How To Find a Calisthenics Park Near Me?

Calisthenics Park Near Me

Working out in a calisthenics park is one of the best things to do when you practice only bodyweight exercises. Especially with the upcoming summer, and all the closed gyms due to the coronavirus. When it is hot, it is amazing to train outside. A calisthenics park is perfect for that. The only problem is to find such a park. Calisthenics is still growing in popularity, so there are not many parks yet. Finding one can be really hard. So let me help you. I will give you three ways to always find parks/ workout spots near you.

Why it is so amazing and beneficial to train in a calisthenics park 

With the good-weather incoming, it is very nice to train in these parks. One of the best things are the good vibes that always hang around the parks. People always want to help each other and learn new stuff. Borrowing equipment such as resistance bands or chalk is no problem. You probably will start making new friends. The big benefit of working out in a calisthenics park is that it has all the equipment you need. A common calisthenics park will always have pull-up bars and dip bars, and the best thing is, it is all free to use!

The only problem is to find a park, therefore three ways to find a calisthenics park nearby.

Use the internet as a searching tool

The quickest and easiest way to find a calisthenics park near you is to use the world wide web. There is an application called This application has an index of almost every calisthenics park out there. Really easy to use, fill in your region, and it will show you all the closest parks in your location.

A great feature of this application is that I also show you what kind of park it is. It shows you all the equipment the park has available. It even displays a rating of the greatness of that park. In other words, this free application is a great source to find nearby calisthenics parks.  

Another way to find a calisthenics park near me using the internet. There is a chance that there is a park close without you knowing about it. Some parks are not indexed by yet. Google maps is also a source to find nearby calisthenics parks. Another way to find a park, could be to go into Facebook groups, and simply ask people. There are many ways to find workout spots using the internet.

Use playgrounds as your workout spot

Most of the time, the closest calisthenics park is a drive of 20 minutes. For some people, this too much, especially for busy people. The best thing you can do at that point is to search for local playgrounds. A lot of kid playgrounds have bars just like those in the calisthenics parks.

Again, you can use your access to the internet to find all the nearby (school)playgrounds. But keep in mind to train only when it is in the evening or when there are not so many kids playing at that particular time. You do not want to disturb the children. It is and remains a place for children to play.

Use your environment

The third option is to use your environment as a workout spot. That is the beauty of calisthenics. You can practically use everything as workout equipment. A football goal to do pull-ups, hang your gymnastic rings around a tree. You can use everything. Grab your bike or go for a walk and just search for potential workout spots. This way, you will also get some cardio in. You only need to be creative enough. That is the best thing about calisthenics. The only thing you need is your body!

I cannot find a calisthenics park near me

If you have searched your whole region to find a workout spot and there is not even one spot. Then I recommend you build a park yourself. There are several ways of doing this. 

The first way is to make a DIY pull up bar. Go to a local construction-market, to buy supplies. On youtube, there are plenty of tutorials on how to make such a bar.

The benefit of making your own bar is that it will not cost a lot of money. Some cons are that it will not be as stable and safe as the bars in the regular calisthenics parks. Another way is to buy a pull-up bar. The German company pullup and dip designed a pull-up bar that also can be used as a dip bar. This product, which you can mount on trees or poles, as shown in the picture, is perfect if you do not have any workout spots nearby.

With this product, you can workout almost everywhere. The only disadvantage this product has is its price. This piece of equipment is not quite cheap. But if you are interested in purchasing? You can get a 10% discount if you buy your Pullup & Dip product through the link below. Use the code CWW10 to get your discount.

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Finding a nearby calisthenics park can be quite challenging. There are a few ways to find a good workout spot. But in the end, the best way is to use the application: This calisthenics app will give you an overview of every nearby park in your region. If the closest park is still too far, you should search for other workout spots like playgrounds. 

Just be creative, and you can make any place a great spot for a workout!

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