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Antonio Amendariz Gastelum a.k.a. Tony Gaste in our Battle Of The Bars 2024 blog cover

On the 20th of January 2024 the World Calisthenics Organization organised another Battle of the Bars ®️ Calisthenics Competition hosted at The Fit Expo. As mentioned in our “The 18 Best Calisthenics Competitions in 2024” blog, the World Calisthenics Organisation focuses on the concept of 1 VS 1 Battles. This time there were 3 battles organised. Firstly, the main event Antonio Amendariz Gastelum a.k.a. Tony Gaste VS Angel Acosta (featherweight). Secondly, the co-main event Jess St. John VS Adrienn Vachter (featherweight). And thirdly, the preliminary battle Alan Romero VS Mark Valeriote (heavyweight). We sadly couldn’t be there live to film at this calisthenics competition, but in this blog we’ll tell you all you need to know about these battles.

General Information

6 Calisthenics Athletes, 3 Battles

There were 6 calisthenics athletes competing in the 3 battles that took place at the freestyle calisthenics competition called the Battle Of The Bars 2024 organised on the 20th of January by The World Calisthenics Organisation at the Fit Expo, namely Antonio Gastelum, Angel Acosta, Jess St. John, Adrienn Vachter, Alan Romero and Mark Valeriote.

With Tony being from Mexico, Angel from the United States, Jess from Canada, Adrienn from Hungary, Mark and Alan from the United States there were calisthenics athletes from 4 different countries competing in this calisthenics competition. 

Mark VS Alan

First up was the battle between Mark and Alan (both from Los Angeles California), which starts at 13:40 in the full livestream video uploaded by the World Calisthenics Organisation. The battle took a little over 10 minutes of time including some small breaks for the calisthenics athletes to rest. Within this time Mark did 5 freestyle combos and Alan did 4. It was an amazing battle, but in the end Mark was victorious. One amazing fact about his opponent is that Alan actually lost 40 pounds working towards the competition. He went from 235 pounds and right after the Battle Of The Bars®️ he ended up weighing in at 194 pounds. Respect to both of these amazing calisthenics athletes!

Jess VS Adrienn

Next up were the ladies Jess and Adrienn, which starts at 32:17 in the full livestream video uploaded by the World Calisthenics Organisation. This battle took about 13 minutes and was quite legendary. Jess ended up doing 8 combos and Adrienn had time for 7 combos in total and both female calisthenics athletes did an amazing job. Jess from Canada was the glorious winner of this Battle of the Bars®️. Besides that we want to express our respect to Adrienn, since she flew overseas for 22 hours and back to compete in this calisthenics competition!

Tony VS Angel

And last but not least were calisthenics athletes Tony and Angel. This crazy battle can be watched at 1:00:54 in the full livestream video uploaded by the World Calisthenics Organisation. These athletes shook the earth with their amazing moves and their skills kept the audience on the edge of their seats for about 18 minutes. Tony did 8 combos in total and Angel showed all he had in 7 freestyle combos. In the end Tony his preparation paid off and he won this battle. This ment he got to keep his Feather Weight World Title, which makes him x3 World Champion!

Battle Of The Bars Content

We want to congratulate all of these amazing calisthenics athletes on their performance and particularly the winners Mark, Jess and Tony. Thanks to the World Calisthenics Organisation for organising this Battle Of The Bars®️ 2024. We hope we’ll be able to join the next edition live to film these amazing battles for all of you.

Tony posted a video called World Championship Training Camp | WCO Battle Of The Bars 24, where you can see some of his preperation. There were also 5 short documentaries released before the competition called “Unveiling the Essence: A Journey into the World of Freestyle Calisthenics Athletes” about Angel Acosta, Jess St. John, Adrienn Vachter, Mark Valeriote and Alan Romero their stories. These were presented by Circularity Finance and powered by Elitweb3 Blockchain Solutions. Besides these sources also Jimmy Huang uploaded a Battle of the Bars®️ 2024 Vlog. Also CalisthenixPro posted the Tony VS Angel battle on YouTube.

Some of the combos from this calisthenics competition can be found on our Instagram account in the BOTB 2024 highlight. You can find some of the reels there, which were released by the athletes and organisation after the battles. We hope you enjoyed reading our blog as much as we enjoyed watching the Battle Of The Bars®️ 2024.

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