The 10 Best Outdoor Pull-Up Bars in 2024

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With the best Outdoor Pull-Up Bar, you’ll take your Calisthenics outside in confidence. It is a sturdy, durable and versatile platform on which you can do your exercises in the fresh outside air. There are many advantages to doing your Calisthenics outside; for your bodily health and your mental health. A restricted indoor situation could also make having the Outdoor Pull-Up Bar a necessity either way. Of all the things we don’t need to do Calisthenics, we’ll always need something to pull up on for those Pull-Ups. Not any old Pull-Up Bar will do, however. Most would simply rust and wither in a matter of weeks or months. It takes a special class of ruggedness and quality to make the best Outdoor Pull-Up Bars, a class which we intend to find out.

No time to read the full article? These are the two best outdoor pull-up bars (on category)!
Stamina Products Outdoor Power Tower V2 

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Gravity Fitness Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar

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What is an Outdoor Pull-Up Bar?

An Outdoor Pull-Up Bar is any Pull-Up Bar that is suitable for outdoor use. There is no specific distinction between an Outdoor Pull-Up Bar and other types of Pull-up Bar. They could be Free-Standing Pull-Up Bars or Wall-Mounted Pull-Up Bars. Some brands do make Pull-Up Bars more specifically meant for outdoor use, though. These could be very portable and easily taken outside for your exercise and back inside after you’re done. Other types are made extra durable to withstand the weather and detriments of sunlight. These are the options we’ll be looking at because far from all Pull-Up Bars will stand up to the rigors of the outdoors. 

Benefits of an Outdoor Pull-Up Bar

The main benefit of using an Outdoor Pull-Up Bar is that you’re doing your exercise outdoors, so we should focus on that part first. Exercising outdoors has several health benefits:

  • Fresh air: exercising in the fresh air just feels nice. The oxygen content of the outside, especially when surrounded by some greenery, is optimal for our lungs and a study also shows some psychologically energizing benefits from being outside while doing physical activities[1].
  • Increases vitamin D uptake: it’s the only compound we mammals still make through photosynthesis, in other words, by exposing our skin to sunlight like the plants do. Too little sunlight can leave you feeling depressed and tired, and many people deal with the “winter blues” on a yearly basis. Get outside and soak up some rays during your exercise!
  • Ample space: being outside means you have the world as your gym, and you’re no longer restricted as much by how much room you take up in your home or in the gym.
  • No more stuffy rooms: working out is sweaty business and sweaty bodies don’t always smell too great. It’s part of the game. Working out outside though means no more reeking, stuffy rooms for you.
  • No more stuffy gyms: not all gyms have (working) air-conditioning. Gyms can be quite smelly, stuffy and hot. Bringing your workout outside gives you that breath of fresh air you’re craving for.

However, we can’t ignore those beneficial facets of an Outdoor Pull-Up Bar that are tangential to the way these bars are built. Outdoor Pull-Up Bars need to have certain specifics to be used outdoors with any degree of confidence like a very strong construction, strong powder coating or paint layer and a high degree of stability. This means Outdoor Pull-Up Bars by their nature tend to have a very high weight capacity, are rugged and durable and they can be quite large too. In summary, Outdoor Pull-Up Bars are:

  • Highly durable
  • Have a high weight capacity
  • Are very stable
  • Are versatile in their use
  • Can be larger
  • Aren’t restricted to ceiling or wall height

Criteria for the Best Outdoor Pull-Up Bar

The best Outdoor Pull-Up Bar must be strong, rugged and versatile. Here’s what we at Calisthenics Worldwide look for when selecting the best Outdoor Pull-Up bar and separating the wheat from the chaff.

Material Quality 

The very first consideration is material quality. The best material for an Outdoor Pull-Up Bar is tubular steel and it needs to be a sufficient gauge. The quickest way to assess this is to look at the maximum weight capacity. This capacity will be hindered by construction quality; however, the theoretical maximum will always be limited by the density and tensile strength of the chosen material. A higher maximum weight capacity will necessitate using quality materials. You should still do your due diligence, looking at the material choices made. 

Other materials used could be things like foam and cushions. These will rarely last long outside, exposed to sunlight, rain and temperature fluctuations. Hard rubber lasts longer but is still susceptible to sunlight and will crumble after a few years of soaking up UV light. We recommend only hard rubber coverings or knurled coating or steel to provide you with traction and comfort, rather than foam handles.

Construction Quality

Material only gets you so far and it’s the construction which gives a design its function. For an Outdoor Pull-Up Bar, you should prefer a no nonsense, rugged construction which incorporates strong materials in a secure method. This can again be gauged by the rated maximum weight capacity, but again you should determine whether what the manufacturer states makes any sense. If the material and welds look strong, but the mounting is done with two 4mm screws, you know where the weakest point will be.

Coating Quality

All materials can wither away surprisingly quickly when beaten by sun and rain, regardless of construction quality. The coating will shield the materials from these environmental effects, and this needs to be strong and as inert as possible. Certain types of paint do a very good job resisting light and water. The same goes for certain types of powder coating. Any scratch or nick which exposes the underlying material, though, will result in rust setting in at that point. Once this happens, it’s only a matter of time before you can write off your Outdoor Pull-Up Bar. Always inspect the whole bar and its coating and make sure it is impeccable.

Free-Standing or Wall-Mounted Design

There are two options you could go for, either a Free-Standing Pull-Up Bar or a Wall-Mounted Pull-Up Bar. There are good outdoor options for either type of Pull-Up Bar. Which you choose depends largely on your preference and what sort of portability you expect. Either type has both portable and more static options. Typically, the Wall-Mounted designs are easier to transport but require some mounting point where you bring them. Wall-Mounted Pull-Up Bars can also be permanently fixed to an outside wall, giving you unparalleled stability.

The Free-Standing designs tend to be heavier, but also require no mounting point and only a flat surface to stand on. The Free-Standing Pull-Up Bars that are suitable for outdoor use also tend to be more durable and some can be left outside permanently. 

Mounting Options

If you pick a Wall-Mounted design, it is handy that you have several methods or at least one very versatile method of suspending it. You could be mounting onto a concrete pylon, a steel beam or a tree. These all have slightly or radically different shapes and textures.

Size / Dimensions

Look at the size you want and the dimensions your Outdoor Pull-Up Bar will take up. Can it be broken down? These factors will influence what you can do with your Outdoor Pull-Up Bar and how easy it will be to transport it. If it will just stand outside in one spot all the time, you can opt for something very big and solid. If you plan to take it with you regularly, then something compacter, lighter and potentially collapsible would be better, almost like a Travel Pull-Up Bar but for the outdoors.

Additional Features 

Some Outdoor Pull-Up Bars are very simple and only have a top bar. Others have additional protrusions like horizontal bars or extended sloping bars at the ends of the top bar. These are all additional features you may or may not want. Be careful that these added features do not diminish the quality of the Pull-up Bar. Especially cheaper, off-brand Pull-Up Bars will often try and sell themselves by having many different options. Naturally, something has to give and if it isn’t price or features then it will be quality. 


Pull-Up Bars in general don’t have to be expensive, however, you do get what you paid for. The material cost, construction cost and quality control will all be things you pay for. Since you’ll be putting your safety on the line, we believe that skimping on the initial buy is to your own detriment. At the same time, there is such a thing as value for money with buying any Pull-Up Bar, for outdoor use or otherwise. Again, we’d like to stress that cheap Outdoor Pull-Up Bars with many promised features and options will be of a lower quality. At the same time, a simpler Outdoor Pull-Up Bar can be had for a very good price.

Customer reviews 

Before you buy, look at what others have to say about the Pull-Up Bar in question. How do they like it? Does it stand up to the rigors of outdoor use? Have people reported problems like chipped or scratched coating or even rust? You can learn a lot simply by looking at what people have to say about it. This doesn’t mean merely giving the ratings a glimpse but reading some of the comments both good and bad (use the ‘sort by’ function).

Calisthenics Worldwide Results

In a similar vein as customer reviews, you can also read expert reviews of the best Outdoor Pull-Up Bars, like what you’re doing right now. We can’t speak for other websites, but we at Calisthenics Worldwide have been doing this non-stop since 2016 and our team includes Calisthenics athletes with more than 10 years of experience, a trained and licensed physiotherapist and experienced communications experts to tell you exactly what we think of products and more importantly, why. You can choose to take our opinion to heart, discard it entirely or use it however you see fit in making your own informed decision.

The 5 Best Outdoor Pull-Up Bars Free-Standing

If you’re choosing a Free-Standing Pull-Up Bar for outdoor use, you’re going with stability, high maximum weight capacity and most likely it will stand outdoors for longer amounts of time. Some options are easier to transport than others, though. Here are the best Outdoor Pull-Up Bars of a free-standing design.

#1 Stamina Products Outdoor Power Tower V2 ─ Overall best Outdoor Pull-Up Bar

Stamina Products Outdoor Power Tower V2 

Get it here:
  • Dimensions: 46” x 51” x 84”
  • Maximum Capacity: 300lbs/136kg
  • Collapsible / Foldable: No

Stamina Products makes rugged, weatherproof outdoor equipment, like this sturdy and reliable Outdoor Power Tower. The thick tubular steel construction is kept simple and the whole thing is kept together with thick welds and strong bolts. It is rated for 300lbs maximum weight (136kg), which is very likely a conservative rating by Stamina itself. It’s not the prettiest finish, but it is very strong and very durable. It is covered with a special paint that is resistant to UV radiation and water. We found no fault with the coating at all.

This specific type, which we called the Version 2 for lack of a better designation (Stamina Products, please fix your nomenclature), comes with a slightly sleeker design, more grip options and an adjustable central plateau so it can be used by anyone. No more bringing your own step or chair. The plateau doubles as a sturdy plyobox to do your plyometric exercise. You can adjust the height of the plyobox between 16” and 24”.

The rest of this Power Tower comes equipped with multi-purpose top handles for various Pull-Up and Chin-Up techniques, Dipping station and Pull-Up Bars. The middle bar can also be used for exercises like Australian Pull-Ups and Chin-Ups. All the surfaces are very smooth to help prevent water from clinging on. This negatively impacts the level of comfort you’ll experience; however, a pair of Calisthenics Gloves will fix this issue quite handily.

This Power Tower is made for outdoor use and can be left standing indefinitely outside. To promote its longevity, it is advisable that it stands under some kind of roof and isn’t submerged in water for prolonged periods. It is the best Outdoor Pull-Up Bar in its purest form.

#2 Stamina Products Outdoor Power Tower V1

The Stamina Products Outdoor Power Tower V1 (again for lack of a better designation) is still available and is also the most widely recognized Stamina Products Power Tower out there. This green giant will do its job for many years out in the open and is maybe even more reliable than the V2, owing to its simpler construction. The thick tubular frame, welded and bolted together, was made to stand the test of time and climate. It too has a maximum rated capacity of 300lbs or 136kg which we are almost sure is a conservative estimate on their part. 

The weatherproof paintjob is impeccable, and this Power Tower has a proven track record of maintaining its good shape, along with yours. Like with the V2, you can dramatically increase its longevity by parking it in a garage when you’re not using it or by keeping it under a small roof and from standing in water for prolonged periods. Other than that, this Stamina Power Tower will be good for many years to come. 

You get all the practical options of a Power Tower, the Stamina V1 featuring a long horizontal top bar with sloping ends, a dip station and Push-Up Bars. The surfaces here are again very smooth to help water drip off naturally and we advise using Calisthenics Gloves.

#3 Gravity Fitness Portable Pull-Up Rack

You can get the excellent quality you are used to from Gravity Fitness and fit it all in a sports bag sized package to take with you. The Gravity Fitness Portable Pull-Up Rack is exactly that, a full-sized Free-Standing Pull-Up Bar which can be taken apart and stored in a bag that will fit in any car or truck and which can be carried by hand. The setup and breakdown are also very easy and completed in a minute or less. 

The quality of this Pull-Up Bar almost knows no equal, with high-quality fittings, finish and construction. The rubber components are also well crafted and without fault. She stands tall and stable, with only the slightest wobble but much less than what we’d expect from a collapsible design. 

You get a long horizontal top bar to work with. This is sufficient for all your standard Pull-Ups, Chin-Ups and of course Muscle-Ups. This is more limited in scope than some other bars, especially Power Towers. However, it remains one of the most portable, lightweight, affordable and best Outdoor Pull-Up Bars on our list.

The Gravity Fitness Portable Pull-Up Rack is quite durable; however, you shouldn’t leave it standing outside. It’s a very good Outdoor Pull-Up Rack because it is so easily taken apart, stored and transported. Take it with you to the Calisthenics Park or out in your backyard to do your exercises and then bring it back in.

#4 Khanh Trinh Foldable Pull-Up Bar

  • Bar Dimension (w x h): 39.4” x 76.7” to 100.4”
  • Floor Dimensions (w x l): 51.7” x adjustable spread
  • Maximum Capacity: 770lbs/350kg
  • Collapsible / Foldable: Yes
  • Khanh Trinh Pull Up Bar Review

Innovative newcomer Khanh Trinh might have beaten the conundrum of wanting a big, high Pull-Up Bar but also one which is easily transportable. The Khanh Trinh Foldable Pull-Up Bar has an A-frame design which, you guessed it, is hinged at the top so you can fold it. This makes this Pull-Up Bar very thin and can be stored in any shed or leaning against a wall or on the floor (for example behind a closet or under a bed). It is easy to set up, and you’ll be exercising anywhere you want in seconds.

Due to its adherence to simple mechanical principles, it achieves a very high maximum capacity of 770lbs or 350kg. It is of a variable height, meaning you can change the Khanh Trinh from a Pull-Up Bar to Dip Bar, or just a slightly lower Pull-Up Bar. It is heavier than most portable Pull-Up Bars, owing to its higher gauge tubular steel. This is a slight trade-off in portability in favor of having a more durable, stronger product.

The grips are foam covered, so this portable Pull-Up Bar should not be stored outside. Like with the Gravity Fitness Portable Pull-Up Rack (it’s immediate competitor), it is portable enough to take with you outside and take back inside when you’re done.

#5 CAP Barbell Power Rack

The CAP Barbell Power Rack is a sturdy frame that combines the top bar of a Pull-Up Bar with a barbell rack. The fit and finish are perfect, and the tough powder coating and rugged design means it will stand up to the outside elements for quite some time, especially when kept under a roof and away from pooling water. You can do your Calisthenics exercises like Pull-Ups and Chin-Ups with the top bar and combine this with a weightlifting regimen using the rack.

The CAP Barbell Power Rack is completely wobble free while in use, owing to the fact that it’s built to withstand powerlifting and the quick hanging of barbells after intense exercise. This also gives it a very respectable 500lbs maximum weight capacity. We recommend this rack as an Outdoor Pull-Up Bar if you also want to do your weightlifting out in the open air.

The 5 Best Outdoor Pull-Up Bars Wall-Mounted

Wall-Mounted Outdoor Pull-Up Bars can be portable but can also be permanently fixed to an outside wall. They are lighter than Free-Standing designs, but when mounted to a concrete wall, for instance, will offer you maximum stability and weight capacity.

#1 Gravity Fitness Wall-Mounted Pull-Up Bar ─ Best Outdoor Pull-Up Bar For Permanent Fixing 

Gravity Fitness Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar

Get it here:

If you want strong, simple and rugged and you have a spare outside wall then this Gravity Fitness Wall-Mounted Pull-Up Bar is the perfect solution. This compact, strong and durable design will survive well in an outside environment, and its longevity can be increased further by placing it under a small roof and out of the rain. This durability is thanks to both its quality tubular steel, triangular construction type and its excellent fit and finish.

The topcoat on this Pull-Up Bar is both matte in color and slightly textured, impeccable and both scratch resistant and water resistant. The rated maximum load of 240lbs (108kg) doesn’t make any sense when compared to its material choice and good craftsmanship. It is likely a conservative estimate on their side, but seeing as we’re not engineers, we’ll take it as-is.

This simple Pull-Up Bar consists of only a horizontal top bar, which stands at a respectable 35” from the wall. This gives you enough clearance for Pull-Ups, Chin-Ups and Muscle-Ups even if you must resort to kipping to get the job done. As a permanently fixed option, this is the best Outdoor Pull-Up Bar available.

#2 Pullup & Dip Mobile Pull-Up and Dip Bar

Pullup & Dip Mobile Pull-up Bar

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Get it here:

In terms of versatility and combining that with durability and weight capacity, very little can top the Mobile Pull-Up and Dip Bar by its namesake Pullup & Dip. With excellent fit and finish and an innovative mounting system where you can turn the whole thing around and switch between a Pull-Up Bar and a Dip Bar. With its sloped ends on the top bar and parallel protrusions, the Mobile Pull-Up and Dip Bar provides you with all the functionality you need for a complete Calisthenics experience. 

Fit and finish, along with construction quality are great and it is designed to be used outdoors regularly. With the special mounting band, you can attach the Mobile Pull-Up and Dip Bar to almost any sturdy object, like tree trunks, concrete posts, pylons or other strong upright structure. You can also permanently fix it to an outside wall using high-gauge bolts.

The Pullup & Dip Mobile Pull-Up and Dip Bar is the best outdoor Pull-Up Bar of a wall-mounted design and when it comes to versatility and being able to transport it. It is pricier than the simpler Gravity Fitness, however, we managed to mitigate that by securing a discount code for our readers. Use code CWW10 during checkout for a 10% discount on all Pullup & Dip products on their website.

#3 ECOTRIC Heavy Duty Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar

  • Width: 46”
  • Wall clearance: 33”
  • Maximum Capacity: 500lbs/225kg
  • Portable: No

This Pull-Up Bar is a good alternative to the Gravity Fitness Wall-Mounted Pull-Up Bar. You get the same simplicity of a single horizontal top bar supported by diagonal struts. All that makes for a beefy 500lbs (225kg) rated maximum weight capacity, meaning that most likely the plugs in the wall are the weakest point. That’s great news if you’re looking for an Outdoor Pull-Up Bar which you combine Weighted Calisthenics. The wall clearance of 33” is still enough for all regular Calisthenics exercises like Pull-Ups, Chin-Ups and Muscle-Ups. 

Hanging just outside, under a roof to keep most of the rain away, would be the best place for this Pull-Up Bar. The only small nitpick there is the hole through each horizontal strut through which the top bar runs. This can and will collect water if it is left in the rain directly.

#4 BESTHLS Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar

  • Width: 44.5”
  • Wall clearance: 24.4”
  • Maximum Capacity: 440lbs / 200kg
  • Portable: No

Basically, a grownups monkey bar, this BESTHLS Pull-Up Bar gives you ample of options when it comes to grip placement and width. Despite this, the whole construction is kept simple and supported, resulting in a very strong design which will stand the test of time. Aiding it in this is a good, scratch-resistant coating that will ward off erosion effectively. The surface is also slightly texture, giving you a bit more traction when your hands are sweaty, or the bars are wet. 

You get a very respectable 440lbs (200kg) of weight capacity to work with. This means Weighted Calisthenics is no problem at all. Wider and narrower grips are possible, including sloping grips near the ends of the top bars. The wall clearance is somewhat shorter, with 24.4 inches which will necessitate a cleaner Pull-Up, Chin-Up and especially Muscle-Up to avoid touching the wall. 

#5 UKUVI Multifunctional Heavy Duty Chin Up Bar

  • Width: 39¾”
  • Wall clearance: 23.62”
  • Maximum Capacity: 500lbs/225kg
  • Portable: No

A cost-effective alternative on this list would be this UKUVI Chin-Up Bar. It gives you similar options to the BESTHLS Wall Mounted Pull-Up Bar. It has a very respectable weight maximum of 500lbs or 225kg, which when properly attached to a concrete or brick wall is enough for all your Weighted Calisthenics. The coating is also durable enough to keep this Outdoor Pull-Up Bar safe from erosion for quite a long time.

Due to its design, where the top bar is clamped between the horizontal struts, water can find its way into the bolts and between the seams. We recommend you mount this under a small roof, a car port or other similar outdoor but still sheltered area. 

Conclusions: What is the Best Outdoor Pull-Up Bar?

The benefits of exercising outside are simple. You get to be outside, sucking in the fresh air and that has both mental and physical benefits. You’ll feel more energizing from being outside, you’ll take up that essential Vitamin D and the oxygen content is optimal for your lungs. It could also be that you simply don’t have any room left to spare inside and need to take your Pull-Ups, Chin-Ups and Muscle-Ups outside either way. Time to get yourself the best Outdoor Pull-Up Bar.

But which is the best Outdoor Pull-Up Bar? Only a high-quality and highly durable Pull-Up Bar will do, without it succumbing quickly to rust. For a free-standing design, we can highly recommend the Stamina Products Power Towers. These were designed to be outside and will last the longest of all Pull-Up Bars in an open environment. For a more portable option, the Gravity Fitness Portable Pull-Up Rack is also a splendid choice.

The best Outdoor Pull-Up Bar for a wall is the Gravity Fitness Wall-Mounted Pull-Up Bar. When you’re putting things outside permanently, you want something simple and rugged. Anything extra only means more things that can go wrong with it. You can’t go wrong with the Gravity Fitness Wall-Mounted Pull-Up Bar, though. For more versatility and portability, the Pullup & Dip Portable Pullup and Dip Bar is also great.

You now have plenty of options to make up your own mind and select the best Outdoor Pull-Up Bar for your situation and use-case. Time to touch grass.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Best Outdoor Pull-Up Bars

A couple more questions about the best Outdoor Pull-Up Bars, which needed answering.

How high should an Outdoor Pull-Up Bar be?

Your Outdoor Pull-Up Bar should be high enough so that your feet cannot touch the ground when you perform a dead hang from the top bar.

Can you put a Pull-Up Bar outside?

Not all Pull-Up Bars are suitable for outside use, especially not for leaving it outside for extended periods. The best Outdoor Pull-Up Bars are the Stamina Power Towers and the Gravitiy Fitness Wall-Mounted Pull-Up Bar.

Can I train when it’s cold outside?

Healthy adults should experience no detrimental effects from training outside when it's cold and they are dressed well. As long as you stay active and are properly dressed, you can train when it’s cold outside. Be sure to listen to your body well, especially the extremities like hands and feet.

Can I attach my Pull-Up Bar to a tree?

There are special Outdoor Pull-Up Bars which come with attachments for a tree mount. Not all Pull-Up Bars are suitable for this, though. The tree itself should also be strong enough. A life tree that is as thick as your torso is wide should be able to take your weight several times over. The best Outdoor Pull-Up Bar to amount against a tree is the Pullup & Dip Mobile Pullup and Dip Bar.


[1] Plante, T. G., Cage, C., Clements, S., & Stover, A. (2006). Psychological benefits of exercise paired with virtual reality: Outdoor exercise energizes whereas indoor virtual exercise relaxes. International Journal of Stress Management, 13(1), 108–117.

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