Barmania Battles 2024

This is the cover picture for the Barmania Battles 2024 blog, which includes Spanish calisthenics athlete Gustavo.

On the 23rd of March 2024 the 3rd edition of the Barmania Battles will take place in Barcelona, Spain. This international calisthenics competition is joining the SWUB VI circuit with the goal of growing this sport and calisthenics community together with Team Bioco

This year there will also be a War Of Gods, thé battle of the year, between Max True and Javi Alés besides the freestyle battles. This first edition of the so-called Sthenos Battles will be organized in collaboration with the Calistenia App.

General Information

Male Calisthenics Athletes

Qualifying round

  1. Ayoub Kadiir
  2. Oscar Gamboa Rendon
  3. Joel Trulls Marchuet
  4. Akira
  5. Saul M. Torres
  6. Cristian Martínez
  7. Diego diez
  8. Chakir Antar
  9. Lluís Mérida
  10. Sergio
  11. Héctor Fdez
  12. Eric Fernández
  13. Denzel Fusha
  14. Carlos Hurtado
  15. Fronkin
  16. Fraylin Yujiro
  17. Sotoxine Luminus
  18. Alber Garcia Jr.
  19. Denis
  20. Javier Latorre Cervera
  21. Leandro Fariña
  22. Vicente Mezquita Renau
  23. Samu Garcia
  24. David García Brugos
  25. Victor Kasado
  26. Sergio Martinez
  27. Mario Cabañas
  28. Gianfranco Guzzo
  29. Yavira
  30. Adrián Moreno
  31. Jhony Gonzalez
  32. Jaime
  33. Paracu
  34. Pol Codina
  35. Eblin Garcias
  36. Xavier Giglioli
  37. Sergi Cassanmagnago
  38. Shaad Jimenez
  39. Bacescu Iulian
  40. Rondo
  41. Alejandro
  42. Marc Cuevas
  43. Mehdi El Arouch
  44. Pau Carreras
  45. Elfo (Eloi Fernández)
  46. Jose López
  47. Emilio
  48. Ruben Ruiz
  49. Daniel
  50. Alex
  51. Maurii
Barmania Battles | Qualifying Rounds by Akai Xports

Round 1




Female Calisthenics Athletes



BarMania Pro

BarManiaPro is a manufacturer of high–quality gym equipment. Their vandal-proof Fitparks provide users with the ultimate outdoor workout experience. We want to thank Barmania Pro for sponsoring our flight ticket and hostel. We hope they’ll keep building awesome calisthenics parks all around the world, so the calisthenics sport can keep growing and flourishing in the future!

We are very much looking forward to filming this event for all of you and will be posting content on our Instagram account and YouTube channel. Make sure to follow us there and subscribe to stay up-to-date. Are you looking for any other calisthenics competitions that will be organised this year? We’ve created a list of calisthenics competitions, called “The 20 Best Calisthenics Competitions in 2024”. Will we see you at the Barmania Battles in Barcelona or at any of the other calisthenics competitions?

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