The 8 Best Calisthenics T-Shirts to Look the Part

Calisthenics T-shirt

Wearing a Calisthenics T-Shirt makes you look the part while you’re acting out the part as well. You’re out there doing your Calisthenics and everything is going well, except you’re wearing your everyday rut shirt or top. That simply won’t do. A good Calisthenics T-Shirt not only conveys your purpose and convictions, it is also a highly durable, lightweight and breathable garment for your exercise. Calisthenics T-Shirts can even help you cool down better than naked skin can. Time to start taking care how you present yourself during your workout by choosing the best Calisthenics T-Shirt made from natural fibers.

Why Your Calisthenics Attire Matters

You walk into a hotel and greet the clerk at the counter, you get stopped by the police for a routine alcohol check, the pilots board the plane and disappear into the cockpit. What do all these people have in common? You guessed it; they wear uniforms. Their uniform makes them instantly recognizable for who they are and what their purpose is. Psychologically, their purpose is strengthened by the wearing of the uniform to both observer and (here’s the important part), the wearer! The wearer of the uniform feels more confident in their role after donning their official attire.

A strong person compartmentalizes his or her life into different purposes. They go to work for a purpose, they spend time with the family for a purpose, they spend time alone with a purpose, for instance for studying or for doing Calisthenics. When you’re heading out for your daily exercise, you don your Calisthenics T-Shirt. You are instantly transformed into your sportive self. The purpose you have is strengthened now that you’re wearing the “uniform” for doing your Calisthenics exercise. It shows discipline and determination without you ever uttering a word.

What to Look for When Shopping Calisthenics T-Shirts

We’ve covered style already; you want to look the part as much as you’re acting out the part. Calisthenics T-Shirts should fit comfortably and not impede on your exercise. You’ll also want to look into a durable quality and good wicking characteristics. 

A natural, light-weight fabric which is breathable yet has good soaking qualities and can act as a wick for your sweat is the best choice. By carrying sweat away from the hotspots like your armpits and small of your back, it is distributed over a larger surface area where it can evaporate more efficiently. Continuous sweat build-up will maintain this wicking effect, keeping you cooler. 

Cotton but also bamboo is a good choice of material. Avoid synthetic materials, like often found in the fitness wearables for women. We recommend women to ditch the popularized tight-fitting elastic clothing you were peer-pressured into and opt for a comfortable Calisthenics T-Shirt instead, along with a sports bra (or free the nipple, all power to you). The superior qualities of cotton or bamboo outweigh the, let’s be frank, esthetic reasons for wearing skin-tight shorts, leggings and bras. 

Last but not least, you want a durable, quality product. One which won’t degrade after two washes or where the edges fray after a month. This comes down to weave and thread and different brands will use the material (whether cotton or bamboo) differently, resulting in differing levels of durability and quality. As a rule of thumb, the cheapest cotton shirts will last the shortest, but more expensive brands don’t always produce higher quality. In some cases, you’re paying for the recognizable logo instead of added quality. We’ve taken this into account with our selection of best Calisthenics T-Shirts.

Calisthenics T-Shirt or Tank Top?

The tank top; a mainstay of gymnasts, lifters, bodybuilders and of course Calisthenics practitioners since times immemorial. The tank top has one advantage over the Calisthenics T-Shirt, namely that it shoes off your shoulders. Wearing a Calisthenics T-Shirt though has its own benefits, which together outweigh the wearing of a tank top. For one, a tank top is only suspended off your shoulders by their straps. The t-shirt rests on your entire shoulders and part of your neck. This is a much more comfortable wear.

Second, the tank top doesn’t allow for sweat to be wicked away and will remain stagnant in your arm pits. The Calisthenics T-Shirt will create a much larger surface area. Lastly, the Calisthenics T-Shirt is better fitted and will be more comfortable while lying on the floor for certain exercises. 

The 8 Best Calisthenics T-Shirts

This is our favorite selection of best Calisthenics T-Shirts. We always wear a Calisthenics T-Shirt while doing our routines. It gives us confidence and puts us in the mindset of the grind right away. 

#1 Street Workout Oversized Tee Men

This Gornation Street Workout Oversized Tee is perfect for active outdoor use on spring and summer days. The larger cut allows for air to flow in through the underside and the sleeves while allowing your skin to breath easily. Made from 100% high-quality cotton, this Calisthenics T-Shirt fits comfortably while also soaking up sweat efficiently to create that wick effect to keep you cool during your exercise. The casual look and unobtrusive print allow for everyday wear as well, completing a casual but sportive look. They pair very well with the Gornation Calisthenics Pants too, completing your look.

#2 Street Workout Straight T-Shirt Men

Instead of going oversized, show off your shoulders and chest with a regular fit Street Workout T-Shirt. Made from the same high-quality cotton, this Calisthenics T-Shirt wears very comfortably even on a hot day and strikes a good balance between insulating and keeping you cool. You can wear this t-shirt either to the gym or outdoors in spring, summer or autumn comfortably. As everyday wear, we recommend you complement this t-shirt with a pair of black shorts to complete the look. The cut is made to accentuate the male, trapezoid physique, with broader shoulders and a narrower mid-section to show off your accomplishments in the gym.

#3 Gravity Fitness Bamboo Training T-Shirt

Made from durable bamboo fiber, this Calisthenics T-Shirt by Gravity Fitness is made to be worn during dynamic exercise while not compromising comfort or stylishness. Bamboo has the curious property of having some give while remaining breathable and retaining moisture. It is the natural elastic, if you will. This Calisthenics T-Shirt feels like silk to the touch, is light and allows both moisture and air to pass through effortlessly. The trapezoid fit accentuates your shoulders, showing off your powerful, masculine physique. The print also doesn’t hide why you’re wearing it and what you’re up too.

#4 Straight Outta Calisthenics T-Shirt

Get the message out there that your purpose is to get fit. With a classic, straight cut and options for a 100% cotton build, you can’t go wrong with this t-shirt. The male version is straight and broader, while the female cut is narrower, with a wider neck area. This Calisthenics T-Shirt looks great outdoor or in the gym or, if you’re feeling cheeky, when you come out of the gym; straight outta Calisthenics. The darker colors hide sweat well, while maintaining the properties you’re looking for like breathability and creating a good surface area for sweat evaporation.

#5 Obsessive Calisthenics Disorder Unisex Tee

Keep it simple but remind people what you’re all about with this Calisthenics T-Shirt. Available in sizes from S to 5XL and cut in a unisex fit, everyone can start showing what their life goals are. The 100% cotton fabric of relatively high density is paired with a double stitch for extra durability. This is a good t-shirt to wear during your autumn exercises or in an air-conditioned gym. It’s also a great Calisthenics T-Shirt for everyday wear, raising awareness for Calisthenics and fitness in a fun, tongue-in-cheek way. You can also gift this t-shirt to someone you know who just can’t stop talking about Calisthenics (this is how one of us got his hands on this Calisthenics T-Shirt).

#6 F*ck Off I’m Doing Calisthenics Unisex Tee

Hard at work improving your body but tired of all the distractions, people chatting you up, interrupting you and so on? Remind them casually to avoid breaking your grindset with this F*ck Off I’m Doing Calisthenics T-shirt. A straight, unisex fit ensures both men and women can wear this t-shirt comfortably. The 100% cotton fabric ensures a comfortable wear while allowing any sweat to be soaked up and evaporated to maintain a stable body temperature. It is available in sizes S to 5XL for practically any body type.

#7 BARSTARZZ Got Reps? T-Shirt

Feeling justifiably cocky about your achievements? The simple question remains to the beholder; got reps? This lightweight BARSTARZZ t-shirt fits the muscular man very well, highlighting the shoulder and chest party while lightly accentuating the trapezoid figure of the ripped lower-torso. Wear this Calisthenics T-Shirt with upright pride either as every day wear or while showing your prowess on the Calisthenics Park grounds. Fit and wear is comfortable due to its 100% cotton build and seamless ribbed collar and tapering.  

#8 BARSTARZZ Official T-Shirt

Show your allegiance to and your accomplishments in Calisthenics with this BARSTARZZ Official T-Shirt. Light to wear and made from durable cotton, this Calisthenics T-Shirt is made with a seamless collar and shoulder taper to give you maximum wearing comfort. The shoulders and chest are accentuated while leaving little to the imagination when it comes to your overall shape and musculature. We find this t-shirt looks best on men who have already accomplished said physique and are ready to confront (on friendly terms) those who have yet to achieve their level.

Other Cool Calisthenics Clothing & Apparel 

 To complete your Calisthenics look, and to be dressed for the task at hand, here are some other useful or downright mandatory clothes and other apparel.

Calisthenics Shoes

The single most important garment you should definitely not skimp on are your shoes. Calisthenics shoes are an important part of your attire, ensuring adequate protection while remaining breathable and light-weight. Find out what barefoot shoes are in our article about the best Calisthenics shoes.

Calisthenics Shorts

For working out in warm weather or in the gym, you want to complete your attire with a good pair of shorts. One of our all-time favorites are the Cali Move Shorts by famous Calisthenics community Calisthenics Movement. These are the same shorts worn by El Eggs himself.

Calisthenics Pants

For those colder months where you still want to do your exercises outside, you need a breathable but slightly warmer pair of Calisthenics pants. We like the Gornation Calisthenics Performance pants for their simplicity and high, durable quality. They also have ankle zippers for extra modularity should you need them. These pair well with a black, white or light blue Street Workout straight T-Shirt and a pair of black, white or red (or other bright color) Calisthenics shoes.


For the colder months, just a t-shirt might not cut it. An easy to wear, comfortable and warm hoodie does the trick while not sacrificing mobility too much. Neither will you look any less sportsy with a nicely fitted hoodie like the one from Gornation Street Workout. Paired best with a black, fitted Calisthenics pants possibly also from Gornation for a uniform look. Wear a regular or a straight Calisthenics T-shirt underneath.


Through rain and snow or under a scorching sun, you shall plow forward by wearing the appropriate headwear. Or you just like the casual style of a beanie or cap. Whichever is true, headwear can be an important addition to your attire while your exercise. If it freezing outside, wearing a beanie will keep your ears nice and warm. Likewise, sunstroke is a real thing especially now that the climate is changing and summers will get hotter and sunnier. Wearing a cap during your outdoor workouts is becoming basically as essential as wearing your shoes.

Discount Codes for Calisthenics T-Shirts & More

When you’ve decided you need a Calisthenics T-Shirt, or maybe a pair of pants or shorts, we’ve managed to procure a discount code for your benefit. 

  • Gornation products: code CWW10 for 10% off at checkout.

Concluding the Best Calisthenics T-Shirt

Getting dressed is the foremost preparatory act for whatever you’re setting out to do. Whether that is work, leisure or sport, you probably have a specific set or style of clothes in mind to wear for the occasion. By dressing in specific clothes for your exercise, you are mentally preparing for it and it shows discipline and focused purpose. A Calisthenics T-Shirt shows others what you’re all about but, equally importantly, it compartmentalizes that part of your life — once the shirt goes on, you’re in your grind.

We get it, we’re into Calisthenics so we’re not afraid to show a little skin if it puts our accomplishments on display for others to see. Call it pride if you will, but Calisthenics enthusiasts are midway to naturism anyway. Regardless though, the textile world demands us to remain proper and clothes have an important function too. They protect us from the sun and can actually help us get rid of heat. In Calisthenics, you want them to be lightweight, comfortable and capable of soaking up and evaporating the inevitable accumulation of sweat.

The best Calisthenics T-Shirts soak up sweat and displaces it over a larger surface area, allowing more sweat to evaporate at once while at once soaking up new sweat. They act like a wick to your body. The best materials for Calisthenics T-Shirts are cotton and bamboo, which we recommend to both men and women.

Frequently Asked Questions about Calisthenics T-Shirts

Here are a few more frequently asked questions about Calisthenics T-Shirts in general.

What is the best Calisthenics T-Shirt?

The best Calisthenics T-Shirt is made from natural fibers, either cotton or bamboo. They are lightweight, breathable and durable. Importantly, they soak up your sweat efficiently and allow it to evaporate easily over a wider surface area. The Calisthenics T-Shirts by Gornation are of a high quality and can be worn either during your workout or casually every day.

Why do you need a t-shirt in Calisthenics

A t-shirt protects your skin against UV-light and offers you a level of modesty too. With a Calisthenics T-Shirt, you can both show your convictions regarding a fit lifestyle and Calisthenics in general. These t-shirts possess qualities which make them more suitable for wear during sports, like being lightweight, breathable and acting as an effective wick for your sweat. They are also more comfortable to wear than for instance tank tops or tight-fitting sports bras.

Should Women wear a Calisthenics T-Shirt?

Women should definitely break away from the advertised skin-tight sports bras/tops and leggings. A female cut Calisthenics T-Shirts coupled with a more normal bra is more comfortable during your workout and has superior sweat absorption and breathability qualities than bras and tops made from non-natural materials. With larger busts, a normal sports bra underneath the Calisthenics t-shirt should suffice.

What are some Ideas for Calisthenics T-Shirts?

Calisthenics T-Shirts can be rather plain and worn only for their qualities during the exercise. Many will have a small logo or unobtrusive text from a popular Calisthenics brand on them. You can also make a statement during your workout, by wearing a text Calisthenics T-Shirt depicting a quote which has to do with the sport.

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