The 6 Best Wrist Wraps for Calisthenics & Why You Would Wear Wrist Wraps 

With the best Wrist Wraps for Calisthenics, you ensure that your wrists are safe and that you can get the maximum out of your workout. We put a lot of strain on all our joints during our exercise, but particularly on the wrists. That is why wrist support in Calisthenics is so very important. The best method is wearing Wrist Wraps during your Calisthenics exercise. Weightlifters, after all, also wear them during their workout. So, what are Wrist Wraps and how do they relate to Calisthenics? What benefits do you get from wearing Wrist Wraps during your Calisthenics exercise and are there any negatives? These questions we’ll answer, and we’ll also examine the 6 best Wrist Wraps for Calisthenics.

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What Are Wrist Wraps? 

Wrist Wraps are tightly fitting, broad armbands that go around your wrist, and which compact the muscles and wrist joint with its many small bones. Most Wrist Wraps are made of a somewhat elastic (but not too much) fabric like a tightly woven nylon. In combination with Velcro, the Wrist Wrap is wrapped quite tightly around the wrist and secured.  The overall design is simple, but the materials need to be strong and durable to survive many workout sessions over time. Along with Calisthenics Shoes, these Wrist Wraps should be part of your Calisthenics exercise wardrobe.

Why Use Wrist Wraps for Calisthenics?

In almost every upper-body exercise, the wrist is involved in some way. This makes securing the wrist an important factor when doing your Calisthenics since if you injure your wrist, it will likely mean you cannot continue with your routine until the injury has healed completely. Wearing Wrist Wraps for your Calisthenics exercise can decrease the lateral load your wrists experience, minimizing the risk of injury significantly. Compacter muscles and joints also mean that you can utilize the strength of your muscles more effectively and they tire less quickly. This has both an impact on your performance as well as preventing injury due to a sudden collapse from fatigue during exercise.

Wrist Wraps do not replace proper form! You can still injure yourself wearing Wrist Wraps in Calisthenics if you use improper form and movements. The best way to avoid injury is mastering the skills you’re learning and acquiring that perfect form. You should see Wrist Wraps as the seat belts or airbags of a car. Even with perfect form, accidents can and do happen. With your Wrists Wraps in place, the damage from an accident is avoided or minimized.

If you do sustain an injury (with or without the Wrist Wraps), they can aid in your recovery. First let your wrists heal completely before you start training again. After a wrist injury, even if it has recovered fully, you’ll find that the joint has lost much of its strength during the period of inactivity. Jumping right back in can lead to re-injuring your wrists quite easily. Wearing Wrist Wraps for Calisthenics can then help keep the wrist secure during your rehabilitation exercises and slowly build up that strength again.

To sum up, the three benefits of using Wrist Wraps for Calisthenics are:

  1. They help prevent injury or help to minimize damage from an accident during your exercise
  2. They give you that little bit of extra efficiency with your strength and energy
  3. They aid in rehabilitation after an injury

The Disadvantages of Using Wrist Wraps for Calisthenics

We recognize five drawbacks to wearing Wrist Wraps for your Calisthenics. The first is that you’re adding another layer that is relatively tight fitting and non-breathing. This can make them uncomfortable to wear, especially if the exercise area is warm and you’re working up a sweat. A second drawback is that they limit your range of motion. It simply becomes much stiffer or even impossible to bend your wrists fully. For some exercises this can be a limiting factor, especially where a False Grip is required like with Muscle-Ups and Ring-Muscle Ups, where you need to actively rotate your wrists freely. 

Another disadvantage is that you can become dependent on Wrist Wraps since you’re not strengthening your wrist joints. Ideally, your joints also become stronger as you exercise. Relying too much on your Wrist Wraps for Calisthenics will hinder this essential development. The solution is to limit wearing your Wrist Wraps to just those exercises you haven’t fully mastered yet. You should also buy the right ones, like those on our list of best Wrist Wraps for Calisthenics. Following a Mobility Program can also mediate any joint weakness, or simply strengthen your joints and improve your range of motion entirely.

Again, to sum up the disadvantages of Wrist Wraps for Calisthenics:

  1. Can be uncomfortable or warm to wear
  2. Limits your range of motion
  3. Limits the development of joint strength and range of motion
  4. You should not wear them all the time
  5. You can become (psychologically) dependent on them

Type of Wrist Wrap for Calisthenics & How to Choose

There is no clear definition for different types of Wrist Wraps. However, you can look at the basic construction of the Wrist Wrap, of which there are generally three types; elastic, buckle and Velcro. Keep in mind that many Wrist Wraps will combine these, for instance an elastic wrap with Velcro straps. Here is a rundown of what to look for in your Calisthenics Wrist Wraps:

Pick the Type of Wrist Wrap 

Elastic BandBucklesVelcro Strap
Most SuppleStiffestStiff
Least SupportMost SupportGood Support
Easiest to UseHardest to UseEasy to Use
Most ComfortableLeast ComfortableComfortable

Wrist Wraps with Velcro straps are the most popular pick and the most beginner friendly. They give you a lot more support than a simple elastic band, almost as much as a buckled wrap. They are adjustable, just like a buckled wrap but with an easier to use Velcro strap which can be quickly undone and redone. Overall, the Velcro Wrist Wrap is most suitable for all situations.

A Wrist Wrap fastened with a buckle is the strongest and often the stiffest too. They can get bulky as well and almost completely immobilize your wrists. This offers superior protection at the moment of exercise and is most often used by Weightlifters. As a Calisthenics practitioner, you will rarely need this type of wrap and it can make your wrists dependent on them. 

Elastic bands have no way of securing and cannot be adjusted. They are simply very tight fitting, and the elastic tension is what gives your wrists support. They offer the least amount of support of all options but can be a good pick if you’re already an advanced practitioner who isn’t in need of much support anymore. They are very lightweight and comfortable to wear.

Pick a High-Quality Brand

Quality means durability. Whichever type you pick, choose a high-quality brand that will last. There are many knockoffs which will wear quickly and start to fail. There are also plenty of top-of-the-shelf brands which everyone knows (think big brand shoes) but which deliver inferior Wrist Wraps for Calisthenics. There are specialized Calisthenics brands which deliver excellent quality and often for a cheaper price than mainstream big brands. The best three of these are GORNATION, Gravity Fitness and Pullup & Dip. 

Do Not Look at Price

With this we’re not telling you to splurge and spend more. Instead, the Calisthenics brands which offer good quality Wrist Wraps are all competitive and very similarly priced. There’s no point in comparing prices at this point, simply pick the type of Wrist Wrap you want, and choose the best high-quality brand. In almost all cases, you’ll pay the same price for all these brands.

The 6 Best Wrist Wraps for Calisthenics

These are the best Wrist Wraps for Calisthenics and Fitness in general. We’ve selected these high-quality wraps because we like using them. They are sturdy, durable and most comfortable keeping in mind what they do. With your knowledge from what each type of Calisthenics Wrist Wrap does best, you can now select the best Wrist Wrap for your Calisthenics needs.

#1 GORNATION Performance Wrist Wraps

Gornation Performance Wrist Wraps Black

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  • Type: Velcro Strap
  • Support: Medium-High
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Choosing between a high level of support while remaining light, nimble and unobtrusive doesn’t have to be a decision you make. These GORNATION Performance Wrist Wraps are both. You wrap them around your wrists like a bandage and they self-adhere like Velcro. Adjusting the tightness is as easy as undoing them and winding them around your arm a little less or a little more tightly. Being multilayered like this gives them excellent stiffness and support quality, while not becoming bulky around your wrists. The added thumb loop prevents the wraps from creeping upward while you’re exercising or lifting. Overall, we find these to be the best Wrist Wraps for Calisthenics.

#2 GORNATION Power Wrist Wraps

Gornation Power Wrist Wraps

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  • Type: Velcro Strap
  • Support: Very High
  • Discount: 10% off with code CWW10

For that added support and durability, these Power Wraps from GORNATION are an excellent and trustworthy choice. Also made like a bandage you wrap around your wrists; these wraps are reinforced with a thick nylon weave on the outside. This gives you superior wrist support, and almost completely immobilizes them. These wraps are ideal if you’re going weightlifting or are starting with Weighted Calisthenics. They give you the support, strength and confidence you need to succeed in those situations.  

#3 GORNATION Light Wrist Wraps

Gornation Light Wrist Wrap

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  • Type: Velcro Strap
  • Support: Medium
  • Discount: 10% off with code CWW10

These lighter Velcro wraps work just like the GORNATION Performance Wraps but have a lighter weave and allow for full range of motion. They are also lighter and even less bulky to wear. These wraps are the right choice for you if you just need that little bit of extra confidence and security but don’t want to impede your range of motion completely. Instead of using inferior elastic band type wraps, these GORNATION Light Wrist Wraps offer superior protection and compacting, while remaining just as nimble.

#4 Gravity Fitness Wrist Wraps

  • Type: Velcro Strap
  • Support: Medium
  • Discount: None

A good level of support while not impeding your range of motion can be achieved with these Gravity Fitness Wrist Wraps. They wrap around your wrists, and you can adjust the tightness accordingly. Their durable design prevents degradation, and the thumb loop helps keep them in place during your exercise. Gravity Fitness of course delivers top-quality tools and equipment, and these Wrist Wraps are among them. 

#5 Pullup & Dip Calisthenics Wrist Wraps

Pullup & Dip Calisthenics Wrist Wraps

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  • Type: Velcro Strap
  • Support: Light-Medium
  • Discount: None

With a lighter stiffness and a thinner weave, these Pullup & Dip Wrist Wraps give you that bit more support your wrists need during your regular exercises. They are lightweight and can be adjusted easily. They are supple enough not to impede your range of motion much and will aid you in exercises like Pull-Ups and Push-Ups. This lightweight design makes them less suitable for Weighted Calisthenics or to rely on for a longer period. They are also perfect for rehabilitation after injury where you need to put some controlled strain on your wrists to build back strength.

#6 Pullup & Dip Wrist Wrap for Calisthenics & Strength Training

  • Type: Velcro Strap
  • Support: High
  • Discount: None

A good alternative to the GORNATION Power Wraps would be these Strength Training Wraps from Pullup & Dip. With a similar build, being a long self-adhering strap with a nylon backing, you are confident that your wrists get the support they need. This is a good option for weightlifting or for Weighted Calisthenics. Overall, they provide you a little less support than GORNATION’s Power Straps while remaining supple enough for use in, for instance, handstands.

Alternatives to Using Wrist Wraps for Calisthenics

There are two viable alternatives to using Wrist Wraps for Calisthenics:

Calisthenics Gloves

Many Calisthenics Gloves will also offer wrist support. This is often less than buckled Wrist Wraps but are sometimes on par with Velcro wraps. In addition, Calisthenics Gloves also improve your traction and grip strength which can be a nice boon during exercises like Pull-Ups. 

Mobility App

The second alternative is to strengthen the wrists themselves. The easiest way to exercise your wrists, and other joints, safely, is through a Mobility App. The best Mobility Apps like Cali Move Mobility 2.0 will work to increase your range-of-motion, maintaining your strength throughout the range-of-motion and to strengthen your joints simultaneously.

Cali Move Mobility Program 2.0

10% off with our code: CWW10

Get it here:

Conclusions: Calisthenics Wrist Wraps Yes, or No?

Using Wrist Wraps for Calisthenics is a topic wrought with myths and misconceptions. The answer is that they are a tool and like with any tool, the right application determines the outcome. If you constantly wear them, it can lead to weaker wrists which cannot support the muscle you’re building on your body. They can also become stiff. Your wrists and all other joints need exercise too. Eventually, you’ll need to minimize the use of Wrist Wraps for Calisthenics so that your wrists become stronger too.

At the same time, they do support your wrists, help prevent potentially major injury, aid in rehabilitation, and give you that extra edge during your exercise in terms of energy efficiency. The right application is to use them as a beginner and to stop wearing them at the right times. You can do this quite easily, by ending your sets with a set unsupported by Wrist Wraps. Every time you increase the difficulty of the exercise (more repetition, more weight, more time under stress, and so on), you add the Wrist Wraps back to your Calisthenics and then slowly ween yourself off them again.

The best Wrist Wraps for Calisthenics will secure your wrists sufficiently, not be overly cumbersome and still allow for enough range of motion to do your exercises with perfect form. For an effective exercise, there cannot be any compromise on any of these elements. That is why Velcro Wrist Wraps are the most popular choice among Calisthenics practitioners. Velcro Wrist Wraps are easy to adjust, allow for a less compromised range of motion than buckle wraps but still offer you a very high degree of wrist support.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Best Calisthenics Wrist Wraps

We discovered a few more questions on the net about the best Wrist Wraps for Calisthenics.

What are the best wrist wraps for Calisthenics?

GORNATION makes the best wrist wraps for Calisthenics. They are of the highest quality and durability while delivering excellent support for your wrists. The Light Wraps by GORNATION are as supple as simple elastic wraps but provide superior support.

Why use wrist wraps for Calisthenics?

You use Wrist Wraps for Calisthenics to prevent injury, compact your joints to give you an edge in energy expenditure and exercise efficiency and to help you recover after a wrist injury has healed.

Should I wear wrist wraps for calisthenics?

You should wear Wrist Wraps for Calisthenics intermittently, when you are just beginning or when you are increasing the intensity or difficulty of an exercise. You then ween yourself off the Wrist Wraps over time. It is important to note that Wrist Wraps do not replace having perfect form during your Calisthenics exercise.

Are wrist wraps worth it?

Wrist Wraps for Calisthenics are relatively cheap but can help prevent a lot of injury while you increase the difficulty of your exercises. They also give you an edge in workout efficiency, making them worth the upfront investment.

Do wrist wraps help with pushups?

Wrist Wraps can immobilize the wrists, helping to prevent injury and minimizing damage from accidents. They also compact the joints and muscles surrounding them, relieving the strain on them during the exercise.

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