Brussels Freestyle Cup 2023

Brussels Freestyle Cup 2023

The Brussels Freestyle Cup 2023 was a great succes with a very high level of skills showcased! We want to thank the organization Never Offline SW for having us! We hope you all enjoyed the show, but for those who couldn’t make it, all the 40 battles can be found on our YouTube Channel.

One of the event sponsors of Brussels Freestyle Cup 2023 was Gornation, which if you’re interested to get any of their products, we can give you 10% off with our discount code CWW10.

Before we go any further we would like to invite you to watch the Brussels Freestyle Cup 2023 aftermovie, which we shot and created of the event. The Calisthenics Worldwide camera man Yorick shot the footage together with Dutch National Champion Eloy Narings and Yorick did the editing afterwards. We hope you enjoy(ed) watching it!

Below you can find all of the battles of the competition organized in male pro, male intermediate, female pro & female intermediate. You can also watch all the rounds on our YouTube playlist, which is organized in chronological order of which the battles took place on the 11th of November 2023. At the end of the videos you’ll get the option to click on the following battle of the athlete that won that specific battle. Like this you can watch all the rounds of your favourite athlete in a row!

1. Male Pro

1.1. Round #1

Yehor Khudoshyn VS Kevin Calvo Oliva 

Dobrin Dobrev VS Yvan Delbecque

Leo Luzy VS Alexandar Georgiev 

Ayman Ait Brahim VS Cristian Tirotta 

1.2. Round #2

Kevin Calvo Oliva VS Yvan Delbecque

Leo Luzy VS Cristian Tirotta 

1.3. Round #3

Yvan Delbecque VS Cristian Tirotta (Finals)

Leo Luzy VS Kevin Calvo Oliva (3rd, 4th place)

2. Male Intermediate

2.1 Round #1

Tommy Gilling VS Tony 

Vincent Labro VS Léo Wang

Julien Xemaire VS Robert Nicolae

Julien Pierson VS Alejandro Lopez

Karol Siwek VS Andreas Caulier 

Besjan Lala VS Rayan Regis

Elias Foubert VS Ted Mansouri 

Damian Gruszczyński VS Martin Nasonov

2.2. Round #2

Tony VS Vincent Labro

Robert Nicolae VS Julien Pierson 

Karol Siwek VS Rayan Regis 

Elias Foubert VS Damian Gruszczyński 

2.3. Round #3

Vincent Labro VS Julien Pierson

Karol Siwek VS Damian Gruszczyński

2.4. Round #4

Vincent Labro VS Karol Siwek (Final)

Julien Pierson VS Damian Gruszczyński (3rd, 4th place) 

3. Female Pro

3.1 Round #1

Tifenn Chiquet VS Virginia Caruso 

Clara Alva VS Karolína Viteková 

Alisia Persa VS Veronika Psotkova 

Joana Veleva VS Marie Kiiks 

3.2 Round #2

Virginia Caruso VS Karolína Viteková 

Alisia Persa VS Joana Veleva 

3.3. Round #3

Alisia Persa VS Virginia Caruso (Final)

Karolína Viteková VS Joana Veleva (3rd, 4th place)

4. Female Intermediate

4.1. Round #1

Eva Ferrer VS Maureen Marchaudon

Maëlle Pelvat VS Alicia Larsten

Amelie Carles VS Agathe Collet 

Veronika Greinerova VS Daniela 

4.2. Round #2

Agathe Collet VS Veronika Greinerova 

Maureen Marchaudon VS Maëlle Pelvat

4.3. Round #3

Maureen Marchoudon VS Agathe Collet (Final)

Maëlle Pelvat VS Veronika Greinerova (3rd, 4th place)

Brussels Freestyle Cup 2023

We want to congratulate all the athletes on their performance. Specifically the athletes that came in first place, namely Cristian Tirotta, Vincent Kali, Alisia Persa & Agathe Collet. The ones that won a silver medal, namely Yvan Delbecque, Karol Siwek, Virginia Caruso & Maureen Marchaudon. And last but not least the ones that came in at the third place, namely Kevin, Damian Gruszczyński, Karolína Viteková & Veronika Greinerova. On YouTube we’ve put links to all the athletes their Instagram accounts if you want to check out more of their moves!

With athletes from the Ukraine, Spain, Belgium, Bulgaria, France, Morocco, the Netherlands, Romania, Poland, Italy, Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Switzerland & Sweden it was a very international competition. With 24 male & 16 female athletes both sexes were very well represented as well. There were also 2 female judges & 2 male international judges, namely Cveti Staneva, Natalia Modzelewska, Alex Barinski & Daniel Flefil. Props to Never Offline SW for this!

The second edition of this competition was again very well organized with an awesome host called Reno. Last year this epic host also made sure to keep the crowd engaged and entertained. Also last year we were present at the Brussels Freestyle Cup, which all the battles can also be found in our YouTube playlist.

Next event we’ll go to will be the Beast Of The Barz competition in Stockholm, Sweden. After that we’re also planning to go to the Barbenders Static Cup in Mechelen, Belgium on the 18th of February 2024. Where else should we be going?

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