Calisthenics App Review: Calisteniapp

In the last couple of years, a lot of programs and apps have been created for the calisthenics community. We think it’s great that so many are taking this form of exercise and lifestyle seriously. Our main goal at Calisthenics Worldwide is to provide you with useful and honest information about everything to do with calisthenics. So we are going to review some of the available apps for you. We will inform you about costs, difficulty levels, instruction video’s, layouts and much more. In our first app review, we took a look at the Thenics app. The second app we have reviewed for you is Calisteniapp.

About the Calisteniapp

Calisteniapp is a calisthenics app that offers a free section to all users and an upgrade with a monthly or annual payment to those who want to use it more professionally.

  • Format: Downloadable for IOS and Android app 
  • Costs: Standard version is free, Pro version € 4.99 per month or € 29.99 per year
  • Required equipment: Pull-up bar, straight parralel dip bar, bench and paralletes (regular calisthenics parc). You can get all this equipment in our shop.
  • Get the app here: Apple App Store or Google Play 

The team behind Calisteniapp consists of experienced athletes with a combined following on social media of over 1 million. They know what they are doing. And they want to support your calisthenics journey. Inake Tajes and Yerai Alonso started the app. Together, the put their knowledge of gymnastics and street workouts in the app. Inaki is a programmer and Yerai a university gymnastic teacher. They maintain a website where they publish blogs every now. And they also offer a vast list of more than 250 routines for you.

Calisteniapp uses mostly dark and red/orange colours. That makes it look good. And it has an easy to use lay-out. Both beginners as well as advanced calisthenics athletes can use this app.

What To Expect of the Calisteniapp

The app offers routines, exericses and a weekly schedule for you workouts. The schedule reminds you when you need to train and which exercises to perform. You can also choose random workouts to do and follow the suggestions given in those. These options make the app nicely versatile for beginners and advanced calisthenic users alike.


Calisteniapp – Routines 

In the routine section you will find plenty of workouts that will suit you. These routines are divided into strength (71), muscle group (292), hypertrophy (95), cardio (28), reps (72), explosive (21), tension (43), at home high intensity (15) and mobility (14). In each section you can see which muscles are targeted in the routine, how long the workout takes and which level it is for. Levels are easily indicated with colours. Blue for beginners, orange for intermediates and red for advanced athletes.

Every workout has a number of exercises for you to check before you start your training. You can also set-up how long your breaks will be in between exercises and rounds. If you enjoyed a certain workout you can save it as a favourite and also leave a comment about the workout. That system helpt you identify which workout fits you and choose them again later. Another helpful option if the filter. You can filter the routines on levels and body parts. That way, you can easily find a workout that suits you. You can also add routines to a weekly schedule and get reminders for you training.

calisteniapp pro version

Calisteniapp – Exercises 

Exercises are sorted by type of exercise like push-up or dips. You will find a lot of variations on several exercises. And the colours mentioned before indicate the difficulty level. The filter can be used here too. Each exercise comes with an instruction video. These video’s are without audio though. There is a short description but there is no information about common mistakes or what to prevent. In some exercises you need to scroll down a lot since the filter option does not help you there. For example, every push-up is set up to work your chest muscles.

Calisteniapp – Blogs 

There are 19 blogs on the linked website or the app at the moment. They offer discussions on workouts and lifestyle and are very good. They are easier to read on a bigger screen, like a laptop instead of your phone. The blog section could be improved with updates and a clear structure. With the current number of blogs this is not a significant problem though. 

Pro Version 

The paid upgrade in the app offers additional features. These include a full body transformation, full body muscle building, hypertrophy with gymnastic rings, bigger legs and advanced pertrophy with rings. All these features come with an 11 to 25 week plan. And the include step-by-step workout programs to achieve complex movements step by step. There are also 21 exclusive challegens each month. Smart progress includes adaptive routines and you can watch more than 5 video’s a day.

Our Opinion 

We think the Calisteniapp is a great app to use and learn calisthenics exercises with. It offers a great range of workouts for every type of calistenics performer. And the filter makes it easy to navigate the menu and find what you need. The option to save your favourites is a also big plus. We think the Pro version is helpfull for all users too, for example if you are struggling to make progress or want to get better in specific exercises like gymnastic rings. All in all, we definitely recommend the Calisteniapp to everyone looking for an app to accompany their calisthenics journey.

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