The 4 Best Calisthenics Pull-up Bars

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You are probably reading this because you are already into calisthenics and want to perform pull-ups. Or maybe you want to start with calisthenics and want to know which pull-up calisthenics bars are the best to begin with. We tested four different pull-up bars for you. And we will show you the benefits and costs to consider before you buy your own. As always, we are honest about the negative sides too. Because we want you to be well-informed before you make your purchase so can choose wisely. Here are our favorite calisthenics bars.

1. Gravity Fitness Portable Pull-Up Rack

Let’s start with one the most popular pull-up bar on the market, the Gravity Fitness Portable Pull-Up Bar. Honestly, we love it. Gravity Fitness is a company that makes really great calisthenics equipment. We have tested quite a few of their products lately. And we are happy with their quality and durability.

Benefits: Gravity Fitness Portable Pull-up Rack

  1. This bar is perfect for a total body workout. That includes pull-ups, dips, leg training or push-up training. You can do anything with it. So it is very multi-functional.
  2. It’s easy to take on a trip and comes with a handy carrying bag. That way, you can take it anywhere you want and set it up easily.
  3. In addition, its powder-coated matte black structure increases your grip significantly. Even if your hands get sweaty, they will not slip and you can maintain a good grip.

Negatives: Gravity Fitness Portable Pull-up Rack

  1. The bar is for correct and strict movements. And even though it is a completely stable bar and Gravity Fitness updates their equipment regularly, if you want to do kipping pull-ups this bar is not for you.
  2. The bar comes with a lot of features. Of course, that is an advantage really. But it may take a lot of space if you only have a small room available. On the other hand, you can dismantle and pack it up very easily.

2. Pullup & Dip Mobile Pull-up Bar

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The second bar we tested for you is the luxury calisthenics bar created by Pullup & Dip. Personally, we love this product. And the story behind this product is awesome. Pullup & Dip was founded on Kickstarter. And 227 calisthenics enthusiasts funded the initial project. Together, they raised € 54,936 to bring this project to life. Pull-Up & Dip has a large supporting community, which we love at Calisthenics Worldwide. Because of their community, the founders of Pullup & Dip are extremely involved in their products. And they offer great service.

Benefits: Pullup and Dip Mobile Calisthenics Bar

  1. It is versatile. You can use it for several different exercise, both pull-ups as well as dipping exercises.
  2. It is light and easy to take anywhere in a small bag.
  3. It comes with both an outdoor and indoor package. And you can buy those seperately or as a package.
  4. You can attach the bar (almost) everywhere, even to a tree in a park.
  5. You can set it up in minutes.
  6. With our discount-code: CWW10, you’ll get 10% extra off.

Negatives: Pullup and Dip Mobile Calisthenics Bar

  1. It is a luxury product. The indoor and outdoor series of this great brand start at €249. So if you have a limited budget, this pull-up bar may not be an affordable choice.
  2. The distance from the wall is only 40cm. For the indoor series, that makes it hard to perform muscle-ups. You can solve this problem by using gymnastic rings, though.

3. Gravity Fitness Wall Mounted Pull-Up Bar

The third calisthenics bar we test is the wall mounted bar offered by Gravity Fitness. We already mentioned why we like Gravity Fitness, so we directly into the benefits of this bar.

Benefits: Gravity Fitness Wall Mounted Pull-Up Bar

  1. The distance to the wall is 90cm. That is perfect and makes it extremely comfortable to do advanced calisthenics exercises like a mucle-up, a pull-over and rolling around the bar.
  2. You can use it both indoors and outdoors.
  3. It is not too expensive and of excellent quality.

4. Wall Mounted Pull-Up Bar By Pullup & Dip

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The fourth calisthenics bar we tested for you is the Wall Mounted Pull-Up bar by Pullup & Dip. As said before, we really like this brand. It also has a great community and the creators offer very good service. Moreover, Pullup & Dip is constantly launching new products which makes it enjoyable to get to know this brand. This brand is one of the fastest developing ones in the calisthenics world.

Benefits: Wall Mounted Pull-Up Calisthenics Bar By Pullup & Dip

  1. The wall mounted pull-up bar offers four different grip positions (wide, narrow, chin-up or parallel) for a varied workout. That’s great!
  2. Thanks to wall mounting and steel construction with V- and cross struts, the pull-up bar can be loaded with up to 200 kg while training. That really makes it extremely safe.
  3. It is very affordable. This calisthenics bar is by far the most affordable, especially in relation to what it offers. You can get one for only €74,90. In addition, Pullup & Dip even includes a free resistance band. That’s a great deal for beginners in calisthenics.
  4. With our discount-code: CWW10, you’ll get 10% extra off.

Negatives: Wall Mounted Pull-Up Calisthenics Bar By Pullip & Dip

  1. This is the only pull-up bar in our tests that you can not use for dips or straight bar dips. However, if you are creative you will manage to perform dip exercises. But that is not the main purpose of this bar. If you want a complete body workout calisthenics bar we recommend the Gravity Fitness Portable Pull-Up Rack.

Last Words

There are many brands and factories that are creating calisthenics bars for door posts for about €20, especially in China. You can access them here on Amazon, for example. Amazon is a great source to buy cheap calisthenics equipment. Unfortunately though, cheap is not always the best choice. But Gravity Fitness and Pullup & Dip are two calisthenics brands that specialise in calisthenics and outdoor training. Calisthenics athletes themselves create these products so they know what they are doing. With that in mind, if you want to be safe and choose quality, we recommend the pull-up bars we tested for you.


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