The 24 Best Calisthenics YouTubers You Should Watch In 2024

Best Calisthenics YouTubers

These are the best Calisthenics YouTubers and are must-haves in your subscription list if you’re into Calisthenics and better living through exercise. We’ve compiled this list of the very best Calisthenics channels on YouTube because we enjoy them but also because they are factually correct. They make high-quality content and these content creators love Calisthenics and have done a lot for the Calisthenics community. If you’re looking for easily accessible information and a little bit of entertainment that has to do with Calisthenics (and is free), these YouTube channels are the best way to get started.

The Best Calisthenics YouTubers & Their Channels

Give these wonderful people a watch, a like, a reply and a subscribe (shameless self-plug warning: we’ve included ourselves as well). We only added the very best Calisthenics YouTube channels which have something valuable to share, like creators of one of the best Calisthenics Programs, top-athletes or Calisthenics influencers with the right message. Here are the best Calisthenics YouTubers:

#0 Calisthenics Worldwide

Our own Calisthenics Worldwide YouTube channel features a multitude of instructional and review videos dealing with all things Calisthenics. Your host, Jelle, has a concise but very meticulous way of showcasing how to perform Calisthenics techniques and how to acquire new skills. From learning advanced techniques like the Ring Muscle-Up to the unboxing of quality equipment like the best Parallettes and best Pull-Up Bars, you can find it on our channel. He also showcases popular Calisthenics events like SWUB. With your help, we strive to be the best YouTube channel to learn Calisthenics.

#1 Calisthenics Movement (Cali Move)

Our favorite and very best Calisthenics YouTubers have to be Calisthenics Movement, also known as Cali Move. As a brand, Calisthenics Movement became big because of their top-tier YouTube content. They basically started the whole Calisthenics YouTube community and they’re not afraid to share all their professional knowledge with you on their channel and for free. Alex “El Eggs” and Sven really make Calisthenics enjoyable and accessible to everyone. They bundle this with what is in our opinion the best Calisthenics Program. We of course mean the Cali Move Complete Calisthenics Program, which you can get with a 10% discount by using the code CWW10 on checkout.

Cali Move Complete Calisthenics

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GORNATION not only makes high-quality Calisthenics equipment like the excellent GORNATION Parallettes, but also has a popular podcast called Athlete Insider showcasing professional Calisthenics athletes and how they train. You can really learn a lot from those interviews and how to incorporate effective workouts into your daily lives. Fun and informative to watch, it’s definitely worth following one of the best Calisthenics YouTube channels. As an extra bonus, you get a 10% discount on all GORNATION products if you click on this link or use the code CWW10 during checkout.

Gornation Premium MAX Parallettes

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#3 Sondre Berg

In our opinion, Sondre Berg deserves a top spot on your list of best Calisthenics YouTubers to subscribe to. He is a major Calisthenics influencer and lover of the Calisthenics community. Sondre Berg focuses on showcasing new skills and many tutorials on how to master both the basic Calisthenics techniques and acquire new, advanced techniques as well. His content production is high quality, and he is an enjoyable host to boot. Sondre Berg is also known for his great, skills-based Calisthenics program called Berg Movement on which we did a review already.

New Logo for the Berg Movement App

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#4 Eloy Narings

Rising star Eloy Narings deserves you hitting that subscribe button on his great Calisthenics YouTube channel. You might have spotted him in some of our own videos already, where his performance is always excellent. It’s the number one reason why we enjoy working with him and why he is one of the best Calisthenics YouTubers. His approachable content style covers Calisthenics events, tutorials and the general Calisthenics lifestyle. Tell this hidden gem we sent you over and said hi and that he should keep producing those great and informative videos. 

#5 Daniel Histrov

Daniel Histrov is a Calisthenics world champion, winning both SWUB and FIBO in 2022 and 2023. We went to the 2023 SWUB event ourselves and documented it all. His content features both events he has taken part in, as well as tutorials on techniques like the Planches, Levers and various (gymnastic) static holds. He’ll also suggest and show different workouts, both light and hard, and what kind of Calisthenics Equipment you need. His video production is great and what better way to learn than to learn from the winners?

#6 Chris Heria

The huge and popular (and many regard him as the best) Calisthenics YouTuber, Chris Heria can’t be excluded from any subscription list. His content ranges from exercise tutorials, acquiring new skills and full workout regimes. He also makes videos related to Calisthenics events, just sports and outdoors activities in general and of course (sometimes contentious) collabs with other Calisthenics athletes. Many aspire to emulate Christ Heria and so can you by watching his videos and following his advice.

Chris Heria: “I’m Going To Make World’s First Millionaire Calisthenics Athlete!”

#7 Austin Dunham

Austin Dunham creates great instructional videos and full Calisthenics workouts that anyone can follow. What we really like about Austin is that he involves himself a lot with his local community, including children and getting everyone to experience the joys and benefits of Calisthenics. We also enjoyed his 5-Minute Calisthenics Workouts as a great but intensive beginner workout. If you follow Chris Heria, then Austin Dunham is certainly another Calisthenics YouTube channel to subscribe to as well.

#8 Malin Malle

Malin Malle Jansson is a giantess in the scene of Calisthenics YouTubers. Her great physique and high level of skill is an inspiration to many female athletes. Her content includes step-by-step instructions for acquiring Calisthenics techniques, both mastering the basics as well as advanced techniques like handstands. Also included are general lifestyle tips like nutrition and beauty and vlog challenges. She is a great advocate and ambassador of Calisthenics for Women, and you should follow her on YouTube, even though she releases both videos in English and Swedish.

#9 Hybrid Calisthenics

Hampton of Hybrid Calisthenics needs a big shoutout from us for his entertaining and high-value content on the Calisthenics lifestyle. He shows tutorials on not only Calisthenics techniques, but also to improve your lifestyle in general. He discusses motivation, how to get it and how to keep it, effective daily routines which go beyond your Calisthenics workout and what other things can help you build a healthy, strong body and mind. His content is also very fun to watch, and he is an engaging host. Easily one of the best Calisthenics YouTubers out there when it comes to building the motivation to get healthy and fit.

#10 Calisthenics Family

This excellent Calisthenics YouTube channel can’t ever have enough subscribers, in our opinion. Their content goes above and beyond tutorials, showing you effective and readily actionable guides on how to improve your body. Specific content like how to target specific parts of your body go along with videos on the best exercises for more advanced techniques. Their progression and motivational videos are also a must-watch and always enjoyable. Calisthenics Family also follows a very frequent upload schedule, which is a boon to have if you want to make it on any best Calisthenics YouTubers list.

#11 Stan Browney

Stan Browney pushes himself and, importantly, other people to break through their limits and bad habits with Calisthenics. He documented his own journey from being obese to becoming lean and shredded in full. That series alone is worth a watch and a subscription to his Calisthenics YouTube channel. He now also helps and documents other people’s journeys, coaching and encouraging them along their way to a fit and healthy body. If you’re on a similar journey, then Stan Browney is the best Calisthenics YouTuber for you as a great resource for both motivation and valuable information.

#12 Andry Strong

Andy Strong caters to both Calisthenics practitioners and Bodybuilders with his entertaining videos and monster challenges. His channel seeks the boundaries of what the human physique is capable of and puts himself to the test time and time again. If you want to see if a bodybuilder can be as skillful as a Calisthenics athlete, or if a Calisthenics athlete can pull off fictional exercises like in Anime, then Andry Strong’s channel is peak entertainment. He also shows plenty of innovative ways to perfect your technique and break through plateaus.

#13 Al Kavadlo

Al Kavadlo is all about the How To’s and top exercises videos, explaining how to best acquire skills and the best skills to acquire. He is a veteran Calisthenics practitioner and prolific author of books on Calisthenics. He’s also very accessible and loves receiving questions from his community. He not only delves into exercise techniques, but also into full workouts, nutrition and the benefits of cold showers of all things. He also advocates a minimalist lifestyle and that includes for the Calisthenics Equipment he uses. As a host he is entertaining, informative and welcoming to his viewers. 

#14 Fun With Calisthenics

Antony of Fun With Calisthenics is a smaller but one of the best Calisthenics YouTubers and he never ceases to inspire us. He’s in his late 50’s but his relaxed approach to Calisthenics shows you that age is no barrier, let alone an excuse, to entry into a Calisthenics lifestyle. He documents how in a few short years, he went from your stereotypical body of a 50-something year old man to becoming stronger, leaner, fitter and healthier than most young men out there. A really motivating Calisthenics YouTube channel with great exercises and workout routines.

#15 School of Calisthenics

Learning and applying is what the School of Calisthenics YouTube channel stands for. Filled to the brim with tutorials from anything from basic Calisthenics techniques to advanced skills and new science-based exercises, School of Calisthenics will never bore you. Each workout technique is shown in detail and with steps on how to progress. They also give both beginner and advanced daily workouts. If you’re seeking a lot of quick exercise guides, give School of Calisthenics a follow. Next to being Calisthenics YouTubers, they also host a podcast that delves deeper into topics surrounding Calisthenics on a regular basis.

#16 Artem Morozov, The Calisthenics School

Artem is known for his deep knowledge about everything Calisthenics (he’s like a walking Calisthenics book). His Calisthenics YouTube channel hosts many how-to’s and guides on exercises and progressions. He also has videos specifically on what not to do and better alternatives to common but less than ideal exercises you might be doing. Artem has been the juror to several Calisthenics competition in the Netherlands, and next to being big on Calisthenics is also a pro-level gymnast.

#17 Barstarzz

Barstarzz used to be a giant crew in the Calisthenics scene, back when it started to spread worldwide. Although quieter now, Barstarzz has a filled library of podcasts featuring star athletes. We recommend this channel if you’re interested in hearing from the strongest, fittest and most ripped athletes like Dejan Stipke, Vadym Oleynik and Al Kavadlo. They also have videos going specifically into burning fat or getting bigger and how to do it all from your home. 

#18 Dejan Stipke

Self-made man, Dejan Stipke is known for meticulously documenting his own lifestyle and giving his community many insights and guides on how to emulate it. The Dejan Stipke Workout is a prime example of how to do this. Other videos cover more specific workouts for parts of your body, using Calisthenics equipment and engaging in Freestyle Calisthenics. For the real enthusiast of all things Calisthenics, Dejan Stipke has to be on your list of best Calisthenics YouTube channels.

#19 Dominic Sky

You can find plenty of routines and explanations of exercises on Dominic Sky’s Calisthenics YouTube channel. He also gives many quick tips in short form format, and discusses the philosophy and motivation behind a healthy, Calisthenics lifestyle. He also has some shenanigans that are loosely related to Calisthenics which are fun to watch and have a laugh about. 

#20 Calisthenics Nation

We knew Italians were keen on fashion, but Calisthenics Nation also proves they know their stuff when it comes to Calisthenics. Their videos focus on showing off their Calisthenics skills, mostly to girls who are fit and ripped themselves and how to impress people (again girls mostly) in public with your skills. If you’re looking for motivation and ideas on doing the same yourself, give Calisthenics Nation a follow and let them entertain you.

#21 Saibov Calisthenics

Not as active as he used to be, Ruslan Saibov is a professional Calisthenics coach and athlete who is also among the best Calisthenics YouTubers. His channel is bursting at the seams with videos on how to do all the Calisthenics basics, as well as progressing your number of reps. He also discusses and shows various full-body workout routines for the beginner Calisthenics practitioner, and which can be upscaled easily. These days he is more active in the community by traveling from one Calisthenics event to the other.

#22 FitnessFAQ’s

FitnessFAQ’s is run by Daniel Vadnal who is a licensed physiotherapist who also has ample of Calisthenice experience. Like Calisthenics Worldwide, FitnessFAQ’s focuses on bringing its community science-based workouts and lifestyle changes to foster healthier living through exercise. Aside from plenty of basic and advanced tutorials, the Fitness FAQ’s channels goes into best practices for growing certain parts of your body and improving your skills. Aside from their Calisthenics YouTube channel, they are also the developers of the Body by Rings exercise routine.

#23 SaturnoMovement

SaturnoMovement are big fans of the Gymnastic Rings, just like us and use them to do many different exercises and complete workouts. Besides the rings, they also use the Pull-Up Bar a lot and give you detailed guides and tips on how to improve your Calisthenics. Other content by this Calisthenics YouTuber involves best-practices and easy everyday exercises which can have a big impact on your body and muscle toning.

Other Calisthenics YouTubers

We liked these Calisthenics YouTubers too, despite not making it to our best list.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Best Calisthenics YouTubers

Here are a few more frequently asked questions about the best Calisthenics YouTubers and their channels.

What are the best Calisthenics YouTube Channels?

The best Calisthenics Youtube channels are Calisthenics Movement and Sondre Berg’s channel. These channels offer a wealth of information on all things Calisthenics, from exercise tutorials, entire workouts and other subjects dealing with the Calisthenics lifestyle like nutrition and motivation.

What is the best YouTube channel to learn Calisthenics?

Many of the best Calisthenics YouTubers have videos or playlists teaching you the basics of Calisthenics. Among the best YouTube channels to learn Calisthenics we count Calisthenics Movement, Sondre Berg and also our own Calisthenics Worldwide.

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