Caliathletics Battles 2023

This is the cover image of the blog about the Caliathletics Battles Vol. 4 organised in Poland in 2023. The photo includes the top 3 calisthenics athletes of the calisthenics competition, namely Radoslav Radev, Ismail Moro and Yarin Cohen.

It was a Thursday evening when I left my hometown by Flixbus to head to Prague to meet my dear friend and calisthenics athlete Daniel Trnovec. After some early lunch we left for a roadtrip to the Polish town called Rabka-Zdrój. This is where the 4th edition of the Caliathletics Battles would take place, so we’ll tell you all you need to know about this amazing calisthenics competition in this blog! We’ll also link to the Instagram accounts of all the athletes and since we’ve filmed all the battles we’ll link to our YouTube channel as well. All the battles can also be watched through our Caliathletics Battles VI YouTube playlist.

General Information

24 Calisthenics Athletes

With Aleksander Waszkiewicz, Dominik Pazdyk, Patryk Musielak, Damian Boryga and Mateusz Nowicki being from Poland🇵🇱, Radoslav Radev, Dobrin Dobrev and Ivan Andreev from Bulgaria🇧🇬, Gustavo, Adrián Moreno and Jhony Gonzalez from Spain🇪🇸, Matej Klimek, Damian Rebro and Dominik Klimek from Slovakia🇸🇰, Yarin Cohen and Ilay Bardugo from Israel🇮🇱, Youssef Moro and Ismail Moro from Morocco🇲🇦, Demchenko Roman from Ukraine🇺🇦, Adrien Delplace from France🇫🇷, Alex Barinski from Germany🇩🇪, Lee Dohyun from South Korea🇰🇷, Yvan Delbecque from Belgium🇧🇪 and Simon Imhäuser from Sweden🇸🇪 there were athletes from 12 different countries.

There were only male athletes competing, but there were 8 female calisthenics athletes showing their skills during a demonstration. You can watch this “Girls Show” on our YouTube channel and admire female calisthenics athletes Liwia Kalisz, Karolína Viteková, Malin Malle Jansson, Natalia Modzelewska, Jasi Svilenova, Julia Laszczyk, Joana Veleva and Veronika Greinerova their skills! Caliathletics is working on making a women’s category a reality in 2024.

Round 1




Calisthenics Champions

It was really a sensational calisthenics competition with a very high level of skills being showcased. We want to congratulate all the calisthenics athletes and specifically Radoslav (1st place), Ismail (2nd place) and Yarin (3rd place) who became this years champions at the Caliathletics Battles. They went home with not just the victory, but also with 800, 400 and 200 euros in prize money. The “bonus best” were “Romashka Boy” Roman Demchenko who won best dynamics and Patryk Musielak who won best statics.

We’re planning to visit the Caliathletics Battles V in 2024, which will take place on the 10th of August. We hope you enjoyed the battles from 2023 on our YouTube channel and we’re curious who’ll be competing in 2024. We would be happy to see you there and would like to ask you to send us a message on our Instagram account telling us the competition you’re looking most forward to this year. If you are looking for a list of calisthenics competitions, we’ve got you covered with our Calisthenics Competitions in 2024 blog!

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