Brussels Freestyle Cup 2022

This is the cover image for the Brussels Freestyle Cup 2022 blog, which includes the male advanced champion of this calisthenics competition, namely Julien Pierson, Yvan Delbecque and Alex Barinski.

On Tuesday morning I left by car to head to the first edition of the Brussels Freestyle Cup. I did visit Brussels before that year on the 23th of September to enjoy the Brussels International Freestyle Battle organised by NoRepSW and AKV Move. Here I also filmed the competition and made a longer format video. At the Brussels Freestyle Cup I decided to post all of the battles separately and create a YouTube playlist about this calisthenics competition. In this blog we’ll tell you all you need to know about these battles!

General Information

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Calisthenics Athletes

With calisthenics athletes from France, Belgium, Germany, Israel, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Italy, Albania, Sweden, Romania and Switzerland there were athletes from 11 different countries. There were also 24 male athletes and 14 female athletes competing in both a pro and intermediate category. It was amazing to see this many female calisthenics athletes compete in 2 different categories! All 36 battles can be watched on our YouTube channel or in the Brussels Freestyle Cup 2022 YouTube playlist.

Male Pro 

Quarter Finals

Semi Finals


Male Intermediate 

Round 1

Quarter Finals

Semi Finals


Female Pro




Female Intermediate


Maelle Pelvat from Switzerland🇨🇭 VS Lilou from France🇫🇷

Oceane from France🇫🇷 VS Sophie from Belgium🇧🇪

Jessica Van Butsele from Belgium🇧🇪 VS Agathe Collet from Belgium🇧🇪


Agathe Collet from Belgium🇧🇪 VS Oceane from France🇫🇷 VS Maelle Pelvat from Switzerland🇨🇭

Calisthenics champions

We want to congratulate all the athletes on their performance. Specifically the athletes that came in first place, namely Yvan Delbecque, Ted Mansouri, Alisia Persa & Maëlle Pelvat. The ones that won a silver medal, namely Julien Pierson, Mihail Mirchev, Ladislava Jeřábková & Oceane. And last but not least the ones that came in at the third place, namely Alex Barinski, Niv Rabi, Sarah Chimdi Anyamele & Agathe Collet. 

If you’re looking for more calisthenics competitions we’ve created a list of calisthenics competitions in our “The 19 Best Calisthenics Competitions in 2024” blog. We’ve also visited the second edition of the Brussels Freestyle Cup in 2023, which you can read all about in our Brussels Freestyle Cup 2023 blog!

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