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We want to provide you with the best evidence-based information about calisthenics. Of course, that includes equipment. We are constantly checking what is available on the martket today. In addition, we test the equipment of many suppliers. Gravity Fitness is a company that makes great calisthenics gear. What do they offer and how can you use and benefit from it? We have tested some of their products lately and are happy with the quality. That is why we want to tell you about them. 

Gravity Fitness – A Short History

Rich Hawkins created gravity fitness in 2015. He had been struggling with shoulder injuries, and decided to work on his bodyweight strength. To help him, he bought a set of parallettes. But the disappointing quality shocked him. He sent them back but couldn’t find anything better. So, he decided to design some parallettes himself. But of course, with better quality and fit-for-purpose. Plus, he wanted to manufacture them at a reasonable price. Gravity Fitness was born.

On their website, Gravity Fitness states their mission: to provide quality, durable, innovative functional fitness products. They believe everyone should be able to train how the want, where they want and when they want.

Rich gathered a team to help him create new products. Just like our team at Calisthenics Worldwide, the GF team constists of true calisthenics and bodyweight enthusiasts. They train together. But they are also coaches, designers and innovators.


Gravity Fitness – Their Products

Gravity Fitness has created some great products. While we tested them, we could tell the designers are athletes themselves. They really care about the details. Gravity Fitness offers a good range of products. They have pull-up racks, gymnastic rings and parallettes in different sizes. But they also offer pull-up bars and weighted vests. When designing new products, they stick to three goals.

  • Innovation: pioneering in calisthenics at a reasonable price.
  • Quality: direct selling with a focus on top quality and manufacturing.
  • Customer satisfaction: always conduct rigorous testing and quality control.

With these goals in mind, Gravity Fitness specializes in pull-up racks and paralettes. They enable everyone to train at home. And GF keeps innovating. They are now working on new and unconventional training equipment.

Unconventional Calisthenics Products

With unconventional training we mean functional fitness methods. It involves things like kettlebells, ropes, sleds, etc. These tools have become popular in the last decade and can be used in calisthenics. Often, the workouts performed with this equipment are HIIT (high intensity interval training). And you can easily do them at home. Soon, we will provide helpful information for you about these unconventional products.

Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, many of us work from home. In many countries, gyms are closed. So why not train at home? Click here to check out what equipment is available and how to use if for home workouts. Are you looking for specific exercises and workouts? Check out our Blog page regularly. You find everything you need to know right there.

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