisthenics Coaching suitable for me?

Guidance of a Personal Coach is suitable for everyone that wants to work towards set goals together with a coach that will guarantee you results.

Online coaching is suitable for you if you recognize yourself in one of the following situations:

  • You have a hard time to stick to a program and train multiple times per week
  • You have no consistency in your workouts and that’s why you proably only see little progress.
  • You find it difficult make a good workout program for yourself.
  • You have no idea what you are doing during your training sessions and you would like to have support with this.
  • You simply have no motivation to start.
  • You really want to go for it this time and you want someone that will make sure that you will succeed.

Do you recognize yourself in one of the above points, then a personal coach is ideal for you!

What is the difference between a custom program and online calisthenics coaching?

The most important difference is the weekly check-ins you receive from us. With Online Calisthenics Coaching you can see us as your personal coach. We feel responsible for your progress and will do weekly check-ins to see if you are doing well and to see where we can help you.

With a custom program you are responsible for your own progress. However, you can of-course always approach us for questions and support.

Will there be a one time payment or a monthly payments?

There will be a one time payment. After payment, you will be assigned to your personal coach and you will get access to all the necessary documents. There are no monthly costs associated with online coaching.

How much do I need to invest in myself?

Investing in yourself the best thing you can do! People often ask: “If Bill gates loses his money, will he be rich again?” Yes of-course, because his skills and knowledge are the foundation of his successes.

We have the same vision in training. We will be your coach, but we teach you to be your own coach. We’ll teach you everything you need to know about training and calisthenics. After finishing our calisthenics coaching program, you’ll have lifetime skills.

You actually do never need a trainer anymore, because you simply know how to train and how to adjust your workout schedules.

The financial compensation comes to a €495,00 exl. TAX for 12 weeks intensive coaching.

Start your calisthenics journey today!

  • Personalized and periodic workout program. Every 4 weeks you’ll get a new periodisation on your program to create variability in your workouts. Which, of-course lead to better results.
  • 12 weekly check-ins. Every week 45 minutes coaching via video call (Skype). This can be 1 call or divided into 2 or calls.
  • 24/7 support by WhatsApp and e-mail.
  • Unlimited training program modifications
  • Lessons, challenges and assignments about the following topics during coaching calls: training, recovery, injury prevention, nutrition, sleep, mental health, mindfulness and meditation