FinalRep BeNeLux Open Championship 2024

FinalRep Streetlifting Benelux Open Championship 2024

On the 1st and 2nd of June 2024 FinalRep BeNeLux is organising the Streetlifting BeNeLux Open Championship, which is the official qualifier for the European Streetlifting Championship 2024. They are part of the FinalRep Competition Ecosystem and they’re engaged in the worldwide structure that FinalRep is unfolding. They’re aiming to make it possible for athletes in the BeNeLux to compete in professional competitions and give them the chance to compete at the highest level. FinalRep BeNeLux is very much committed to establish professional structures into the Streetlifting sport. The upcoming years they’ll be engaging in partnerships with different organisations within the sport, to make it possible for beginners to get competition experience from nationals or regionals. 

General Information

FinalRep Streetlifting Athletes

There will be 48 men (in 6 categories) and 18 women (in 4 categories) competing from 7 different countries. They’ll all have 3 attempts at doing the following weighted exercises with as much weight as possible: a muscle up (on rings or bar), dip, pull- or chin up and squat.

Flight 1 – Women -57kg

Flight 1 – Women -63kg

Flight 2 – Men +94kg

Flight 3 – Men -66kg

Flight 4 – Men -66kg & -94kg

Flight 5 – Women -70kg

Flight 5 – Women +70kg

Flight 6 – Men -73kg

Flight 7 – Men -80kg

Flight 8 – Men -87kg

    Accredited Coaches

    Calisthenics Worldwide Press

    At Calisthenics Worldwide we try to grow the calisthenics sport in all it’s forms. We visit as many competitions as possible and we post videos to give a podium to as many athletes as possible. We’re a big fan of Final Rep and we’re very happy to be present at this amazing Streetlifting competition in Gent. We’ll be filming at the BeNeLux Open and posting that content on the Calisthenics Worldwide YouTube channel. Besides that, we invite you to follow our Instagram Account and of course the FinalRep YouTube Channel.

    We wish all the athletes and their coaches the best of luck and we’re looking forward to meeting all of you at the BeNeLux Open 2024. And of course we also want to thank the organisers from Final Rep BeNeLux for making all of this possible and letting us be part of it. 

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