Madbarz Workout App: Calisthenics App Review

madbarz app

It is time for a new app review another. This time, we discuss the Madbarz workout app. Madbarz is a free app that you can download for both iOS and Android. It provides for calisthenics workout plans, nutrition plans and tips to transform your body into what you desire. We have discussed other calisthenics apps before so there’s a comparison at the end of this blog.

Madbarz: Bodyweight Workouts
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About the Madbarz App 

Madbarz is a calisthenics app that offers a free section with home workouts for your entire body. You can upgrade to a premium plan for unlimited access to workout plans, nutrition tips and even recipes. The workout plans in the upgrade are tailored to your personal transformation. 

We can not tell you much about the team behind the Madbarz app. We know it was created by Hungary athletes. The workouts plans are made by fitness experts. The calisthenics app has over 1 million subscribers and is dedicated to provide transformation plans for calisthenics workouts. The app contains a lot of personal stories of people who used the app to transform their body and they include pictures. This really provides great motivation to get shredded with calisthenics yourself.

What to Expect of the App 

The free package in the Madbarz app is limited. It provides 60+ workouts and enables you to customize some workouts. You can save 3 workouts that you customize. The premium version offers unlimited access to all the workout plans. They include 12-week schedules, diet plans and tips. We totally recommend you to get the most out of this app by using upgrading to the premium version.

Madbarz App – Routines 

MadBarz is famous for its workout routines that offer fun challenges and help even if you do not use you phone during workouts.

The 60 workouts in the free section focus on either building muscle or cardio. Madbarz mostly focuses on chest, arms, abs and legs. But of course there are also back and shoulder exercises to guarantee full body workouts. Before you start your workout, you can see how long it will take, how many rounds you need to do and the estimated calories you burn. This is calculated based on your body type, height and weight.  

Every exercise comes with a video that shows you which muscles you use in the exercise. And in every routine, you can customize the rounds, rest time between exercises and rounds and include warm-up and stretching. 

Madbarz App – Exercises 

Madbarz offers 360 exercises that you can choose from to customize your workout. In addtion, all exercises are in alphabetical order with a great filter selection. The filter lets you choose between body section. For example, you want to create a calisthenics chest exercise plan. So you filter on chest and all 107 chest exercises show up. But it gets even better. You can choose your desired equipment as well. If you filter on pull-up bar, you get chest exercises you can perform with a pull-up bar. Obviously, it is great to customize exercises to the equipment you have available. 

Madbarz App – Plans 

This section is only available for premium accounts. But we think it is totally worth it. Madbarz keeps creating new plans all the time and also challenges and other programs to keep you busy and help you reach your goals. These premium workout provide flexible schedules which tell you when you have to train, which workout you should do and when to expect results. For example, in the additional street workout basic plan you build up to level 3 in which you are able to do muscle-ups and a handstand. The exercises in level 1 and 2 help you train towards these goals. 

These 100% calisthenics plans include all the information you need about your progress, week info and how many reps you did of every exercise. This is another feature that makes Madbarz a really great calisthenics apps. 

madbarz app

Our Opinion 

Madbarz and calistheniapp are alike. Overall, Madbarz scores higher than the calisteniapp though. Granted, the free section in calisteniapp is bigger. But in both apps, you have to subscribe or upgrade to get a the full experience. We think Madbarz is one of the best calisthenics apps available for beginners.  

Beginners greatly benefit from all the nutrition plans, transformation plans and beginner’s exercises. And for more experienced calisthenics athletes it can also be fun to get new training ideas or workouts to get to higher levels. Very experienced athelets do not need all of it though. The Thenics app that we reviewed before scores higher for more experienced athletes because of the level of skills it teaches you. 

The 60 euro annual subscription is not much when you think you defintely pay more than 20 euro per month for a gym subscription. You can do all of Madbarz’ exercises in a calisthenics parc or at home one you have the equipment. 

Madbarz is a great calisthenics app that helps beginners transform into a calisthenics athlete. We recommend the annual subscription because it lets you get everything Madbarz offers you for a really good price.

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