The 6 Best Healthy Fitness Advent Calendars for the Coming of Christmas 2024

Gornation Calisthenics Advent Calendar

Get your Fitness Advent Calendar this year to usher in the coming of Christmas. Whether you’re celebrating the Nativity and the birth of Christ, or you’re just looking forward to the holiday season, a Fitness Advent Calendar allows you to do so in a healthy way. Also called Gym Advent Calendars or Protein Advent Calendars, we at Calisthenics Worldwide love to be surprised by some of the best Fitness Advent Calendars every year. We believe it’s a constructive but also fun way to show our appreciation of Christ’s sacrifice and allow it to inspire us to our own sacrifices for a healthy lifestyle and a strong and beautiful body. Here are our favorite Fitness Advent Calendars.

Gornation Advent Calendar 2023

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What is a Fitness Advent Calendar & Which Ones Will We Be Using? 

You’re never too old for an Advent Calendar. But most of them just contain chocolates, candies and other crap you don’t need. Let’s change that with a Fitness Advent Calendar instead. With these calendars, you get something fitness or Calisthenics related every day. It works the same as any regular old advent calendar, but it’s made for us gym rats! What’s there not to like?

Let’s go over the three types of Fitness Advent Calendars first. These are:

  • Fitness Advent Calendars: Geared towards general Fitness and CrossFit.
  • Protein Advent Calendars: Generally filled with protein bars and healthy snacks.
  • Gym Advent Calendars: Geared towards Calisthenics and Weightlifting.

It’s tasty, it’s fun and what better way to count the days down to Christmas (where you can cheat a little with your meals), than with your favorite Fitness, Protein or Gym Advent Calendar? 

The best Fitness Advent Calendars of 2024

Here are the best Fitness Advent Calendars of 2024. We’re especially keen on the first Gym Advent Calendar, the one by Gornation. 

#1 best Gym Advent Calendar 2023: Gornation Advent Calendar

Gornation Advent Calendar 2023

Important: Use discount code: CWW10 for 10% discount on top of the Early Bird Deal

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From experience, the Gornation Advent Calendar is the only real Gym Advent Calendar as it only contains Calisthenics Equipment and related goodies, no pointless snacks. You’re getting some good value for money, all things combined with this Gornation Gym Advent Calendar and it’s always a delight getting one of these before Christmas. Treat yourself to some Calisthenics goodness before this Christmas 2023 with the best Gym Advent Calendar by Gornation.

#2 best Protein Advent Calendar 2023: MyProtein Advent Calendar (Vegan)

MyProtein Advent Calendar (Vegan)

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The best Protein Advent Calendar is of course the MyProtein Advent Calendar, which is 100% Vegan. Enjoy tasty, healthy and protein-rich snacks every day with this advent calendar. What better way to prepare for the Christmas holidays (where we all will have to cheat a little on our meals) by paying that debt in advance? With a snack from the best Protein Advent Calendar (along with exercise!), you get your body into shape before the feasting even starts. 

#3 best Fitness Advent Calendar 2023: Waterdrop Advent Calendar 2023

Stay tastily hydrated with the Waterdrop Advent Calendar of 2023 during your most extreme Fitness workouts. The best Fitness Advent Calendar is of course all about hydration when you’re working up a real sweat, and all that without any artificial crap. Waterdrops are easy, super tasty and they are healthy. Get unique seasonal flavors and other exclusive drinking-water related products with the best Fitness Advent Calendar of 2023.

#4 good Fitness Advent Calendar: Bimble & Bolt Running Advent Calendar

More of a jogger? Give your feet the Christmas gift they crave with this Bimble & Bolt Running Advent Calendar. You get over 55GBP worth of stuff in a price-reduced package that costs only 40GBP. Included are the latest design running socks, along with dozens other premium goodies and helpful addons to make those miles a bit more bearable.

#5 good Protein Advent Calendar: Grenade Protein Bar Advent Calendar

Grenade Protein Bar Advent Calendar

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Another immensely popular Protein Advent Calendar is the Grenade Protein Bar Advent Calendar. This year too, this calendar promises to be absolutely stuffed with tasty protein bars and other protein-filled snacks. Ensure you get your daily protein dose in during this Advent with the great value-for-money Protein Advent Calendar by Grenade.

#6 good Fitness Advent Calendar: Sip the Future Hello Loose Leaf Advent Calendar

Enjoy the many health benefits of tea with this Sip the Future Hello Loose Leaf Advent Calendar. We start each morning with a healthy brew of tea, so why not make it a tasty one? T2 Tea is famous for their selection of especially delicious teas, but also for offering premium, healthy herbal teas. Start the day well with that extra kick and herbal goodness during this Nativity season with the Sip the Future Hello Loose Leaf Advent Calendar. 

Conclusions for 2023’s Fitness Advent Calendars

Christmas 2023 promises to be a great time with these Gym Advent Calendars. Whether you’re into plyometrics, jogging, Calisthenics, weightlifting or general fitness, you can treat yourself or someone else to a great Advent period by getting a Gym Advent Calendar or a Protein Advent Calendar. Our favorite picks are the Gornation Advent Calendar and, of course, the MyProtein Advent Calendar. Follow our Calisthenics Worldwide YouTube Channel and open the Gornation Calendar day-by-day along with us.

Celebrate the Birth of Christ now for yourself or together with someone else with the best Gym Advent Calendars!

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