Street Workout Ultimate Battles 2023

This image is the cover photo for the blog about the Street Workout Ultimate Battles 2023 blog, which includes a picture of the top 3 male calisthenics athletes, namely Thiago Tavares, Daniel Hristov and Daniels Laizans.

On the 15th of June we left by car to catch our plane in Belgium to fly to Madrid for the 5th edition of the Street Workout Ultimate Battles! It wasn’t our first time visiting this amazing calisthenics competition, since we were also present at SWUB IV in 2022. This time we went with Eloy, Jarno and additionally Lars, Daniel and Valdas. After a training at thé park, enjoying the beautiful city of Madrid and visiting the SWUB V Press Conference it was finally time for the big day. In this blog we’ll tell you all about this big spectacle called the Street Workout Ultimate Battles. We also filmed most of the battles that took place, so we’ll link to these videos as well!

General Information

36 Calisthenics Athletes

If you’re wondering where all of these athletes come from and what their Instagram accounts are, we’ll list them here!

20 Nationalities

This means there were calisthenics athletes from 20 different countries at SWUB V! Some of the athletes qualified for SWUB V through the Iberian Battles, Monse Battles Cup or other qualifying stages. Another thing to mention is that there were many calisthenics athletes representing Gornation this year. Below you can watch all of the battles and see everything that went down at the Street Workout Ultimate Battles V in 2023!

SWUB V – Men’s Championship

24 male calisthenics athletes competed in this category at the Street Workout Ultimate Battles V.

Round 1

Quarter Finals



SWUB V – Women’s Championship

12 female calisthenics athletes competed in this category at the Street Workout Ultimate Battles V.




Calisthenics Champions

We would like to congratulate all of the participating athletes and specifically #1 Daniel Hristov, #2 Thiago Tavares, #3 Daniels Laizans, #1 Blanca Almoh, #2 Alisia Persa and #3 Jasi Svilenova, who ended up in the top 3. Also we want to congratulate Gustavo for winning the Gornation Golden Athlete Award. June 17th was really a historic day!

Team Bioco: “Yesterday was a historic day for calisthenics, 1,350 attendees and more than 25,000 people in the streaming of SWUB V. A golden page was written in the history books of our sport. We continue to move forward to make events more and more professional and to make our discipline known to the whole world. All this would not be possible without the support of the public.”

SWUB V Experience

We all really enjoyed the show, met a lot of great athletes and even got to train with them at Parque Castilla – La Mancha in Getafe, Madrid. A lot of our experience can be watched in the following video’s created by the one and only Eloy Narings. These video’s are a pleasure to watch and also Jarno Calisthenics posted a lot of the SWUB V battles on his channel.


We’ll also be visiting the Street Workout Ultimate Battles VI in 2024, so we hope to see you there. We’ll be filming all of the battles for those who won’t be able to make it or want to relive the battles. If you’re looking for a list of competitions, we’ve got you covered with our Calisthenics Competitions in 2024 blog. And lastly, we want to thank Team Bioco for organising such an amazing event and doing the great work they do to grow the sport!

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