The 21 Best Calisthenics Parallettes of 2024

Man is doing a pike push-up on a calisthenics wooden parallette bar

Parallettes are commonly used exercise tools in Calisthenics. The Calisthenics Parallettes must be sturdy, durable and stable so that they can sustain any number of radically different exercises. Calisthenics equipment is few and far between and of a much simpler nature than say, weightlifting or using gym machines. Parallette bars however are frequently acquired as one of the first things in a Calisthenics enthusiasts’ inventory. It’s important you get the very best Parallette bars that are durable, stable, comfortable to use and of excellent quality for the price you pay. Since not all Calisthenics Parallettes are the same, we’ve divided the 21 best Parallettes for Calisthenics into 7 categories. That way you can make the right choice in Calisthenics Parallettes for you and your exercises.

Scroll to the bottom for a convenient table with the end results if you don’t want to read. We’ve also added our video unboxings and reviews for your viewing purpose.

What Are Parallette Bars?

Parallette bars consist of two independent short bars that typically stand on a wide footing to provide ample stability. Typically, Parallettes are used parallel to one another (but with plenty of variation). You grip the bars and then perform your exercise. Parallettes allow for a great variety of exercises like Push-Ups, Dips, L-sits and Planches to be performed safely. They are excellent for building strength since your range of motion is increased, making more efficient use of your bodyweight. You can do deeper Push-Ups, perform Dips on a stable platform, and so on. 

Calisthenics Parallettes are very versatile in your choice of exercise. Many exercises associated with Push-Up Bars or Dip Bars can also be performed effectively while using Parallette bars instead. In addition, Parallette bars are very easy to transport and most take up only very little room due to their relatively flat nature.

Why Use Parallettes in Calisthenics? 

The sheer versatility of the Parallette bars is what makes many Calisthenics practitioners decide to invest in them. They give you a very wide range of options. Apart from a Pull-Up Bar, many find that one or two pairs of good Calisthenics Parallettes is all they ever need in terms of Calisthenics home gym equipment. The large number of very typical Calisthenics exercise you can do with Parallettes aside, they are also a very cost-efficient method of supplying yourself with decent, quality equipment. For a fraction of the price of an annual gym subscription, you can own all the gear you need yourself at home.

Like all manmade equipment, Parallette bars also increase your efficiency and the effectiveness of what you’re doing. Using a hammer grip will alleviate wrist strain and reduce the risk of injury as opposed to putting your hands flat on the floor, staircase or benches. The elevation Parallette bars provide allow for a deeper movement with a greater range of motion. This will lead to better activation of your muscles throughout the movement and aid in more homogenous muscle growth as well as a bigger muscle surface area.

We’ll list all the benefits of Calisthenics Parallettes below.

Benefits of Parallettes in Calisthenics

  • Immensely versatile set of exercises:
    • Push-Ups 
    • Dips
    • L-Sits
    • Planches
    • And many variations of each!
  • Reduces risk of wrist strain and injury by using a hammer grip
  • Increases range of motion for better muscle activation
  • More equal muscle growth
  • Larger muscles
  • Cost-effective

What To Look for in Good Parallette Bars

The best Calisthenics Parallettes are of good and durable quality, provide you with enough comfort for your hands while also reducing the risk of slipping and tumbling. They are also of the correct size and shape for your needs, which may mean that you need two or more pairs of Parallettes for all your Calisthenics. These are the parameters by which we selected the best Calisthenics Parallettes:

Construction Materials

The best Calisthenics Parallettes are either wooden Paralletes, steel Parallette bars or a combination of the two. Wooden Parallettes have the benefit of being lightweight and providing you with superior gripping comfort. Wood has a natural coarseness to it that our hands have evolved to grip comfortably. It has just the right amount of give so that they feel good to hold on too. Wooden Parallettes are also better at sweat absorption and won’t become slippery very easily.

Steel Parallette bars are stronger and typically have a very high weight capacity, allowing for explosive inverted Calisthenics with much confidence in your equipment. Most steel Parallette bars are powder coated, which is for their own protection against erosion but also to provide your hands with a non-slippery surface. High Parallette bars as well as Dip Bars are typically at least partly made of steel.

For whatever reason, we’ve seen talk about PVC Parallettes and their alleged qualities when it comes to low cost and being very lightweight. We’re sure that if you look hard enough, you can find them. However, most reputable manufacturers do not make PVC Parallettes. This is for the simple reason that PVC tends to break instead of bend and the gripping qualities of PVC are also subpar compared to wood or powdered steel. We advise against buying PVC Parallettes, especially if the price is too good to be true. You don’t want to risk your wrists. 

We recommend a combination of wood and steel materials as the best of the two worlds. With steel feet and fittings, you can be assured that your Calisthenics Parallettes are tough, durable and that they can take the weight. With wooden handles, you are given the best possible comfort for your grip and excellent sweat absorption.


The size of your Parallette bars is very important. Differently sized Parallette bars will allow for different exercises. Very small bars are less well suited for Dips but excellent for Push-Ups, conversely, high bars are great for Dips but will take some of the difficulty away while doing Push-Ups. Consider what you want to do with your Calisthenics Parallettes when deciding on the size and type. Many Calisthenics practitioners have two or three sets of Parallette bars, varying in size and height from low to mid-sized and high bars. That way, they have all the bars they need for almost all their Calisthenics exercises with the only exception being a Pull-Up Bar.

Our category list of best Calisthenics Parallettes below has mainly to do with various sizes and their utility to you as the practitioner.


One of the most important reasons you’re choosing Parallette bars over the simpler Push-Up Bars (although there is much overlap) is that Parallette bars tend to be much more stable. They provide you with a sturdy frame and firm footing so you can do all sorts of exercises with confidence and in safety. This would include any eventual floating or inverted exercises like Planches and Handstands. Indeed, they are also included in your typical Handstand Equipment. Our selection of best Calisthenics Parallettes are all stable enough for these kinds of exercises, depending again on their category.

Grip Comfort & Finish

Fit and finish and, most importantly, grip comfort are important factors that go into deciding on your Parallette bars. You’ll be using them a lot and you’ll put a lot of force on your hands while holding them. It’s important that the bars are comfortable to hold. This means the grips need to be thick enough, so they don’t cut into your hand’s circulation. But if they are too thick, you’ll require more grip strength to maintain your grasp. An ergonomically designed grip which slightly tapers into an oval shape is usually best. The rest of the Parallettes need to show a high-quality finish.


This of course ties in with the choice of construction material. Durable Parallette bars will last you a long time, years or even decades. Calisthenics is supposed to be very light on equipment, and if you do buy something it better be built to last.

Customer Reviews 

When other Calisthenics enthusiasts have gone before you with that product, it gives you a better idea of what it is you’re getting. You can gather some “field data” on the performance, fit and finish of your Parallettes by letting others buy it first and testing it out for you. We at Calisthenics Worldwide are at once retailers but also customers ourselves. We make it our job to give you an unbiased review of Calisthenics equipment too.

Brand Reputability

There are brands and then there are Brands. Some brands of Calisthenics equipment are just better than others and names like Gornation, Pull-Up & Dip and Gravity Fitness will step forward into the limelight. These brands specialize in the development and production of gear and equipment the Calisthenics practitioner wants and needs. Off brand products can also be of decent enough quality, however you’d have to look long and hard and even then, it will be hit or miss. With a reputable brand you know you’re only making a purchase once. 


Price and quality are often related. You can expect better quality and stability and more comfort if you’re willing to pay more. At the same time, we believe that prices ought to reflect the quality and functionality you’re getting. The products on our list of best Calisthenics Parallettes reflect that optimum of either best bang for your buck or overall superb quality for the price you’re paying.

Weight Capacity 

A set of strong Parallette bars should have no problems at all supporting your weight. Look for the manufacturers maximum supported weight and compare this to your own bodyweight. If the maximum weight capacity goes over your bodyweight by 30%, you should be safe.


Parallettes are very portable by design. However, high Parallette bars do need more space of course and higher quality materials like steel will take up more weight. Nevertheless, due to their flat nature they are almost as portable as small Push-Up Bars.

The Best Calisthenics Parallettes per Category

Which Calisthenics Parallettes is best for you depends on your intended use. We’ve devised 7 categories, each catering toward a certain usage profile. In each category, you’ll find the 3 products of that category along with a short description, their advantages and any possible links to more in-depth articles we’ve written about them.

The 3 Best Regular Parallettes

Regular Parallette bars are the most versatile option you can choose. Their height is close enough to the floor that you can still do Push-Ups without too much of an incline. At the same time, dips and L-sits are very much possible already with these regular or medium sized Parallette bars. If you absolutely must choose just one product, we recommend you get these regular, medium Parallettes.

#1 Gornation Premium Parallettes MAX

Gornarion Premium Parallettes MAX

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  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 19.7 x 13.8 x 11.8 with a diameter of 1.57
  • Maximum weight: 770 lbs. per pair 
  • Combined weight of both Parallettes: 14.1 lbs.
  • Discount code: CWW10
  • In-depth review: Gornation Parallettes

The Parallette bars from Gornation are some of the best value for money. They are made from birch wood with powder coated steel legs. Birch, often used for longboards/skateboards, has great durability and other features so that they offer perfect grip without chafing or biting into your hands. They are also excellent at sweat absorption since they don’t need any lacquer finish to stay in good shape. The steel feet are equipped with non-slip rubber socks (with 2 reserves). This makes them very stable and resilient to slipping or being tipped over. With a weight capacity of 350 kg (about 770 lbs.), you can do very explosive exercises like handstands and push-ups with ease on them. These features make them the perfect Parallettes for all your Calisthenics workouts. As a bonus, you can use the discount code: CWW10 on all Gornation calisthenics equipment for 10% off the checkout price.

Gornation Parallettes MAX Review & Unboxing – In depth review

#2 Gravity Fitness Medium Pro Parallettes

Gravity Fitness Medium Pro Hybrid Parallettes
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  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 17.7 x 11.8 x 11.8 cm with a diameter of 1.5
  • Maximum carrying weight: 280 lbs. per pair 
  • Warranty: lifetime

Gravity Fitness (GF) offers some of the best steel and wooden Parallettes available. Especially when you consider the price to quality ratio, Gravity Fitness really shines and it’s one of the best bangs for your buck kind of deals when it comes to selecting your Calisthenics equipment. The matte finish on the grip feels very gentle on your hands and they have excellent sweat absorption qualities. The extra thick rubber endcaps on the feet are very durable. They are designed to further increase the stability of these Parallette bars. Interestingly, this last improvement was introduced based on customer feedback. Previous versions were all-metal, but Gravity Fitness has now chosen for a superior hybrid design of steel and wood. It is great to see a successful company continually improve their products, based on the actual customer experience from the field.

Gravity Fitness | Medium Pro Hybrid Parallettes Review

#3 Medium Wooden Parallettes by Pull-Up & Dip

PullUp & Dip Wooden Medium Parallettes - With Ergonomic Handle

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  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 19.7 x 9.8 x 11.8 with a diameter of 1.6
  • Maximum weight: 440 lbs. per pair
  • Combined weight of both Parallettes: 12.8 lbs 
  • Warranty: 5 years 
  • Discount code: CWW10
  • Video unboxing & review

With typical German quality, Pullup & Dip brings a couple of high-end Parallettes to the table. These are made from birch wood with steel feet and come in a low and medium variant. The birch wood grips offer excellent ergonomics and sweat absorption. They’ve taken extra care to shape the bars so that it results in a very natural grip. The steel feet have non-slip (plus 2 extra) socks and offer a very wide base for even the most explosive kinds of Calisthenics. The medium variant is slightly higher compared to most of the other regular or medium Parallette bars on our list.

PullUp & Dip – Wooden Parallettes Review | Low VS. Medium Version

The 3 Best Low Parallettes

These low versions are closer to the floor and resemble Push-Up Bars in height. Where they differ from Push-Up Bars is in their width. With a much wider base, they are more stable than the smaller Push-Up Bars. This makes them great for L-Sits and shallow Dips but also for Planches and of course, Handstands.

#1 Gornation Premium Parallettes PRO

Gornation Premium PRO Parallettes

10% off with our code: CWW10
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  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 19.7 x 13.8 x 11.8 with a diameter of 1.57
  • Maximum weight: 770 lbs. per pair 
  • Combined weight of both Parallettes: 14.1 lbs.
  • Discount code: CWW10
  • In-depth review: Gornation Parallettes

For that extra stability, Gornation ranks at the top once again with these Premium Parallettes PRO. You get that familiar superb quality from Gornation, of powder coated steel legs with birch wood handles. That combination of materials makes these low bars very comfortable, very strong and of course very stable. They are the perfect tool for all your Push-Ups and Planches but also off the floor and even inverted exercise. These are the most stable Parallette bars we have on our list, and they are virtually impossible to simply topple once you set them on the floor. The only way to get them on their sides is if you first pick them up and flip them over intentionally. 

Gornation Parallettes PRO Review & Unboxing

#2 Gravity Fitness Long Parallettes

Gravity Fitness Long (Low) Hybrid Parallettes
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  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 17.7 x 11.8 x 11.8 with a diameter of 1.5
  • Maximum carrying weight: 280 lbs. per pair 
  • Warranty: lifetime

We found that these long Parallette bars from Gravity Fitness stand like nailed to the floor. The extra wide base it provides, along with the enlarged rubber anti-slip feet, really make these bars stand out, or rather stand firm. They will serve you faithfully during all your low-to-the-floor exercises but are also great for Planches and Handstands. For the quality we’re getting, the price tag is very decent. You get a lot of service length and service quality for the money.

Gravity Fitness | Long Hybrid Parallettes Review

#3 Low Wooden Parallettes Pull-Up & Dip

Pullup & Dip Wooden Low Parallettes

10% off with our code: CWW10
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  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 19.7 x 9.8 x 11.8 with a diameter of 1.6
  • Maximum weight: 440 lbs. per pair
  • Combined weight of both Parallettes: 12.8 lbs.
  • Warranty: 5 years 
  • Discount code: CWW10
  • Video unboxing & review

Pullup & Dip also shines in this category with the low version of their Wooden Parallettes design. With their excellent satin finish grips and sweat absorption qualities, you don’t have to worry about slipping or otherwise losing your grip. They also stand on the floor like rocks in the surf, providing you with a stable and secure platform for explosive Calisthenics including Push-Up variations, Planches and inverted exercises.

The 3 Best High Parallettes i.e., Dip Bars

With high bars, deeper Dips become a possibility. With more ground clearance, exercises like L-Sits are also just that more convenient to do. At this height, the Parallette bars are almost akin to regular Dip Bars, and they can be used as such.

#1 Gravity Fitness XL PRO Parallettes

Gravity Fitness XL Adjustable Parallettes / Dip Bars
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  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 23.6 x 17.7 x 31.5 with a diameter of 1.38
  • Maximum carrying weight: 280 lbs. per pair 

Despite being much taller than the medium or low versions, these Gravity Fitness XL PRO Parallettes retain a respectable maximum load of 280 pounds while standing 31.5 inches tall. Their simple, rugged construction is what stands out to us most. All-steel, with a design that projects your weight straight down into to the thickest part of the feet, you know these bars will be stable. The rubber caps, which go underneath the base for an inch or so, provide more traction with the floor. This will prevent you from accidentally slipping or sliding the bars out of place. With an allen wrench (provided in the package) you can dissemble the Gravity Fitness XL PRO’s easily, for transport or even traveling. These are our favorite Parallette bars for all our dips, L-Sits and generally off the floor exercises. 

#2 Fitness Parallettes by Pull-Up & Dip

Pullup & Dip Fitness Parallettes

10% off with our code: CWW10
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  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 19.7 x 13.7 x 16.9 with a diameter of 1.7 (foam)
  • Maximum carrying weight: 440 lbs. per pair 
  • Discount code: CWW10

These Pull-Up & Dip Fitness bars are excellent stand-ins for any Dip Bar. They are of high-quality tubular steel can take any practical amount of weight. They are lower than most other XL or high Parallettes, but still high enough for deep dips and sufficient ground clearance for L-Sits. They are also slightly more versatile when it comes to handstands, owing to your lower center of gravity. Combined with the price, Pullup & Dip is a popular alternative to brands like Gravity Fitness or Gornation. You get high quality, stability and ample of comfort for the right price. The handles are made more comfortable by foam grips, which in our minds might not have been necessary if the coating was matte and rougher as opposed to smooth. Nevertheless, you can’t go wrong with these.

#3 Lebert Fitness EQualizers XXL Dip Bars

Lebert Fitness Equalizer
$99.98 $66.49
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
03/20/2024 10:55 am GMT
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 27 x 18 x 33 with a diameter of ~1.7 (foam)
  • Maximum carrying weight: 397 lbs. per pair 
  • Combined weight of both Parallettes: 18 lbs.

These Dip Bars are wide and stable enough to serve as your high Parallettes with ease. The wide base and steel construction keep these tall equalizers safe and sturdy up to a high load of almost 400 pounds. Despite being considered off-brand, you get a lot of value for money if you go with the XXL version. Standing 33 inches tall, they are perfect for all your dips, sits and even planches and all manner of other exercises. Their simple construction means nothing can go wrong with them during ordinary use. They have thick, round socket type caps which really grip the floor well, ensuring also a slippage free experience. Their only downside, which may be overlooked at this price point, is that the base slides into the handles and only gravity keeps them in place. This is fine during your exercise; however, it could come loose if you pick them up.

The 3 Best Mini Parallettes i.e. Push-Up Bars

Essentially Push-Up Bars, but usually still a bit wider at the base, these Parallettes get you the basic functionality of Push-Up Bars but with more stability. Shallow dips are also more feasible with these than with regular Push-Up Bars.

#1 Gornation Premium Parallettes ACTIVE

Gornation Premium Parallettes ACTIVE

10% off with our code: CWW10
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  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 9.4 x 6.3 x 4.7 with a diameter of 1.6
  • Maximum carrying weight: 770 lbs. per pair 
  • Combined weight of both Parallettes: 5.3 lbs.
  • Discount code: CWW10

Small, sturdy, handy and of the same quality as all other Gornation products, these Push-Up Bars are the ideal partner for all your Push-Up needs. With the slight elevation of 4.7 inches, you won’t make your Push-Ups significantly easier. On the contrary, you can go deeper, with better results for your chest. The steel frame is stout and expertly crafted and the use of strong birch wood results in a whopping carry capacity of 770 pounds. They feel great to hold on too and will even stick by you in a slippery situation (due to sweating). The Gornation ACTIVE’s are also designed to be bottom heavy, having a center of gravity somewhere around 1 inch off the floor. These Gornation Premium Parallettes ACTIVE are the best Push-Up Bars on the market.

Gornation Parallettes ACTIVE Review & Unboxing

#2 Gravity Fitness Travellettes

Gravity Fitness Travellettes Small Parallettes
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  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 9.4 x 8.6 x 4.9 with a diameter of 1.6
  • Combined weight of both Parallettes: 6.4 lbs.

These “Travellettes” by Gravity Fitness have a very similar design to Gornation’s ACTIVE’s. We say this because this is a completely new design launched in 2023. This is an attempt to mimic Gornation’s quality construction and design by Gravity Fitness. These mini Parallettes are very sturdy and feel great in the hands. They have a very low center of gravity due to their hybrid build of steel and wood. We can’t discern any difference in grip comfort between the Travellettes and the ACTIVE’s, with only a slightly better fit and finish on Gornation’s part. For the rest, these are excellent Push-Up Bars to use. Their low height is coupled with thick, hefty rubber caps which reduce if not eliminate any risk of slipping on the floor.

#3 KENSUI Nanobars R

  • Dimensions: 5.8 inches long with diameter of 1.6
  • Ultra-light and ultra-portable

If you’re looking for really tiny and low, the KENSUI Nanobars R have got your back. These aluminum metal Parallettes are about as low as you can go while not compromising on safety or stability. Made of metal, they are very rugged yet the material choice keeps them very light. They can also be used in conjunction with the KENSUI Suspension Trainer, where they act as the handles. These are purely meant as Push-Up Bars when used standalone, but give you enough ground clearance to use a comfortable hammer grip. Despite their looks, they are stable enough for all Push-Up exercises that don’t include handstands. The surface is powder coated, which promotes grip and reduces slipping effectively.

The 3 Best Portable Parallettes for Travelling

When you’re traveling, you want to reduce the weight and the volume of any training equipment you take with you. These Travel Parallettes, take up very little space but still get the job done. They might not give you the same results as regular Parallette bars, but these can still hold their own and provide you with enough comfort and stability to get your workouts done, wherever you are in the world.

#1 KENSUI Nanobars XL

  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 15 x 8 x 4 or 8 with a diameter of 1.6 
  • Ultra-light

With a fully collapsible design that will fit into a laptop case or sleeve, the KENSUI Nanobars XL is your travel companion for all your Calisthenics needs wherever you are. KENSUI delivers modern solutions for modern problems, such as Calisthenics while traveling. These Nanobars XL can be setup with either a 4-inch ground clearance and be used as low Push-Up Bars or with an 8-inch ground clearance and be used more like medium Parallette bars. This gives you a lot of options while on the move, while the whole package fits into any bag even if that means you lay the components flat on your clothes before closing the suitcase. The material used is lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum. This material is known for its excellent strength to density ratio, resulting in a very light yet very strong frame.

#2 KENSUI Nanobars R

  • Dimensions (LxWxH): ???? with a diameter of 1.6 
  • Ultra-light

The KENSUI Nanobars R makes a reappearance here, as you can hardly get any smaller than this. Super light and readily transportable, these Nanobars will fit in a bag that’s literally the size of a pencil pouch (which is included). They weigh next to nothing either due to that aircraft-grade aluminum construction. They give you enough stability and comfort to do all your Push-Up exercises. They rank behind the KENSUI Nanobars XL only because the XL version is also collapsible and has two height modes, while not significantly increasing the total weight or volume of the package.

#3 Rubberbanditz Portable & Collapsible Calisthenics Parallel Bars

Rubberbanditz Portable & Collapsible Calisthenics Parallel Bars
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03/20/2024 10:59 am GMT
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 5 x 8 x 9 with a diameter of 1.5
  • Ultra-light (4lbs total)

The Rubberbanditz Parallel bars are fully collapsible to possibly the smallest and most portable package we’ve seen to date. Everything fits inside the two handles which can then be placed in a dedicated pouch for travel. They are easy to assemble and disassemble, with a fair warning from us to not lose the end caps (yes, don’t ask). Despite their looks, the legs are strong enough to support your full body weight so that even Planches and L-Sits are no problem while on the move and out and about exploring. The foam-covered handles are surprisingly comfortable with just the right amount of give.

The 3 Best Wooden Parallettes (100% Natural)

These are the best wooden Parallettes, made from 100% natural material; wood. Wooden Parallettes are very light weight, very comfortable and they have no sharp edges or other protrusions. Made of a quality hardwood, these will last you a long time and can easily take the weight of any Calisthenics practitioner.

#1 WOODPOWER PowerBars Parallettes

WOODPOWER® - PowerBars, Wooden Parallettes (XL)
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
03/20/2024 10:48 am GMT
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 14.96 x 8.27 x 7.87 with a diameter of 1.5
  • Maximum carrying weight: 1100 lbs. per pair

The excellent craftsmanship of WOODPOWER really shines in these PowerBars. They have chosen for a combination of a single piece beech wood stave for a handle and fitted it to a beech wood laminate for superior tensile strength. If you think only steel Parallette bars are strong enough for explosive Calisthenics, think again. Combined, these wooden Parallettes can take up to 1100 pounds of weight! If you’re all muscle and you weigh that, we’d like to meet you. The grips are very comfortable to hold with a fine, satin finish. The triangular design does an excellent job dispersing your weight outward and into the floor. The WOODPOWER PowerBars are very stable and will serve just as well as any steel or combination material product. You can use them for any exercise, including Planches and handstands.

#2 WOODPOWER PowerBars Push-Up Bars

WOODPOWER® – PowerBars, Wooden Parallettes (XS)
$59.00 $49.00
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
03/20/2024 10:50 am GMT
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 9.06 x 5.51 x 3.94 with a diameter of 1.5
  • Maximum carrying weight: 550 lbs. per pair
  • The Preferred Push-Up Bars of Sondre Berg!

Simple and of a rugged design, the wooden Push-Up Bars by WOODPOWER are the perfect, natural alternative to other designs. Made of single block beech and a solid beech stave, these small and light bars are very strong. With a maximum load of 550 pounds, you can easily do all your exercises with these wooden Calisthenics Parallettes. The handles feel nice on the hands, with just enough natural give to keep your grip comfortable and firm throughout the exercise. They are also very well suited for handstands but lose out to the larger WOODPOWER Parallettes if you also want to use them for Planches and similar horizontal, off the floor exercises. These are the Push-Up Bars that Sondre Berg also uses for his Calisthenics.

#3 INFIDEZ Medium Wooden Parallettes

INFIDEZ Medium Wooden Parallettes
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03/20/2024 10:52 am GMT
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 19.7 x 11.8 x 11 with a diameter of 1.6
  • Maximum carrying weight: 300 lbs. per pair

These medium / normal sized wooden Parallettes are very versatile in use. The choice for a laminate means that a relatively high carry capacity of 300 pounds can be attained while still providing for ample height with 11 inches. These wooden Parallettes are perfect for all Calisthenics exercise, including Push-Ups, L-Sits, Dips, Planches and handstands. The unique design means you can use them in different configurations easily either by setting them upright or placing them on their sides. This gives you the option of a much lower Push-Up Bar like grip, or a higher grip for deeper dips. The craftsmanship of INFIDEZ is overall good, with a finely sanded satin grip and good fit and finish.

The 3 Best Steel Parallette Bars

With all-steel bodies, these bars will last you a lifetime under normal usage conditions. Due to the nature of steel, these bars will bear the highest weight capacity. This means they can be both low and high, without suffering any significant reduction in tensile strength. These are ideal for explosive Calisthenics like Handstand Pushups.

#1 Rubberbanditz Push-Up & Dip Bars

RubberBanditz Heavy Duty Parallettes
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
03/20/2024 10:56 am GMT
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 22 x 14 x 14 with a diameter of 1.5

These Rubberbanditz Calisthenics Parallettes are made of 1.5-inch industrial-grade tubular steel, and of a solid construction throughout. The high-quality fittings ensure that all weight is projected straight down into the strongest part of the base and then into the ground. The weakest links are the thick rubber caps, which gives you an indication as to the capabilities of these Calisthenics Parallettes. You can do any exercise at any weight category, including explosive handstand Push-Ups in safety. The Rubberbanditz Push-Up & Dip Bars are also very stable, owing to its 1 to 1 ratio of height and width. The coating is also very resilient, making them an excellent choice for outdoors use or for use in a gym where many people may make use of them.

#2 Lebert Fitness Push-Up & Dip Stand

Lebert Fitness Parallettes
$69.98 $55.99
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03/20/2024 10:55 am GMT
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 21¾  x 16 x 12 with a diameter of ~1.5

With a wide and stable base, these stainless steel and coated Parallette bars will last you a lifetime when used properly. Their wide base and use of high-grade tubular steel makes them an excellent choice for explosive Calisthenics, as well as daily and intensive use. Depending on which version you choose, these come with additional screws to secure the handle into the base. This is convenient for moving them around during or between exercises and is a feature we fully recommend. The crimp-fitted rubber caps also provide excellent traction for a safe exercise. Push-Ups, full ROM Dips, L-Sits, Planches and other exercises can be performed safely with these steel Parallette bars. The long foam grips make it easy to adjust your hand placement and will accommodate any size hands.

#3 JFIT Pro Push-Up Bar Stand (Tall)

J-fit Pro Parallette
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03/20/2024 11:04 am GMT
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 16 x 10 x 9 with a diameter of 1.75 (foam grip)

These chrome plated metal Push-Up Bars are resilient, simple and rugged and will serve you well for all your Calisthenics needs. JFIT is an off-brand product but we liked these parallel bars for their no-nonsense design and 1.5-inch tubular steel construction. The handles fit into the base but unlike the Leber Fitness, they are then also secured with (butterfly) screws so they won’t come off when you pick them up. The foam grip is very comfortable and of considerable girth (1.75 inches). The foam grips are on the short side for a medium sized Calisthenics Parallettes. Nevertheless, any person of any size and weight can do all Calisthenics exercises with these JFIT Pro Push-Up bar stands.

Calisthenics Parallettes Alternatives

Here are a few alternatives to Parallette bars which might work for you.

Useful Accessoires for Your Parallette bars

Final Conclusions about Calisthenics Parallettes

Versatile, portable, durable, effective, what is there not to like about Parallette bars? As far as equipment goes, Calisthenics does not need much. You could do without any if you really wanted to, but if you do invest you should keep it simple and cost effective. Parallettes rank up there with the equipment that gives you the most bang for your buck. They alleviate wrist strain while increasing the range of motion of your muscles. This keeps things simple; it keeps your exercises bodyweight focused but increases their effectiveness. You’ll experience more efficient exercise when using Parallettes while at the same time you’re not introducing any outside weight or a machine’s mechanical resistance.

Aside from a good enough Pull-Up Bar, we believe that everyone should get themselves a set of Parallette bars. With low or medium height Parallettes you can do all the groundwork effectively. The high bars give you everything you need for dips and sits. 

To recap our findings per category, here is a handy comparison table for you.

[Comparison TABLE]

From our experience, the combination of steel and wood makes the most sense. It gives you formidable durability while not compromising on comfort at all. That’s why Calisthenics practitioners would be served best with the Gornation PRO Parallettes Set, consisting of the low, medium and high Parallette bars and some other useful tools. However, you can also choose for single products. In either case, using the promotion code CWW10 will reduce the price of any Gornation product by 10% on checkout.

Best Value
Gornation Premium Parallettes Set (3-in-1)

10% off with our code: CWW10

  • Cheaper if you buy all
  • Free Wrist Wraps
  • More expensive than buying only one
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Frequently Asked Questions about Calisthenics Parallettes

Here are a few frequently asked questions about Calisthenics Parallettes we know need desperate answering.

Which are the best Parallettes for Calisthenics?

The overall best Calisthenics Parallettes are the Gornation Premium Parallettes MAX. These are medium sized and can be used for all imaginable Calisthenics Exercise where you use Parallette bars. Gornation is of the highest quality, combining high-grade steel with high quality birch wood.

How should you use Parallettes in Calisthenics?

You can use Calisthenics Parallettes for a wide variety of exercises, to increase your range of motion and better active your muscles as well as providing a more comfortable hammer grip which alleviates wrist strain. You can use Calisthenics Parallettes for exercises like Push-Ups, Dips, L-Sits, Planches and a very wide variety of variations of these exercises.

Will Parallettes build muscle?

Yes, Parallette bars help you build muscles faster and bigger by increasing the range of motion of each exercise. You can do deeper Push-Ups and Dips, increasing the effectiveness of each exercise.

What muscles do Parallettes work?

The whole arm, shoulders, abdomen, glutes and core are the primary muscles you work out with various exercises you do with Parallette bars. Because they increase range of motion, your muscles are exercised more effectively.

How tall should Parallettes be?

This depends on their intended use. For just Push-Ups, low bars are preferred since they do not cause a significant incline (making Push-Ups easier). For handstands, too, a lower bar is generally preferred since it keeps your center of gravity lower. Higher bars are suitable for a wider variation of exercises, including L-Sits and Dips. Medium sized bars give you the most versatility in this regard since these are suitable for all exercises.

Are Parallette bars worth it?

Calisthenics is very light on equipment, but Parallette bars are typically one of the first things you should buy. They are simple in design and cost-efficient to procure. The increased effectiveness you get from them, working out your muscles with an increased range of motion, makes Parallette Bars worth it compared to what they cost.

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