Monse Battle Cup 2024

This is the banner for our Monse Battles Cup 2 blog about this calisthenics competition in Chile, which we used a photograph where an athlete is performing a straight arm hefesto.

On Saturday the 13th of January 2024 Monsestatics organised the Monse Battle Cup in Chile where 12 calisthenics athletes competed (after 1 qualifying round) for a qualification for SWUB 6 organised by Team Bioco in Madrid, Spain. This was the first international calisthenics competition which we listed in our “The 18 Best Calisthenics Competitions in 2024” blog. We sadly couldn’t make it to this calisthenics competition ourselves, but we still wanted to write this blog for you, including the most important facts about these awesome battles.

Monse Statics: General Information

This is a calisthenics athlete doing a one arm handstand on some parallettes while competing at the Monse Battles Cup 2 in Chile

Calisthenics Athletes 

There were calisthenics athletes from 4 different countries competing at this calisthenics competition, namely from Chile🇨🇱, Peru 🇵🇪, Venezuela🇻🇪 and Argentina.🇦🇷 All of the battles besides the qualifier combo’s can be found on the YouTube channel of Enzo Riffo SW, which we’ll write the specific battle links below for you to click; enjoy reliving this amazing calisthenics competition. The 8 calisthenics athletes that did not make it through the qualifying round are still very much worth mentioning below. 

8 Calisthenics Athletes

This is a calisthenics athlete performing a Maltese on the high bar at the Monse Battles Cup 2 Calisthenics Competition in Chile.




What’s next?

It was a pleasure to watch this calisthenics competition even from a distance. You can find a lot of the battles on our Instagram Monse Battles 2 highlight as well, including some of the qualifier rounds. For the rest we would advise you to follow all of these athletes on Instagram and we want to congratulate all of them, specifically Erickson, Facundo and Victor who made it into the top 3. We wish calisthenics athlete Erickson Codarlupo Salazar from Peru a lot of luck with his preparation for SWUB6, since by winning this competition he won the qualification. Who else is already looking forward to the Monse Battles Cup 3 in 2025?

This is a group photo taken at the Monse Battles Calisthenics Competition in Chile, which includes the crew of the Monse Statics organisation and calisthenics athletes that competed in the championship.

The photographs used in this blog were shot by Nicolas Cruzat Valenzuela & the group picture was shot by Reiz. We want to thank them for letting use them in this blog and we want to thank Monse Statics for sending them to us.

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