Barbenders Static Cup 2024

This is the Barbenders Static Cup blog cover image with calisthenics athlete Onizuka performing a two finger blanche.

On Sunday the 18th we went to Mechelen, Belgium to film the 1st edition of the Barbenders Static Cup organised by Barbenders Belgium, which is the official Calisthenics Federation in Belgium. They strive to empower their members to achieve their goals and to represent the Belgian calisthenics community on a global scale. It was an amazing calisthenics competition and you can watch all of the battles in our Barbenders Static Cup 2024 YouTube playlist. In this blog we’ll tell you all you need to know about this very promising calisthenics competition!

General information

These are the three judges that will judge the calisthenics athletes their performance at the Barbenders Static Cup calisthenics competition, namely Iliesse, Youssef Moro and Barinski.


Barbenders Coaching is the partner which will sponsor the cash prizes for the number 1 and 2 for all 3 categories; to be specific 150€ and 50€ for the Advanced Category, 150€ and 50€ for the Female category and 75€ and 25€ for the Intermediate Category. 

Gornation will sponsor a Static Bar, Parallettes Pro and Performance Wrist Wraps + Powder Chalk for the number 1, 2 & 3 in the advanced category of this calisthenics competition. Gornation will also sponsor the Parallettes Pro, a Resistance Band Set and Wrist Wraps + Liquid Chalk for the female category of this calisthenics competition. And last but not least, Gornation will sponsor the Parallettes Max, a Rings Set and Light Wrist Wraps + Powdered Chalk for the intermediate category of this calisthenics competition. Who will walk away with the money, these amazing prices and more to come?

48 Calisthenics Athletes

Out of 90+ registrations Barbenders Belgium selected 8 Female Athletes, 22 Advanced Male Athletes and 16 Male Intermediate Athletes from 16 different countries. There were calisthenics athletes competing from France🇫🇷, Belgium🇧🇪, Italy🇮🇹, Spain🇪🇸, Bulgaria🇧🇬, Morocco🇲🇦, Portugal🇵🇹, La Réunion🇷🇪, Brazil🇧🇷, Lithuania🇱🇹, Poland🇵🇱, Tunisia🇹🇳, Romania🇷🇴, Ecuador🇪🇨, Argentina🇦🇷, Algeria🇩🇿 and Croatia🇭🇷. It was a huge international static calisthenics competition! 

Static Queens

Female Finals

Lord of Statics (Intermediate)

Male Intermediate Semi-Finals

Male Intermediate Finals

King Of Statics (advanced)

Male Advanced Quarter-Finals

Male Advanced Semi-Finals

Male Advanced Finals

Will we see you next year?

It was a spectacle to behold and If you couldn’t make it to the event we would surely recommend to check our YouTube channel for all of the amazing battles. We want to congratulate all of the participating calisthenics athletes and more specifically Shaad, Carlos & Rémi, Noah, Anouar & Damian, Marilú, Blanca and Antonella. These athletes made it into the top 3 of the Male Advanced, Male Intermediate and Female categories!

We hope to see you at any upcoming calisthenics competitions and as Ali from Barbenders put it, “will we see you next year?” We’ve created a list of calisthenics competitions in our “The 19 Best Calisthenics Competitions in 2024” blog. Are we missing any competitions, where should we go next and will we see you there?

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