Marmati Garbage Gymnastics Rings Review 2024

Recycled Gymnastic Rings Marmati

The Marmati Garbage Gymnastic Rings are the world-first upcycled Gymnastic Rings, offering the consumer market a choice to buy recycled gym equipment that is just as good as rings made from new raw materials. With Marmati you have a viable, high-quality alternative to buy green gym equipment as a conscious choice. Of course, I’m interested in the qualities of these rings and how well they perform as well. I’m all for a better future and reducing waste, but if the Marmati Garbage Gymnastic Rings want to succeed on the market, they must be good as well. Let’s find out what Marmati has in store for us with their “trash”.

You can watch our video-review of the Marmati Garbage Gymnastic Rings, too.

Marmati Garbage Gymnastics Rings Review | World’s First Recycled Gymnastics Rings

Marmati And Their Green Gym Equipment

Marmati is produced by the Interkov steel manufacturer in Slovakia which is co-owned by the brothers Maroš and Dusan Molnar. Their father started the company in 1999 and now, a quarter of a century later, their company is a frontrunner for creating a better world through new production techniques. They have mastered the process of using scrap aluminum and upcycling it back into a good product, their aluminum Gymnastic Rings. From top to bottom they have endeavored to create truly green gym equipment by always choosing the most sustainable option currently available to modern science.

Marmati Garbage Gymnastic Rings

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Marmati’s Sustainable Production in the European Union

The Marmati Garbage Gymnastic Rings are manufactured inside Europe and 94% of the materials are also sourced within the European Union. This means a higher production cost but does ensure a very high level of quality control and guarantees on ethical procurement and production methods for truly green gym equipment.

They offer two variants of Gymnastic Rings; wooden and aluminum. Both are made with nature in mind and fit right in your collection of green gym equipment. You can see what materials they used and which production processes were utilized to make every part on their website

Recycled PET Straps

The straps for your Marmati Garbage Gymnastic Rings are made of recycled PET bottles, respun into yarn in the Netherlands. The tight weave and material used give them a shiny, light green texture. Despite being made of upcycled garbage, the straps are rated for a whopping 700 kilograms (over 1500lb)! That is more than enough for explosive Weighted Calisthenics. The logo and print are very crisp, and I personally like the contrast between the light green straps and the not overly present logo design.

Overall, the straps are some of the best ones I’ve ever seen and used. They are slick and easy to manipulate. They loop back into themselves, so you never have any excess strap that gets in the way. The quick-release buckle has a nice click on closing and is easy to undo as well. The buckle is made of a zinc alloy and is the only part that is newly produced, as far as I can tell. 

Upcycled Aluminum Gymnastic Rings

The aluminum used was once literally trash, but recycled and reconstituted into a strong alloy that is perfect for high-stress applications, such as Gymnastic Rings. The rings feel nice to the touch but are a bit slicker than wooden rings. I find the grip and feel comparable to a Pull-Up Bar with a powder coated top bar. They also get a bit colder when used outdoors and presumably hotter when hanging out in the sun than wooden rings would. Being aluminum, they also transfer that full 700 kilograms or 1500 pounds of maximum carry capacity of the straps without loss.

PEFC Certified Wooden Gymnastic Rings

The Marmati wooden rings are made of PEFC plywood, which is the leading global certificate for renewable forestry. This means that for every adult tree felled, at least one other tree is nurtured to maturity. This makes sure that the production of these wooden Gymnastic Rings does not diminish the world’s tree population at all.

The wooden rings have a nicer texture to them and feel just right in the hand. They also have good sweat absorption and are still strong enough for all your Calisthenics exercises, including Weighted Calisthenics.

Workouts For 

There are benefits to working out with Gymnastic Rings, and these upcycled ones give you a green solution to that. The rings are the ideal tool for upper body strength training. The high quality of the Marmati rings means they will be a life companion for your Gymnastic Ring Workouts. I did the following workouts and both the upcycled aluminum and the PEFC wooden rings performed very well:

Basically, everything from the basics and core exercises to very advanced exercises are possible with the Marmati Garbage Gymnastic Rings. Weighted Calisthenics are also possible due to the quality of the straps and the rings themselves.

Marmati Garbage Gymnastic Rings

10% off with our code: CWW10
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Pricing ─ High End Rings, High End Price

These are high-end, high-quality rings produced in the European Union where wages are quite a bit higher than in most other places. Added to that are the additional steps of recycling material (which is frequently more expensive than sourcing new raw materials) to ensure you are getting genuinely recycled gym equipment. These quality and ethical guarantees are of course reflected in the price.

Here is a price breakdown:

ALUMINUM RINGS€105.00€160.00
WOODEN RINGS€95.00€135.00

The set is considerably cheaper. You also get a 10% discount on your whole cart with the coupon code CWW10 at checkout.

Conclusions About the Marmati Garbage Gymnastic Rings

Marmati’s production is carbon free, and they have the aim of going completely carbon neutral including shipping. If you’re looking for green gym equipment but that makes no concessions on quality, strength and versatility, then Marmati has you covered. Completely assembled inside the European Union with strict third-party oversight and adherence to sustainable production methods, the Interkov steel plant has certainly delivered.

It costs a little more, but the quality and weight capacity are there. For a once in a long while, if not once in a lifetime purchase, that’s worth it. You can choose to vote with your wallet and help make a market impact that lasts. If that fails, their 45-day money-back-guarantee means that the attempt was free. Don’t forget to get your 10% discount at checkout by using the code CWW10.

Marmati Garbage Gymnastic Rings

10% off with our code: CWW10
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
Frequently Asked Questions About Marmati Garbage Gymnastic Rings

A few more frequently asked questions about the Marmati Garbage Gymnastic Rings and recycled, green gym equipment.

What is green gym equipment?

Green gym equipment is made of recycled or upcycled materials or is sourced in a way that is sustainable. Many materials like steel, plastics and aluminum can be recycled for new applications. Once application could be to create green gym equipment. Certain types of wood, like PEFC lumber, can also be considered green as this type of forestry does not diminish the world's tree population.

Is Marmati really recycled gym equipment?

Interkov, the producers of Marmati, source 94% of the material used in their production from inside the European Union, which is all either recycled or PEFC certified. Next to being a frontrunner for producing recycled gym equipment, they are always looking for ways to choose the most sustainable option that modern science can offer them, like choosing green packaging and transportation options.

Does Marmati ship to the United States?

Yes, Marmati ships to the United States. All purchases above €150 are free of shipping charges. Delivery to the United States takes between 9 to 15 working days.

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