Domyos Dip Station/ Dip Bars Review

Domyos Dip Bars Review

Dips belong to the crucial exercises of bodyweight training. Therefore, owning a pair of dip bars is a must-have for every calisthenics practicer. When you got dip bars at home, you do not need to go all the way to a gym or a calishtenics park to do your dips. Dips bars are not only perfect for dips. They are also useful for ab exercises such as L-sits and knee raises. You can even practice your front lever with a set of dip bars.

Andrea Larosa using the dip bars from Domyos.

I got mine when I just started with calisthenics about two years ago. It was beside my pull-up bar the best investment when it comes to calisthenics. 

I got myself the dip bars of Domyos, a fitness company owned by the bigger and famous France company the Decathlon. The goal of developers was to create a high-quality set of dip bars, which you can use to train your upper body in a small area. To my saying, they definitely accomplished this goal. And I am not the only one. Many famous calisthenics athletes such as Andrea Larosa have also chosen for the dip bars of Domyos. You can see Andrea Larosa use them in the image above.

Product Information

The product itself is amazing, in my opinion. I have used the bars for over two years now, and it still looks like new. The quality is astonishing, besides all benefits it has. The bars are made of grey-looking steel, which looks in combination with the red foam pretty cool. The weight capacity goes all the way up to 130 kilograms(286lbs). So, you do not have to worry about breaking through the bars during your workout. 

A great feature of this product is its portability. With the weight of only ten kilograms, it is such an easy manner to move the bars to another workout spot. The product is also quite compact. The measurements are 88cmH, 65cmL, and 47cmW, which makes it perfect for storage. Besides the high quality, the dip station 100 has a lot of other benefits. 

Wrapped with foam grip

Wrapped with soft foam around the grip, makes it really warm and comfortable to grab the bar. It also reduces slipperiness, which can be caused by sweaty hands. Therefore, the soft foam makes the dip bars safe and more comfortable. 

Equipped with safety pads

Around the ends of the dip bars, you see that they are equipped with rubber safety pads. These create more stability, which will give you a safe and secure feeling when you are performing your dips. The safety pads also do a great job when you practice any dynamic moves. It ensures the bars to say in place. So, you will not hurt yourself.

Easy to set up

Once I received this product, I wanted to set it up immediately. To my surprise, this went really smoothly. It took me around 10 minutes to set it up without any tools, and I was good to go. No need to drill in your wall or floor like other dip bars. Likewise, just as easy to break the bars down, perfect for transferring.

The price

The last benefit I got for you is the price of this product. For only 50 euros this dip station is yours. In my opinion, this is quite cheap in comparison with the quality and all the benefits it has. Also, if you look at other dip bars, you will notice that this product is cheaper than the average dip bar.

Besides all the great benefits it had, I also noticed some disadvantages.

A thick grip 

The first time it tried these dip bars. I immediately noticed when I tried to do a planche. The grip was quite thick. People like me who have small hands can this be painful if you do not properly warm up your wrists. Also, a thicker grip means it is harder to grip the bar. If you have weak wrists, you will notice this. 

Not optimal for tall people

When I work out with friends, I always hear them complain that they are too big for the dip bars. Well, I must say I got quite tall friends(Above 190cm). Being this tall can make exercises uncomfortable and can maybe restrict you in the range of motion. So be aware when you are interested in purchasing this product, being too tall can make it less optimal.

Not for people who live in the USA

Another disadvantage I found was that it is not easy for people who live in the USA to order this product. The Decathlon is a France company, which does not have any branches in the USA. However, it is possible to order the dip bars from Domyos, but I do not suggest it. The shipping cost can go high up. Therefore, I recommend that if you live in the USA, you buy a similar product on Amazon as an example. We made a list of great alternative dip bars which are available in the USA. Click here to view this list.

And to sum everything up


  • Good Quality
  • 130 kilograms weight capacity
  • Perfect for storage
  • Foam grip
  • Safety Pads
  • Easy to set up


  • Thick Grip
  • For tall people too small
  • Not easy orderable for people in the USA
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