What is Clean Eating? The Ultimate Guide!

What is clean eating?

As you know, we want to help you stay fit and healthy. That is why we offer so much free information on our site about exercise and recovery and point you to the best equipment available. Another essential aspect of staying fit and healthy is eating. In cooperation with several health experts and dieticians, we decided to create a clean eating program for the benefit of our readers. We want it to compliment all the information we provide on exercise and recovery. Since it is our goal to provide the best and only evidence-based information on our website, we guarantee you the value of our clean eating meal plan.

What is Clean Eating?

The basic principle of clean eating is to eat whole, fresh and unprocessed foods as much as is possible. We are talking about natural food as it occurs in nature, food that has not gone through extensive processing. Preparing the food by yourself will support your chances of being successful with a clean eating plan. Going out to restaurants is not restricted but unfortunately the food served there is not as fresh and most likely processed, resulting in less nutritional value. If you are not used to cooking for yourself then just start with the basics and move up from there. 

What are Whole Foods

A clean diet can be a little bit different for everyone but there is one thing that all clean eaters would agree on: white stuff has to go! This includes all white sugar and white flour products. These foods provide absolutely no nutritional value. Whole foods actually fill you up and fuel you, whereas the white stuff fills a mental craving but doesn’t help you physically. These foods also make it very hard to keep your blood sugar levels stable. When your blood sugar is too high or too low it will cause cravings and may also cause symptoms like irritability and fatigue. This will make staying on a clean eating plan more difficult. 

Everything You Need

Eat enough and eat on a regular basis. Don’t let your body get too hungry or else it will be really hard to not cheat or grab some high energy convenient food. Eating on a regular basis will also help you regulate your blood sugar levels. The plan included in our 28 clean eating meal plan contains four meals. Three main meals and one snack which should be plenty to fuel you through the day.

It’s all about balance and your plate should reflect that. Try to eat a balanced amount of proteins, fats and carbohydrates with every meal. Fill your plate up with an unlimited amount of vegetables, add in quality sources of protein, complex carbs and healthy fats. 

The clean eating approach understands that not all calories are equal. If you only consume whole foods, you are much more likely to not over-consume and maintain a healthy weight. Eating whole foods will provide your body with the nutrients it needs to keep your body not only at a healthy weight but also overall healthy. Whole foods contain an abundance of vitamin and minerals like Vitamin A, C, D and K, B12, magnesium and calcium. Of course, you could take supplements for these, but the nutrients are absorbed much better when consumed through food instead of a pill. 

Is it Suitable for Vegetarians?

Yes, it is! We totally support everyone who wants to be fit and healthy. Vegetarians are often very conscious about their health and what they eat. Our program contains both non-vegetarian recipes with meat or chicken as well as vegetarian recipes. However, we have made sure that in all cases meat products can simply be replaced with vegetarian alternatives. All you have to do is substitute the meat product with an alternative that is acceptable to you.

Get our Clean Eating Meal Plan Now!

Our program is not just healthy and clean, it is also delicious. After all, if it tastes good it will help you continue the program, right? So, after a personal trial and error period, we have come up with a lot of tasty recipes for meals and smoothies without compromising any of the clean eating principles. We have tried the program ourselves for two months and we vouch for it. This really works!

For the creation of this program we have used the expertise of several health professionals and dieticians. So even though we want to provide all our information for free, we do ask a small fee for our 28 Day Clean Eating Plan. We have been able to keep the price as low as possible so everyone can benefit. Click here and buy the clean eating plan now. You will not regret it!

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