10 Best Door Pull Up Bars in 2024

Jelle With The 10 Best Door Pull-Up Bars

Door Pull-Up Bars come in many shapes and sizes and offer a quick and inexpensive way to start doing Calisthenics from home. However, Door Pull-Up Bars are also a point of significant contention, with many worthless products and only a few worthwhile ones out there. To ensure you have the best Door Pull-Up Bar worthy of your door frame and the frame of your body, Calisthenics Worldwide bought the 10 best Door Pull-Up Bars and I put them through rigorous testing. The Door Pull-Up Bars we collected come in 4 categories, each with their pros and cons that we’ll go over. We’ve also included options for all budgets, including an affordable entry-level Door Pull-Up Bar. Keep reading to find out everything about all the Door Pull-Up Bars we have procured for you.

10 Best Doorway Pull-Up Bars At Home | Comparison

Key Takeaways About Door Pull-Up Bars

  • Doorframe and Doorway Pull-Ups Bars offer good value for money but only a few brands can be trusted.
  • Pullup & Dip and Gravity Fitness make the best Door Pull-Up Bars.
  • Surprisingly, modern Doorway Pull-Up Bars are more stable than Doorframe Pull-Up Bars BUT it does depend on which brand you get.
  • The best Doorframe Pull-Up Bar is by Pullup & Dip, offering great stability, comfort and confidence for a reasonable price.
  • The best Doorway Pull-Up Bars are by Pullup & Dip and Gravity Fitness, offering superior stability that is only topped by permanently fixed designs.
  • Between Pullup & Dip and Gravity Fitness, Pullup & Dip offers a more secure locking mechanism, better doorframe contacts and a higher weight capacity. It is also more expensive

Types of Door Pull-Up Bars

We use the term Door Pull-Up Bar for any Pull-up Bar with a door as its mounting point. You have four options: a Door Frame Pull-up Bar, a Doorway Pull-up Bar, door Frame Pull-up Handles, or a Mounted Door Frame Pull-up Bar. We’ll explain all of them and list their merits and disadvantages.

  • Door Frame Pull-Up Bars: These go over the door frame and sit securely, acting as a lever hinging on the door frame itself. The more weight that acts on the handles on the bar, the more force it exerts onto the door frame. They become more secure once you hang from them. 
  • Doorway Pull-Up Bars: these go between the door frame and rely on friction to stay secure. Typically, this involves somehow extending the arm(s) with a screw mechanism to generate enough friction. 
  • Doorframe Pull-Up Handles: These come in a pair of handles that go over the door frame. They work on the same principle as Doorframe Pull-up Bars but are much lighter and easier to transport. 
  • Mounted Door Frame Pull-Up Bar: These are permanently mounted into the header directly above the doorframe. You use the door opening as your exercise space. If you have a suitable header (like concrete), these are the most secure options.

What to Look for in a Door Frame Pull-Up Bar

Door Frame Pull-up Bars are relatively simple in design. Because they’re mounted to the door or door frame, your body weight needs to be suspended stably on one side. Other kinds of Pull-up Bars, including power towers, offer more options in the form of protrusions and bars to hold on to. Doorway and Door Frame Pull-up Bars tend to be simpler in design, focusing on the core feature: the horizontal top bar. 

What we’re looking for in the best Door Pull-Up Bars is the following: 

  • Price: Calisthenics should be accessible to everyone with any budget. I’ve selected the best Door Pull-Up Bars for all feasible budgets, knowing that quality does cost more money.
  • Stability: Door Pull-Up Bars have gotten a bad rep with sometimes hilarious but otherwise painful-looking clips online. Although most of this can be attributed to the user incorrectly mounting the bar, we want our Door Pull-Up Bar to be safe and easy to use (and avoid an easy mistake). 
  • Capacity: The bare minimum weight capacity might get you by, but as you increase in muscle mass so will your weight. Weighted Calisthenics will also increase the capacity demand of your chosen Pull-Up Bar.  Having a bit of overhead on the weight capacity will mean you can use your Door Pull-Up Bar now, and in the future. 
  • Comfort: The grips should be comfortable, not too thick or thin. We’ll also pay attention to fit and finish, asking questions like: How does the foam padding look? Is the coating even? Do I have enough room to space my hands apart? 
  • Versatility in Grips: 
  • Materials: A lot of the quality potential and weight capacity will go into the material choice of the frame. Steel is the strongest and at the same time the most durable. However, many types of plastic are strong and durable enough and have advantages like being lightweight. Material choice is a give or take: more material and denser materials 
  • Door Frame Suitability:
  • Paint-Friendly: The way the Door Pull-Up Bar is mounted to your door frame should be paint-friendly and not damage the wood or surface of the wall.
  • Customer Reviews: Expert opinions like this one are a great source of factual, professional information. However, raw data from the field has a quality of its own. Customer reviews are a type of raw data that can tell you a lot about the Door Pull-Up Bar in use by everyday practitioners and their experiences.
  • Warranty: if the manufacturer has confidence in their product, they will issue a warranty for its use. The best Door Pull-Up Bars come with warranties lasting years, sometimes half a decade. This gives you the confidence as well to choose that product, knowing that you can return it if it ever fails you.

Best Doorframe Pull-Up Bars

A Door Frame Pull Up Bar goes over the frame of a door. With either prongs or clamps, the Door Frame pull-up bar latches itself onto the door frame and remains shut. The best door frame Pull-up Bars are designed so that the more weight put on the bar, the harder it clamps down onto the door frame. These are the safest Door Pull-Up Bars with proper use, and only if the door frame suffers catastrophic failure can it come down. Door Frame Pull-Up Bars are usually offset from the door, giving you enough room for a full chin-up without your face touching the door frame or the wall above the door.  

 #1 Pullup & Dip Doorframe Pull-Up Bar #2 CLEVO Door Hangboard Pull-Up Bar #3 ProsourceFit Multi-Grip- Light Chin-Up and Pull-Up Bar Heavy Duty Doorway 
Customer Reviews4.7/54.6/54.4/5
Capacity110kg130kg136kg (300 pound)
Material FrameSteelwood (beech), steel (powder-coated)Metal
Diameter grip35mm41mm34mm
Warranty2 years5 years30 Days Amazon Return Policy
Suitable door width70 to 94cm68 to 94cm60 to 81cm
Suitable door depth15 to 23cm11 to 28cmNot mentioned on site
CWW CertifiedCertifiedCertifiedNot Certified
Our Score4/53.7/52/5

#1 Pullup & Dip Doorframe Pull-Up Bar

Pullup & Dip Doorframe Pull-Up Bar

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The Pullup & Dip Door Frame Pull-Up Bar, a top contender in its class, is a testament to the brand’s commitment to quality and affordability. Designed to fit all regular door frame sizes from 28 to 37 inches (70 to 94cm), it effortlessly and securely sits under the top post of the door frame. The clever design leverages your body weight, pulling the bar tighter against the door frame for added stability. 

With a maximum tested weight of 242lbs (109kg), the Pullup & Dip Door Frame Pull-Up Bar is a robust and reliable choice for most Calisthenics practitioners. The foam grips, designed for comfort and durability, strike the perfect balance between softness and rigidity, ensuring a secure and comfortable grip every time. 

With both a narrow and wide grip present, the Pullup & Dip Door Frame Pull Up Bar is very versatile. The offset ensures that you can make a full chin-up without hitting the wall above the door frame. Two perpendicular protrusions are also present to do Hammer Pull Ups, one of the many variations of Pull Ups you can do with this Door Pull Up Bar. 

The fit and finish are excellent and of high quality. An additional ring in the middle of the top bar also allows you to use a Resistance band. Pullup & Dip has been kind enough to include a high-quality Resistance band as part of the Door Pull-Up Bar and an e-book with 23 tips to enhance your Pull-Ups.

Doorway Pull-Up Bar Review | PullUp & Dip

#2 CLEVO Door Hangboard Pull-Up Bar

CLEVO Door Hangboard Pull-Up Bar

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The CLEVO Door Hang Board and Pull-Up Bar is not just a pull-up bar but a versatile fitness tool that enhances your grip strength. It effortlessly fits over any standard door frame, and the wooden top bar, rated for up to 286lbs (130kg), provides a comfortable grip. It remains sturdy even during intense pull-up sessions. The thoughtful design includes thick rubber covers on all mounting points, ensuring your door frame stays undamaged.  

For those seeking to enhance their grip strength, the CLEVO Door Pull-Up Bar offers a unique feature ─ a hang board. This board, with its finger-holding cutouts, is a game-changer for climbers. It’s not just a training aid but a vital tool for climbers to develop and maintain their skills. With the CLEVO, you get a pull-up bar and a tool designed with your specific needs in mind.  

Combining a solid top bar with just the right girth and texture and adding the hang board makes the CLEVO stand out. Its fit and finish are also excellent, and the whole thing is made of quality materials. The steel parts have an excellent powder coating, and nothing sticks out that could touch you while you’re doing your Pull-Ups on either the top bar or the hang board.

CLEVO Door Pull-Up Bar Review – Best Pull-Up Bar For Climbers?

#3 ProsourceFit Multi-Grip Chin-Up and Pull-Up Bar Heavy Duty Doorway

ProsourceFit Multi-Grip Lite Door Pull-Up Bar
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
07/17/2024 12:53 pm GMT

For those seeking an affordable entry-level Door Frame Pull-up Bar, the ProsourceFit is a budget-friendly option that provides some of the basic features you need for a full Pull-Up workout. With a maximum weight capacity of 300lbs, it relies on the molding around the top post of the door frame to stay in place.Comfort-wise, the ProsourceFit could be better. The foam grips have too much give and eventually will stop supporting your hands. They are comfortable enough to get the job done for the beginner and how much time they spend on a Pull-Up Bar. Another point that may affect long-term durability and stability is that the top bar isn’t a single bar, but two pieces slotted together. This will also The ProsourceFit is an adequate choice if you’re on a tight budget or as an entry-level purchase if you really cannot afford the Pullup & Dip.

Best Doorway Pull-Up Bars

A Doorway Pull-up Bar differs from a door frame Pull-Up bar in that it rests inside the frame. It uses friction to clamp itself between the two long ends of the doorway without using any clamps. Care must be taken to ensure the Doorway Pull-up Bar has enough tension to adhere correctly to the door frame. These are less reliable and less safe than Door Frame Pull-up Bars. They are also a lot cheaper and far less bulky.

 #1 Pullup & Dip Telescopic Pull-up Bar #2 Gravity Fitness Pull-Up Bar #3 ProsourceFit Heavy Duty Pull-Up Bar 
Customer Reviews4.9/54.6/54.4/5
Capacity200kg (440lbs)120kg99.79 kg (200 pound)
Material FrameSteel, Handles > High Damping Rubber (HDR)SteelAlloy Steel;
Diameter Grip36mm31mm40mm
Warranty2 years3 years30 Days Amazon Return Policy
Suitable door width69 to 90cm72 to 9560 to 99cm
Suitable door depthN/AN/AN/A
CWW CertifiedCertifiedCertifiedNot Certified
Our Score5/54/52/5

#1 Pullup & Dip Telescopic Pull-up Bar

Pullup & Dip Telescopic Door Pull-up Bar - Without Screws

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The safest choice for a Doorway Pull-Up Bar is this Telescopic Pull-Up Bar by Pullup & Dip. The system is easy to operate. You unscrew the security caps, then you twist the handle, and the bar will extend on either side. This ensures that both sides are matched. Once you can no longer twist the handle with your body weight, screw the security caps back on, and you’re set. The bar fits in any door frame from 28” to 35¼” (70 to 90cm) and is rated for up to 440 lbs (200kg). This figure includes the friction fit as its weakest point. 

The thick rubber pads on the sides, which have a unique non-slip design, prevent damage to the doorframe. Our only word of caution would be torquing the handle only moderately when you install it. The Pullup & Dip Telescopic Pull-Up Bar is indeed strong enough to crack a wooden doorframe. The final twist, using your free-floating body weight, is sufficient. 

The foam grip feels good, and you get a little extra, which you can cut to size to fill in the gaps on either side. This gives you the whole width of the door opening to exercise with. I felt very confident training with the Doorway Pull-Up Bar. 

The generous upper weight capacity makes this one of the few Doorway Pull-Up Bars suitable for Weighted Calisthenics. The high-quality fit and finish, easy installation and secure fit make the Pullup & Dip Telescopic Pull-Up Bar the best Doorway Pull-Up Bar.

Pullup & Dip also included their e-book with 23 tips to enhance your Pull Ups.

PullUp & Dip Telescopic Door Pull-up Bar Review | No Screws Needed!

#2 Gravity Fitness Universal Door Pull-Up Bar

Gravity Fitness Universal Doorway Pull-Up Bar
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One of the most versatile Doorway Pull-Up Bars on the market is the Gravity Fitness Universal Door Pull-Up Bar. This extendable Pull-Up Bar is designed to fit between 28” and 37” (70 to 94cm) door frames, making it compatible with 99% of door frames. With a robust 264lbs (110kg) maximum tested capacity, this Doorway Pull-up Bar is ready for any workout, even Weighted Calisthenics, if the combined weight of you and the weights does not exceed this number. 

Gravity Fitness consistently delivers top-quality products, and the Gravity Fitness Universal Door Pull-Up Bar is no exception. Its twist-and-adjust method of extending the bar makes setup a breeze, taking only seconds. The non-slip surface on both ends ensures a secure hold on the door frame when placed correctly. Our tests confirmed that this Doorway Pull-up Bar is not only the easiest to use but also the most reliable, staying in place without slipping or shifting, even by a millimeter. 

The Gravity Fitness Universal Door Pull-Up Bar stands out on our list as the only one that doesn’t use foam padding. Instead, it features a powder-coated steel finish that strikes the perfect balance between smoothness and grip. This design choice offers a significant advantage over foam, as it won’t dry up and become brittle, ensuring the longevity of your Door Pull-Up Bar.

Gravity Fitness Universal Doorway Pull Up Bar | Review

#3 ProsourceFit Heavy Duty Pull-Up Bar

ProsourceFit Heavy Duty Doorway Mount Pull-Up Bar
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
07/17/2024 12:53 pm GMT

If you’re looking for a safe and durable Door Pull-Up Bar that won’t break the bank, the ProsourceFit Heavy Duty Pull-Up Bar is an option. With a maximum capacity of 220lbs (100kg), it’s good enough for your usual Pull-Ups, Chin-Ups, and Rows. It’s designed to fit any standard doorway, ranging from 24” to 39” and will sit there firmly enough for most exercises that don’t involve weights or explosive movements.  

Regarding durability, the ProsourceFit Heavy Duty Pull-Up Bar is steel and won’t break on you. The rubber pads on the ends are very minimal. You will have to be careful during the installation that you don’t damage the doorframe. The two foam grips, while basic, are comfortable and functional. However, they don’t run the entire bar length, and you are limited to a set distance.

Best Door Pull-Up Bar Handles 

These are a set of handles which fit around the top of your door frame and rest on its molding. Door Frame Pull-Up Handles are a great, mobile way of bringing your Calisthenics equipment wherever you go. The best Door Frame pull-up handles operate as hinges. The more weight you put on them, the harder the clamp throttles the door frame. Combined with being on spring tension, it is impossible for the clamps to just come off during exercise. A downside is that you’re limited to just the placement of the handles; there is no actual bar.

 #1 Duonamics Eleviia#2 JayFlex CrossGrips#3 LYHOME Portable Pull Up Bar ─ 2nd Generation 
Customer Reviews4.9/54.1/54.2/5
Capacity113.4kg113.39 (250 pound)99.79 kg (220 pound)
Diameter Grip33mm26mm34mm
Warranty30 Days30 Days Amazon Return Policy30 Days Amazon Return Policy
Suitable door widthN/AN/AN/A
Suitable door depth12.1 to 15.2cm11.43 to 19.5cm5.97cm to 18.49
CWW CertifiedCertifiedCertifiedNot Certified, because copy cat
Our Score5/54/53/5

#1 Duonamics Eleviia

Duonamic Eleviia

10% off with our code: CWW10

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The Duonamics Eleviia is a game-changer in the world of portable Calisthenics equipment, designed with the needs of Calisthenics Practitioners in mind. These Door Frame Pull-up Handles are not just a substitute for a Door Pull-Up Bar but an innovative solution. They are perfect for basic Pull-up and Chin-up exercises, offering the flexibility to adjust your grip width by simply moving the clamps. This unique feature sets them apart from traditional bars, providing a convenient and tailored workout experience. 

With a maximum weight capacity of 250lbs (113kg), the Duonamics Eleviia competes in the top range of Door Pull-Up Bars, offering a versatile workout solution. Virtually every Calisthenics exercise you can do with a “normal” Pull Up Bar, the Duonamics Eleviia is capable of, too, with the only limiting factor being the two hand-sized handles and how you can grip them. The handles themselves are comfortable enough for extended use. The main attraction here is, of course, its dimensions. With measurements of 12” x 10” x 4¾” (30.5cm x 25.4cm x 12cm), it takes up virtually no space, empowering you to work out wherever you are. 

When it comes to safety, the Duonamics Eleviia leaves no room for concern. Its components are all of a proprietary design, ensuring stability and security. Unless the whole door frame gives in, the Eleviia stays put, providing a worry-free workout experience.

The Eleviia can also be upgraded with two excellent add-ons like Gymnastic Rings and their specialty grips called Powrholds. These increase your grip strength over time.

Duonamic Eleviia (with Gymnastic Rings) Unboxing & Review – Worlds Smallest Portable Pull-Up Bar

#2 JayFlex CrossGrips

Jayflex Fitness CrossGrips
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
07/17/2024 12:53 pm GMT

The Jayflex Fitness CrossGrips stand out with their unique design, which essentially combines two compact Door Frame Pull-up Bars. Despite their small size, these handles provide a grip experience as close as possible to a normal bar.  

The Jayflex CrossGrips, crafted from high-quality steel and a powder-coated steel outer sleeve, boast a maximum weight capacity of 250lbs (113kg). Fitting them on the door is a breeze thanks to their spring-loaded clamp and adjustable height. I had them securely hanging and ready for use in just a minute. Plus, once set for the molding around our door frame, future installations will be even quicker. 

The handles of the Jayflex CrossGrips offer a comfortable grip. With two sets of handles arranged parallel and perpendicular, you have a comprehensive range of grips for your Calisthenics in one compact package. As a bonus, their flat and stable feet allow them to double as functional Parallettes, adding versatility to your workout routine. This is a thoughtful feature, considering that Pull-Ups and Push-Ups are complementary exercises.

Crossgrips by Jayflex Review | Best Doorway & Travel Pull-Up Bar?

#3 LYHOME Portable Pull Up Bar ─ 2nd Generation

LYHOME Portable Pull Up Bar ─ 2nd Generation
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
07/17/2024 12:53 pm GMT

The 2nd generation LYHOME Portable Pull-Up Bars is an alternative to the Eleviia Duonamics, being a knock off of the Duonamics brand. The lightweight clamp design makes it easy to attach to any regular doorframe and it can be conveniently transported in your suitcase.  

The LYHOME version is cheaper than the Eleviia product. While it may be slightly lower in quality and maximum weight capacity (still a respectable 220lbs / 100kg), it provides similar functionality at a more affordable price. At the same time everything about the LYHOME is a little bit less than the Eleviia Duonamics. The clamps aren’t as smooth and don’t fit the frame as perfectly. Likewise, the grips are noticeably less comfortable.

GORNATION Doorframe Mounted Pull-Up Bar

Doorframe Mounted Pull-Up Bars offer a convenient solution for Calisthenics Practitioners with limited space. They straddle the line between a Wall-Mounted Pull-Up Bar and a Doorframe Pull-Up Bar, providing a secure fit like a Wall-Mounted design. Yet, they utilize the door opening as your exercise space, eliminating the need for a large wall offset and minimizing the space required. The simple design and affordable price offer the best of both worlds: a fixed point for maximum safety and weight capacity without sacrificing your room to a Pull-Up Bar. 

The GORNATION Doorframe Mounted Pull-Up Bar stands out as the best choice. Its sleek and minimalist design seamlessly blends into any bedroom or spare room used for exercising, enhancing the aesthetics of your home. Its minimal offset leaves all the space around the door and in the room intact. Crafted from high-quality tubular steel and perfectly powder coated for durability, it ensures a comfortable grip without compromising comfort.

Alternatives to Door Pull-Up Bars

There are various other pull-up bars, each with its benefits. Luckily, we have extensively reviewed many Pull-Up Bars of different sorts and sizes. Alternatives to Door Pull-Up Bars include:

Conclusions About the Best Door Pull-Up Bars

Finding the best Door Pull-Up Bar was quite a journey, but ultimately a successful one. While conventional wisdom may have favored the Doorframe Pull-Up Bar in the past, brands like Pullup & Dip and Gravity Fitness have revolutionized the Doorway type. With the proper mechanism, materials, and installation, the Doorway Pull-Up Bar’s friction fit is remarkably stable, instilling confidence in its reliability. 

A huge bonus is that Doorway Pull-Up Bars are designed to be fixed in place under their own strength. Doorframe Pull-Up Bars are, by design, not fixed in any way and rely on your body weight to stay stable. During exercise, your body weight shifts positions, inevitably causing a back-and-forth rocking motion that can (and has) dislodged Doorframe Pull-Up Bars as well.

Pullup & Dip Telescopic Door Pull-up Bar - Without Screws

10% off with our code: CWW10

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

With a Doorway Pull-Up Bar of good design and quality, you do not have this problem. The bar sits stable by itself, and if the design is proper, it will stay stable during use. I will add that this only counts for a few quality brands, and that in all other cases either a mounted design or a Doorframe Pull-Up Bar is the more stable and durable choice. My advice would then be to look at the Pullup & Dip Doorframe Pull-Up Bar. It offers great stability, versatility, and comfort at a very good price.

Pullup & Dip Doorframe Pull-Up Bar

10% off with our code: CWW10

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

You can get the best performance in all aspects (except additional grip styles) with a Doorway Pull-Up Bar by either Pullup & Dip or Gravity Fitness. Both are excellent Door Pull-Up Bars; you can’t go wrong with either purchase. 

I find the Gravity Fitness’ steel grips to have a more durable appearance over the Pullup & Dip’s rubber coverings. It also fits a broader range of doorframes, is cheaper and has a more extended warranty. The Pullup & Dip Telescopic Pull-Up Bar is easier to set up and adjust, with a more stable locking mechanism and a greater surface area to stay in contact with the doorframe. The Pullup & Dip also has a higher maximum capacity, although the Gravity Fitness already has a very generous 120kg (264lbs) capacity. Finally, the Pullup & Dip Telescopic Pull-Up Bar comes with the option of additional wider grips.

Frequently Asked Questions About Door Pull Up Bars

Here are a couple of frequently asked questions we receive regularly about Door Pull Up Bars.

Do Door Pull up bars work?

Door Pull Up Bars allow you to do a staple exercise in Calisthenics: Pull Ups and Chin Ups. Other than Wall Mounted Pull Up Bars or Free Standing Pull Up Bars, a Door Pull Up Bar requires no permanent fixture and can be removed after use. They are an inexpensive and space-saving way to do your Calisthenics.

I can’t even do one Pull Up!

If you cannot perform one full Pull Up to completion, you need to work up your body strength by first doing other Calisthenics exercises. A good way to build up enough strength to graduate towards Pull Ups is doing Rows. The easiest way to do rows is as follows:

  • With your feet on the ground, grab the Pull Up Bar with both hands. Place your feet together and directly underneath the bar.
  • Lean backward until your arms are stretched.
  • Pull yourself back upright.
  • Increase the number of reps and sets until you feel comfortable doing one set of 4 Pull Ups.

If you are a little stronger already, you can suspend a Resistance Band from the Pull Up Bar. By placing one foot or both in the band, you take part of your bodyweight away from your arms. This makes the Pull Up easier to do and you can work on your technique. You can then gradually move to lighter bands until you no longer need them at all.

Will Pull Up bars damage door frames?

Properly made, high-quality Door Pull Up Bars will not damage your door frame. At worst, old, brittle paint may come loose from the pressure against them. Your primary concern should be knowing whether or not your door frame is suitable for taking the weight.

The best Pull Up Bar for a wide door frame?

Most indoor door frames come in standard sizes of 28 to 32 inches. Almost all Door Pull Up Bars are meant for these sizes, with many going up to 37 inches. If your door is even wider than that, we recommend the Maximiza Plus Pull Up Bar for door frames between 35 and 50 inches in width.

How to use a Door Frame Pull Up Bar

You use a Door Frame Pull Up Bar like you use any other Pull Up Bar. With a quality, safely constructed Door Frame Pull Up Bar there are no safety concerns or restrictions other than those you normally observe when doing Pull Ups. Look here how to perfect your Pull Up.

Best pull up bar for weak door frames

You could try using a Doorway Pull Up Bar which clamps itself between the vertical posts of a door, instead of around the door frame itself. However, if your door frame is really weak, we recommend investigating other options like a Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar which you fix to a wall or, if the walls are weak as well, you can go for a Free Standing Pull Up Bar.

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