Best Calisthenics Blog 2020 – The Year in Review

best calisthenics blog

2020 has been a special year for almost everyone in the world. And for many, it was not positive. At the beginning of the year, everyone was talking about the big fires in Australia and other places. And shortly after that, the corona pandemic was everywhere. Many countries have had lockdowns or other regulations that stopped our normal everyday lives. For gym rats and fitness lovers it was hard because all gyms were closed. But calisthenics enthusiasts continued. And this website is now in the top best calisthenics blog of 2020!

Lockdowns and Calisthenics

People had to find different ways to workout. Many people built home gyms and started working out at home. And a lot of people got into calisthenics. Just in case you are new here and wondering what we are talking about – what is calisthenics? Calisthenics is a form of strength training consisting of a variety of movements that exercise large muscle groups. Calisthenics uses minimal equipment since it is mostly based on bodyweight exercises. This can often be done in a calisthenics park or with some equipment at home.

Some examples of calisthenics exercises are push-ups, pull-ups, squats, dips, the handstand and the muscle-up. Calisthenics can provide the benefits of muscular and aerobic conditioning, in addition to improving psychomotor skills such as balance, agility and coordination. This is is because of the type of exercises you do in calisthenics and also the HIIT (high intensity interval training) workout form. Calisthenics exercises are often performed in super sets, or done with less rest in between exercises. Most of the time, it is not too busy in parks so you can perform the exercises with less intervals.

best calisthenics blog
We keep looking forward

Calisthenics Worldwide in Review

2020 was also a special year for us al Calishtenics Wordwide. Jari Dohmen, the CEO and founder of CWW, put up our website in March. Since then, a lot has changed. The CWW team created a lot of content about calisthenics and the entire lifestyle around it. There is great information about training methods, nutrition, equipment, sleep and exercise routines, and a lot more. In addition, we pay attention to mental health too. 

Our aim is quality over quantity. We want to write about things that really benefit calisthenics enthusiasts, providing only evidence-based information. Our content is science based. That is easier said then done. Although calisthenics has existed for over two thousand years, it is still kind of new to many people and not many scientists have looked into this sport. Luckily, our writers are professionals in the field of physiotherapy, mental coaching and linguistics. They know what they write about and perform calisthenics themself.

Our goal is to build an online platform – both on this website and our social media accounts – for all calisthenics athletes in the world. We want to help create a real community. The Calisthenics Worldwide Community group on Facebook keeps on growing every day and many athletes post about different techniques to help beginners and others. It also helps you find friends to work out with and share knowledge and skills.

Best Calisthenics Blog Worldwide

Now at the end of 2020, one year of hard work has paid off. We are in the global top 3 of blogs and websites for bodyweight training enthusiasts. We are very happy to see this growth seen and intend to keep on growing and reach out to even more people. Our collaborations with companies like Gravity Fitness, Pullup & DipGornation and the Thenics app are all intended to provide you with the best training equipment and information available.  

When you review this year, we hope you are ending it in a better condition than 12 months ago. If not, do not give up. We are here to help. And we are here to stay! The new year will be even better. We want to remain the best calisthenics blog for all of you. Many great things are coming, so stay tuned! We promise to keep working hard for you and the worldwide calisthenics community. Have a happy and fit 2021!

the Calisthenics Worldwide team

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