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Calisthenics Worldwide Duonamic Eleviia Review

Over the last weeks, or rather couple of weeks, we’ve been working on doing a Deonamic Eleviia review. This new and innovative company has come up with a solution for our Calisthenics needs when we’re not at home. The Duonamic Eleviia portable Pull-Up Bars is light and can easily fit inside a small bag or suitcase. In fact, it is so compact that you can just lay on top of your clothes and close the zipper. Naturally, we were intrigued by a “pocket” Pull-Up Bar, portable enough to literally take anywhere at the cost of virtually no extra space or weight. So, we got our own set and started testing. This is our Duonamic Eleviia review.

Creation of the Duonamic Eleviia Pull-Up Bars

At first glance, the Duonamic Eleviia Pull-Up Bars look unassuming. So, we need discuss the creation of the company itself because there is a method to the madness behind these Pull-Up Bars. Whereas most Calisthenics equipment is made from either stainless, galvanized or coated steel, plastics are used more and more often. Durable polymers are strong enough to get the job done and have the added benefit of being much lighter. This isn’t new, but were Duonamics differs is the creation and manufacturing process.

All the parts that go into a Duonamic Eleviia are proprietary, down to the screws holding the two halves together. Everything has been precision engineered to fit and function just right. This is followed by rigorous testing; some of the testing devices obviously being made in-house. But that has a certain charm to it. This is where innovation happens; not a big white label manufacturer churning out copies of the same design, but in the homes and basements of enthusiastic young people with a keen edge for engineering and a passion for Calisthenics. To see that come to fruition as a brand demands our respect. But! Does it work?

Our Expectations for this Duonamic Eleviia Review

New and innovative aside, we’re ready to burn this thing to the ground if it’s just another gimmick. If you’ve been around in the Calisthenics scene for longer than ONE WEEK, you’ll have had your fill of fanciful but ultimately useless gadgets people try to push onto you. We know this is a portable device but it’s also advertised as a Pull-Up Bar. So, our expectations during this Duonamic Eleviia review are simple. We want to:

  • Do Pull-Ups
  • Do Chin-Ups
  • Try some variations
  • Do them safely

Since it is a portable device, we’re not looking into anything acrobatic but anything that can be done safely is of course another advantage. We will also be looking at comfort and of course, ease of carry and ease of installation. The last two should be a given seeing as it’s a portable Pull-Up Bar but we’ll see.

How Does the Duonamic Eleviia Work?

The Duonamic Eleviia comes in a set of what are basically two clamps. With clever engineering, the two clamps clamp themselves around the doorframe and apply even pressuring when weight is suspended from them. For those wondering; it is mechanically impossible for them to slip off as long as any sort of weight is hanging from the grips. The only failure that could happen here is if either the hinge-point of the Pull-Up Bars themselves snap or if the suspension point (the doorframe) gives. They have an internal spring as well, which keeps the Duonamic Eleviia clamped shut naturally. This is how you use them:

  • Pull the two handles apart and place the protruding feet over the frame
  • Make sure the feet (which are rubberized to prevent damaging the frame) are securely placed over the frame itself
  • The handles should hang freely and vertically downward

You can set this up in under five seconds and you’re ready to do your Calisthenics exercise. Despite their small size compared to full-sized Pull-Up Bars, they sit securely and the moment you even lay your hand on them, they become solid as rock.

Do They Work on Any Door?

Yes, but provided the door frame is sturdy enough to hold your weight. Remember, the mechanical action of the Duonamic Eleviia makes it impossible for them to slip off the frame. Duonamic provides us with a manual with instructions, including on minimum and maximum dimensions for the doorframe. In the following picture, you can see what the doorframe should be like:

duonamic eleviia review pull-up bars

Range of Motion

We had them hanging there and they looked sturdy and it took us all but 5 seconds to get everything ready, so we got started doing our exercises. We started with Pull-Ups and Chin-Ups as we fully recognize the possible limitations to a portable product. That said, we were pleasantly surprised with what this little package is capable off. Doing straight-up Pull-Ups and Chin-Ups, you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between the Duonamic Eleviia and a full-sized Pull-Up Bar. We were worried that the clearance above the “bar” wouldn’t be enough for a full, rounded-biceps chin-up. And, sure enough we were looking at the wall above the doorframe with every pull, but it was manageable. 

Next, we turned it up a notch and did Front-Levers and L-Sits. These also worked fine and we didn’t notice any difference from doing them with a regular bar. Noticing there was no real difference to the Pull-Up Bars we were used too, we went full out and performed the notorious German Hang, which if you ever did them will require absolute confidence in both yourself and your equipment. 

Our main concern here was stability. Would one or both of the clamps slip or flip over? But they remained rock-solid in place and we could perform all of our Calisthenics exercises with no problem.


The handles are suspended by cords. This means that your body’s center of mass will gravitate towards right below the doorframe. Your legs will stick out slightly more forward and you’ll find yourself leaning back a bit more. This helps generate enough clearance to do a full Pull-Up or Chin-Up. The biggest difference here is that you’re not seeking to lift your face above a bar (there is none). Instead, you have to rely on the feeling in your biceps alone to determine if you’ve made a full pull.

The handles themselves were comfortable to grip and felt solid in the hand. Our performance was the same as on a regular Pull-Up Bar. Of course, to change the distance between your hands, you will have to move one or both of the clamps in its entirety. For extra-long reach, we decided to hang the Eleviia’s from two perpendicular doorways. This also didn’t create any instability despite there now being a force exerted at a 45-degree perpendicular angle.

Advantages of Using the Duonamic Eleviia Portable Pull-Up Bar

After our own experience with the Duonamic Eleviia, we’ve come to the following advantages to using them as a substitute to a full-sized Pull-Up Bar.

Portable & Lightweight

I mean, it’s 30 x 25 x 12 centimeters (12 x 10 x 4¾) so you unless your suitcase is absolutely stuffed, you can fit these in there somewhere. All you really need to find is a doorframe and five seconds later you’re good to go. There’s no beating that really. This makes the Eleviia ideal for travel. Take it with you anywhere and in a couple of seconds you have (a part of) your home gym installed in a hotel room. There’s also a handy travel package which comes with a travel bag at a reduced price then buying them separately, should you feel so inclined.

Safe to Use

With many products touted as “portable”, safety is often the afterthought. Not with the Duonamic Eleviia. The bars can hold up to 250 pounds safely and they sit securely around the doorframe. We performed all manner of Calisthenics exercises, including those which put some perpendicular force against the Eleviia clamps. It remained stable throughout all our sets. They are “small” but when you first look at them, they also aren’t that small. There’s some mass behind the construction and it’s really the clever engineering that took that mass and put it into an easy to carry shape.


The grips are very comfortable to use and, in a way, offered us more arm room than a normal Pull-Up Bar. There’s nothing in between the two grips to obstruct your movement upward. You can pull your torso up and in-between the handles. That’s something you can’t do with a solid bar in the way. Especially for the German Hang this was a big pro. 

Add-on: Powrholds

Duonamic Powrholds (Add-On)

Eleviia not included.

Get it here:


You can get, for an additional price, Duonamics latest innovation added to your Eleviia. Powrholds are specialized grips which replace the regular grips. They’re specially designed with the climbing community mind and customized after receiving feedback from professional climbers. The grips increase your grip strength and the more you use them, the more your fingers will strengthen. The Eleviia in combination with the Powrhold grips is a staple favorite among athletes participating in American Ninja Warrior, where a rock-solid grip is one of the most important things to have.

Add-On: Duonamic Rings

Duonamic Rings (Add-On)

Eleviia not included.

Get it here:


With the addition of Duonamic Rings, you open up many more options for your workout. Gymnastic Rings are great because they decrease your bodily stability, requiring you to use muscles you don’t often use to keep stable. We found that the Duonamic Rings solution is probably the easiest and quickest way to setup your Gymnastic Rings.

Disadvantage of Using the Duonamic Eleviia Pull-Up Bar

We also noticed some things we couldn’t do as well with the portable Pull-Up Bars which we could do with a regular Pull-Up Bar. It should come to know surprise to anyone but we wanted to have it mentioned.

The handles aren’t fixed and of course offer only a very limited space to grab them by. Compare this to a larger Pull-Up Bar where the bars are much longer. This makes it easier to make a quick, small adjustment in hand placement; say if you feel you’ve placed your hands too far apart or too close together. You could even do this during a set in many cases. If you find you need to adjust the distance between your hands with the Eleviia, you have to stop your set and move one or both of the bars over a little. We found this a small price to pay for being able to bring it with us basically anywhere.

General Thoughts About the Duonamic Eleviia 

Solid construction, clever design and very importantly, safety by design. We liked the Duonamic Eleviia for its ease of use and ease of transportation. It gave us a good impression, felt comfortable and allowed us to do all of our regular routine on the move. You’re holding so much potential in such a small package. With a maximum weight capacity of 250 pounds, most Calisthenics practitioners can use the Eleviia no problem and their only real concern is finding a suitable doorframe. 

You can also get a bag with your Eleviia, which is nice to have but ultimately not really a necessity. You can just lay them flat in your suitcase, if you’re looking to safe the additional dollars it costs.

Conclusions, Final Thoughts & Discount Code

Will the Eleviia replace a larger Pull-Up Bar entirely? It could, if you wanted it to. Especially with the add-on grips and rings it makes for a very versatile package. It is also the ideal travel companion when you’re going on a holiday or are away from home for business. If you have a body type you ambition to attain or retain, then you know that missing even a couple of sessions comes back to bite you in the behind. The Eleviia solves exactly that problem too! 

If you’re interested in buying a Duonamic Eleviia Portable Pull-Up Bar, we’ve managed to secure a 10% discount for you if you use the code CWW10 during checkout.

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