Calisthenics for beginners

Are you a beginner in calisthenics and looking for how to start calisthenics, then this is right for you! This calisthenics blog category is full of tips on how to start with calisthenics.

Recommended Calisthenics Equipment

Calisthenics is performed with little to no equipment. Most of the times calisthenics tools or equipment are needed for new progressions, harder exercises or preventing serious injuries. 

List of calisthenics exercises

Are you looking for basic exercises or maybe are looking for a list with more advanced calisthenics exercises. This blog category has all the information for you!

Nutrition for beginners

Using food with the best nutritional value can be hard, especially for beginners. Have trouble with your nutrition or are you beginner in clean eating? Here are some good blog articles to start with.

Recovery after workout

It’s important to know why recovery after a workout is important. Recovery in calisthenics is often overrated. In this section you’ll find anything to recover faster after workouts and injuries.

Calisthenics Tutorials and Power Moves

If you are more advanced you are probably looking for a safe way to master gymnastic power moves. You are probably already familiair with the planche, handstand, human flag and many more.

Calisthenics Apps

If you are looking for the best apps to use during your calisthenics workout, you should definitely check all our information and reviews about all the applications that exists.

Calisthenics Books

Calisthenics is a relatively new sport, but there are already have been good calisthenics book publications. Read our recommendations on calisthenics books here!

Weight Training

Weight Training is a different form of exercises. Compared to calisthenics, people in the gym use weights as their primary resistance. What are the benefits and different methods?

Calisthenics blog

We created a lot of blog posts and content about calisthenics and the entire lifestyle around it. You can read information about training methods, nutrition/diet, calisthenics equipment, calisthenics workouts/exercises asleep, and a lot more. In addition, we pay attention to mental health too. 

Our aim is quality over quantity. We want to write about things that really benefit calisthenics enthusiasts, providing only evidence-based information. Our content is science based. That is easier said then done. Although calisthenics has existed for over two thousand years, it is still kind of new to many people and not many scientists have looked into this sport. Luckily, our writers are professionals in the field of physiotherapy, mental coaching and linguistics. They know what they write about and perform calisthenics themself.