GORNATION Dip Belt Review 2024

Gornation DIp Belt Review

The GORNATION Dip Belt is a welcome sight to many athletes practicing Weighted Calisthenics. We at Calisthenics Worldwide are big fans of high-quality products, but we’re even bigger fans of keeping money in our pockets whenever possible. The GORNATION Dip Belt promises us a lot of the things we desire; high-quality materials and an extreme maximum weight capacity to name two. But this Dip Belt also comes in at a very affordable price point. Time for me to investigate! I’ll examine the GORNATION Dip Belt in all its facets, including use during a beefy workout. That way, you can discover why the GORNATION Dip Belt is the right pick for you.

You can also watch our video unboxing and GORNATION Dip Belt on YouTube:

Gornation Premium Dip Belt Review – Including Heavy Duty Rope

My Expectations for the GORNATION Dip Belt

Small disclaimer first! I am of course a big fan of GORNATION already. We had many good things to say about other products by this vendor, like the excellent and top-of-the-line GORNATION Premium Parallettes. When we think of Dip Belts, we of course can’t escape its more mobile counterpart, the Weighted Vest. Again, the GORNATION Weighted Vest comes in at first place. This is no small feat, since we love many other brands which also offer excellent quality for an affordable price. 

Needless to say, my expectations for the GORNATION Dip Belt are celestial! When the package arrived from Germany, I was teeming with excitement to go ahead and try it out.

The GORNATION Dip Belt Examined

First some basic stats to get a good understanding of what’s provided and what we can expect (metric and imperial measurements provided):

  • Length of the belt: 82 cm (32¼”)
  • Length of the chain: 90 cm (35½”)
  • Slim/narrow fit for all waists
  • Weight: 420g/15oz (no chain), 1020g/36oz (chain and carabiners)
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 1000 kilograms (2200 pounds)
Gornation Dip Belt

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Unboxing & Package Content

Our package arrived in just 3 days, coming from Germany and delivered to the Netherlands. You can expect similar delivery times for the whole of Western and Central Europe. For the U.S. and Canada, expect to wait 7 days or longer. The box it came in was plain with only minor GORNATION branding on the packaging tape and shipping label. The products inside are stuffed and separated with packaging paper. My package came intact and all the products were in good condition. The contents were as follows:

  • 1x GORNATION Premium Dip Belt
  • 1x 90cm / 35½” heavy duty chain
  • 1x Heavy Duty Dip Belt Rope
  • 3x heavy duty carabiner hooks
  • 1x 200ml bottle of GORNATION Liquid Chalk
  • 1x user manual
  • 1x package ledger

Construction Material, Quality & Weight Capacity

The heavy-duty nylon construction is rated for a mindboggling 1000-kilogram maximum weight (2200lbs). I won’t ever reach that level and I doubt anyone will, (but who knows?). There’s not much else I can say here except that the GORNATION Dip Belt is fantastic in this area. There is no way that I can somehow physically test this with just the strength in my body. Whatever force I could exert on it by pulling on it or hanging from it is completely insignificant. This is a very strong, very durable belt.

Fit & Finish

I inspected all the seams and they appear impeccable. Overall, I didn’t find any fraying or anything that might suggest production or even quality control issues. This Dip Belt looks fantastic with a lot of attention to the small details like even seams, even punctures for each seam and the placement of all the parts.

Gornation Dip Belt

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Putting the Dip Belt On

It fits nicely, even if you have narrow hips and won’t slip off easily. Putting it on is an effortless exercise too; simply sling it around the small of your back and have the D-rings in front of you (make sure the nicely padded part is facing inward. Then secure the two D-rings together with one of the carabiner hooks. Now you’re set to attach either the chain or the rope by looping it through the D-rings and whatever weight you intend to use for your exercise. You attach either end of the chain or the rope to the opposing D-rings as well.

Piece of cake and you should be ready for your workout on a moment’s notice. Adjusting the height of the weight is also easily done by looping the chain through the D-rings and your weights more than once, or by fitting one of the center loops of the rope onto a carabiner. Simple yet versatile with how you mount your weights, which weights you use and both the rope and the chain fit through standard barbell weights. 

Comfort During Workouts

The only potential pitfall I saw is with its narrow design. This may make it great for people with narrower hips as well, but it may also lead to it really pressing into you when under a high load. I haven’t experienced any discomfort myself though and the GORNATION Dip Belt worked just fine. The extra wide back piece distributes the weight nicely and the sides aren’t that narrow either. The weight is transferred quite effectively to your back and over the entirety of your lower body. 

Exercising with the GORNATION Dip Belt

When I got fully settled in, the exercises came naturally. I felt the weight, but the Dip Belt itself remained very comfortable to wear and didn’t slip or shift at all. For dips this belt is obviously excellent, but it performed equally well with Pull-Ups, Chin-Ups, Rows and so on. By adjusting the weight or using the rope instead of the chain, you can really minimize swaying. I enjoyed my Weighted Calisthenics with the GORNATION Dip Belt, especially when going for the higher-end weight capacity. 

How Much Does the GORNATION Dip Belt Cost?

For the extreme high-quality materials, construction and fit and finish this Dip Belt has, you’re paying a bargain price. It sets you back 50 Euros (55 freedom Dollars or 44 of His majesty’s Pounds). That’s with the chain and carabiners included. If you get the Dip Belt Rope included (like I did), it’s 60 Euro (65 Dollars or 54 Pounds). It’s cheapest to buy it as a set, as opposed to buying the Dip Belt Rope separately. At this price point, it’s worth throwing it in there.

Gornation Dip Belt

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You get a 2-year warranty on the belt itself and the chain, and a 6-month warranty on the rope. Why the difference? The rope is rated at a much lower maximum weight and will be used much nearer to its maximum capacity more often. This will result in a higher relative wear, which prompted the people at GORNATION to issue a lower warranty duration for the rope. That said, it only costs a 10-er so that you get warranty at all is amazing already.

GORNATION Dip Belt Alternatives

Here are a few alternatives, some of which we liked:

Conclusions & Final Thoughts About the GORNATION Dip Belt

Excellent construction, excellent quality, excellent fit and finish and a maximum weight capacity that should exceed what is humanly possible. What’s there not to like? Comfort-wise too, the GORNATION Dip Belt hasn’t let me down one bit. But isn’t a weight capacity of 1000 kilos or 2200lbs just another example of German overengineering? No, it isn’t, I’d reply. Because the higher its rated maximum is, the more durable it will be when it’s not put under a significant portion of that maximum rated stress. The GORNATION Dip Belt holds up so well because it is never used to even close to its maximum. That’s why I always like to have that (fair) bit of overmatch to the task it’s supposed to do, and that goes beyond only buying a Dip Belt. 

GORNATION thus shines again with a great product for a great price. After this more in-depth review of the GORNATION Dip Belt, I am even more convinced that it rightfully claims the first place on our list of best Dip Belts for Calisthenics too. If you’re looking for a trusted companion during your weighted exercise for years to come and which can easily keep up with your progression, get the GORNATION Dip Belt now. We have secured a 10% discount for our readers if you use the code CWW10 at checkout for all GORNATION products.

Gornation Dip Belt

10% off with our code: CWW10

Get it here:


Frequently Asked Questions About the GORNATION Dip Belt

Here are a few more commonly asked questions about the GORNATION Dip Belt and Dip Belts in general.

Are dip belts worth it?

A Dip Belt is an inexpensive tool to make progression for the advanced Calisthenics practitioner a reality. Once your body, especially your arms and legs, hit a plateau doing regular Calisthenics, it is time to add Weighted Calisthenics. The Dip Belt is a trustworthy, versatile and durable tool to add weight to your regular exercise without having to resort to isolated weightlifting.

What is a dip belt for?

Dip Belts are used in Weighted Calisthenics to add weight to your regular exercise. Since you need your hands free in Calisthenics to do your workout, holding free weights like in weightlifting is not a possibility. The Dip Belt allows you to add weight to your body while leaving the hands free to do, for instance, Dips, Pull-Ups and Chin-Ups.

What is the best dip belt?

The best Dip Belt in terms of quality, fit and finish, and weight capacity is the GORNATION Premium Dip Belt. This Dip Belt is rated to a maximum of 1000kg or 2200lbs weight. It is also very affordably priced, making it one of the most popular choices for Weighted Calisthenics.

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