Best Wrist Wraps for Calisthenics

Best Wrist Wraps For Calisthenics

An underrated item that not only exists in the weightlifting community but also in calisthenics we use them. Wrist wraps can be quite helpful, especially if you train lots of push movements such as push-ups and dips. Suffering a wrist injury or pain is something nobody wants.

So in this post, we go more into detail on when you should start using wrist wraps, the benefits of using them, and the best ones to buy.

Why and when you should use wrist wraps

A lot of burden on the wrists

In almost every upper-body exercise, the wrist is involved somehow or another. Some calisthenics exercises put more stress than others. The wrist is in calisthenics a crucial part. Using a pair of wrist wraps will decrease all that load, which makes exercising much more comfortable.

To Prevent Injuries

A reason when to use wrist wraps is when you are injured. Suffering a wrist injury is not something you want, but it could happen to everybody. People who skip their warm-up, or overtrain push exercises like push-ups or handstand push-ups are risking a chance to get a wrist injury. You can prevent this by wearing a pair of wrist wraps.

At the beginning of my calisthenics journey, I was training for the planche on the ground. This move puts a whole lot of stress on the wrist. At some moment, I felt a little pain in my wrists. I thought it was nothing. But after I kept training, the pain in my wrist got worse. In the end, I got myself a wrist injury. The cause? A lack of warm-up, quite stupid, I know. 

Now, I mostly train the planche with wrist wraps to decrease the chances of getting injured again.

Some other benefits of Wrist Wraps

Like I said before, owning a pair of wraps can be quite beneficial. It will not only support and therefore decrease the load on the wrists. You will also lower your chances of getting injured. But there are more benefits.

Train while recovering from an injury

When you are injured, you should never train. But after some time you can start exercising slowly again, with light exercises. Wearing wrist wraps will get you faster and safer to the point where you were when you got injured. However, do not get overhyped and start training as you never had an injury. Listen to your body. Otherwise, you will make things only worse.

You will get more strength!

Wrist wraps not only provide more stability and are supportive to your wrists. You will also get more mental support. It makes you more confident. When doing a tough exercise, it can be quite scary. Knowing there is an existing chance of you getting injured. You can fix this problem with a pair of wrist wraps. It is like doing a heavy squat. You will feel much more confident if you try the squat with a belt. It is the same with wrist wraps. 

Because of the extra confidence and extra stability, you will be stronger. You dare to lift more and, the wrist wraps ensure your wrists to stay in the same position. This way, no strength is lost because your wrists do not have to stabilize themselves.

Best wrist wraps to buy

Now we know what the uses and benefits are of wearing wrist wraps during your workouts. But what are the best wraps to use? Here we take a look at some of the best wrist wraps to use for calisthenics practicers. We will take a look at the different kinds of wraps as well as the pros and cons of each one of them.

#1 Gornation Wrist Wraps

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Gornation, a german brand founded in 2015 with a goal to create clothes and equipment for people who share the same passion, calisthenics. They also sell wrist wraps. Otherwise, they would not be in this post. I managed to buy myself a pair, and I have to say, I really like them.

The design is very straight forward. It is one long bandage, which you need to wrap around your wrists. A pro of this product is that it is one size fits all. So, everybody can wear them during their workouts.

I find them very comfortable and, they give enough wrist stabilization during my workouts. There is only one con I could find with this product. When working out, the wraps might get looser and looser. This happens because you fasten your wrap with a little string instead of velcro-strip like you do with other wrist wraps

But overall, this product is great, in my opinion. I would definitely recommend this for those who practice calisthenics and want to purchase a pair of wrist wraps.

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#2 Pullup & Dip Wrist Wraps

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The other well-known german company; Pull up and dip. They sell a lot of calisthenics equipment, including wrist wraps. For under 20 euros, you receive a pair of good quality wraps. There is a difference in design from the ones of Gornation. This one has a thumb loop and velcro-strip to fast the wrist wrap. Putting the wraps on is, therefore, really easy. Much easier than the wrist wraps from gornation, in my opinion. Just like the ones from gornation, it is one size fits all.

The wrap itself provides enough stability. You will feel the warmth around your wrists during your workouts, which will relieve any wrist pain. Your wrists do not get over restricted and are able to make a good range of motion. Undoing the thumb loop can also help to give your wrists more space to move.

So if your workout contains lots of push exercises, I would recommend trying working out with these around your wrists.

You can order this product originally for around 18 euros. But I have managed to get a discount of 10%. So if you are interested in purchasing the wrist wraps of pullup and dip, simply click this button and use the code CWW10 for a 10% discount.


In conclusion, wrist wraps are a really supporting piece of equipment. If you feel any pain or you are afraid of getting any wrist injuries, try them. The wraps will not only provide more stability to the wrists and make you stronger. It will also give you more mental support. In other words, a great item to make you feel better during your workouts.

We also took a look at some of the best wrist wraps for calisthenics. We reviewed the products of Gornation and Pullup and dip. Both are high in quality. But In the end, I would recommend buying the ones from Pullup & Dip.

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