Who is Simon Imhäuser and the Imhäuser Crew?

Simon Imhäuser

Simon Imhäuser is a Calisthenics heavyweight athlete, and as one if not the heaviest Calisthenics champion his story is one of inspiration. Standing at 6’1” (185cm) and weighing almost 190lbs (86kg), he is somewhat of an outlier on the professional Calisthenics athletic scene. Nevertheless, Simon has proven his merit by winning the Beast of the Barz competition in 2019, among other titles and competitions. By applying himself with dedication and a great passion for Calisthenics, he overcame his own doubts and feeling of being stuck. That makes Simon Imhäuser’s tale one of inspiration, a classic example of how Calisthenics uplifts. Now he offers this same uplifting to others with the Imhäuser Crew initiative. Time for a closer look.

Calisthenics Cup 2024 at FIBO | Simon Imhäuser VS Ilay Bardugo

Who is Simon Imhäuser?

Simon Imhäuser is a heavy weight Calisthenics athlete from Stockholm, Sweden. He is a Calisthenics master in static skills and freestyle Calisthenics, participating and ranking high or winning in Calisthenics competitions on several occasions. Despite his considerable weight (for a freestyle athlete), he has mastered his body to such a degree that he can compete with lighter opponents and win. He achieved this status by no magic trick but by diligence and discipline. 

Simon Imhäuser Personal Information
Height185cm / 6ft 1in
Weight86kg /   189lb and 9oz
Date of BirthOctober 16, 2002
Place of BirthStockholm, Sweden
ProfessionsCalisthenics Athlete, Mechanical Engineer Student, Businessman
Started Calisthenics2018
Other SportsCompetitive Swimming

In other words, Simon Imhäuser is a firm believer in the idea that you can overcome anything if you apply yourself dutifully to your set goals. Let’s look at Simon’s achievements first to take measure.

Simon Imhäuser’s Calisthenics Achievements

Simon’s titles in May 2024 at the time of publishing this article:

  • 1st Place Beast of the Barz at Fitness Festivalen in Stockholm, Sweden 2019
  • 1st Place Swedish & Nordic Freestyle Calisthenics Championships 2021 & 2022 
  • 1st Place Swedish Champion in 1RM (Street lifting / Weighted Calisthenics) in 2022
  • 2nd Place WSWCF World Championships Heavyweight Category in Freestyle Calisthenics 2022

With 4 titles and one runner-up at some of the most prestigious Calisthenics events, Simon is doing something right. 

How it Started: From the Pool to the Bar

Simon’s athletic journey began in the waters, where he dedicated 12 years to competitive swimming. Swimming taught Simon the value of hard work and commitment. He found a new and his current passion in 2018, Calisthenics. This relatively new sport offered a fresh challenge to Simon that the swimming pool simply couldn’t: a way to express his creativity as well as increasing his physical prowess.

How it’s Going: Calisthenics Champion

After just one year of intensive training, Simon won the title at the Beast of the Barz competition in 2019. Suddenly, he stood in the spotlight and Simon didn’t stop there. He went on to secure first place at the Swedish & Nordic Freestyle Calisthenics Championships in 2021 and 2022, and he became the Swedish Champion in 1RM (Street lifting / Weighted Calisthenics) in 2022 as well. In that same year he also finished second place at the WSWCF World Championships in the heavy weight category.

He now reaches out to the Calisthenics community, offering his knowledge and methods to the broader public through what he calls the Imhäuser Crew.

Simon’s Take on Calisthenics

Simon’s time in the pool taught him that excellence can only be achieved if you make your pursuit a life’s pursuit. He applies that same philosophy to Calisthenics. That makes Calisthenics more than sport to Simon Imhäuser, it is his way of life now. It transformed his mindset by combining discipline and a creative vision into something that goes beyond physical training. 

Looking at his achievements in such a short amount of time, he shows that anything is possible with Calisthenics if you put your heart, mind and body behind it. I can see why his story is so inspiring for so many people.

Moving forward, his goal is to inspire others to take up the sport, emphasizing that calisthenics is for everyone, regardless of size and weight.

His Favorite Calisthenics Skills 

Simon’s favorite calisthenics skill is the Front Lever and all its variations. For standard reps and sets he loves both Weighted Pull-Ups and Dips. Weighted Calisthenics allows Simon to best utilize his immense strength and bodily physique as a heavy weight. Besides the strength aspect, his true passion for the sport lies in freestyle Calisthenics.

Training Regimen and Advice for Beginners

Simon trains 6 times a week for 90 minutes per workout. He prefers exercises that are both effective but also enjoyable since that helps to keep up morale. As far as Calisthenics Equipment goes, Simon uses Parallettes,Resistance Bands some sometimes Liquid Chalk for his exercises. 

For beginners, Simon recommends finding joy in the process and building a routine around exercises that they enjoy personally.

Nutrition, Motivation, and Life Beyond Calisthenics

Simon’s Calisthenics Diet is simple. He enjoys a balanced diet without too many bells and whistles. He supplements this with Creatine, Magnesium, Omega-3 and Vitamin D. He finds that these simple supplements along with a diet of fresh and varied foods gives him the best performance.

He finds motivation in exercises he knows he can do well. Especially when the training feels burdensome, he tends to throw in exercises he knows he’ll perform well with. This gives him a great sense of achievement. I can see the psychological advantage of limiting the exercises that you’re still working on to just one or two and keep doing those you know you’ll enjoy the most.

Outside of Calisthenics, Simon Imhäuser enjoys fishing, skiing and music. Here is his favorite band to listen to while exercising:

The Imhäuser Crew

You can follow in Simon’s footsteps, or at least get some of that same inspiration and determination, by joining the Imhäuser Crew. The Imhäuser Crew is Simon’s way of extending his knowledge and passion to the broader Calisthenics community. It is a fully fledged, full body Calisthenics Program that anyone can start. At the time of this article, it is still a very new program that’s still under development. It already looks great and very sleek with immense potential.

Conclusions About the Imhäuser Crew

Simon Imhäuser’s journey from the swimming pools of Stockholm to the global Calisthenics stage speaks of dedication and single-mindedness in the pursuit of perfection. I understand why he is so inspirational to other people. By pushing his own boundaries constantly, he shows what Calisthenics is capable of. Or rather, Simon Imhäuser shows what a determined soul is capable of through Calisthenics.

According to Simon, diligence and discipline are the key ingredients to getting a great body and accomplishing your goals. I wholeheartedly agree with this assessment, but for many (including myself frequently), it is hard to keep going. Simon’s solution is to mix that which is necessary with that which is enjoyable (but also effective). By doing those exercises you know you can progress in or already do very well, you keep the enjoyment in the workout alive. That is the key to success and allows you to also tackle those exercises which you might not be as good at, yet.

His meteoric track record in Calisthenics competitions combined with a wholesome view of Calisthenics as a lifestyle make Simon Imhäuser someone to follow.

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