Metropolitan Battles 2024

These are the top 3 athletes from the Metropolitan Battles 2024 calisthenics competition, namely Jose Angel Hermosillo (Cuate), Alejandro Cetzal and Hugo Gomez. This is the cover image of the Metropolitan Battles 2024 blog.

On the 3rd of Februari the Metropolitan Battles were organised at Parque Metropolitano de León in Mexico. These battles are the qualifiers for as well the Desert Battles in Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico as the Street Workout Ultimate Battles (SWUB Vl) in Madrid, Spain organised by Team Bioco. Sadly we couldn’t make it to these battles, but we’ll write all you need to know in this Calisthenics Competition blog. If you are looking for a list of calisthenics competitions of this year you can check our Calisthenics Competitions in 2024 blog!

Metropolitan Battles – General Information

All of the participating calisthenics athletes at this competition are from Mexico🇲🇽 and the Metropolitan Battles organizers will keep organising professional calisthenics events with the intention of standardising and making this sport more popular in the country. This specific calisthenics competition was organised on a set up delivered by Hell Bars. Below you can find all of the battles in the competition including links to the athletes their Instagram accounts.

SWUB VI Qualifier – Calisthenics Athletes



Desert Battles Qualifier – Calisthenics Athletes



Victorious Calisthenics Athletes

These were all very strong athletes and we would surely advise you to follow all of them on Instagram. Amazing athletes make for great battles and we want to congratulate all of these warriors, specifically José Angel Hermosillo, Frodo Francisco Guerrero, Alejandro Cetzal, Fernando Lucero, Hugo Gomez and Sensey Martin who made it into the top 3.

We wish calisthenics athlete José Angel Hermosillo a.k.a. Cuate Muscle Up a lot of luck with his preparation for SWUB6, since by winning this competition he won the qualification. We also wish Frodo Francisco Guerrero a lot of luck at the Desert Battles which he qualified himself for. Furthermore, we’re already looking forward to the next edition of the Metropolitan Battles in 2025!

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