Sondre Berg: Berg Movement App Review

Sondre Berg 10 year calisthenics transformation

Calisthenics is a world rife with success stories about those who decided to change their lives and persevered until that change happened. Sondre Berg is one such a story and proves that you don’t need to be gifted with the perfect genes to become a living, breathing Calisthenics god capable of doing what most deem physically impossible. Now that he is an internationally acclaimed Calisthenics athlete, he offers that same path, his path to the broader audience. If you knew how he started out, then chances are you can do the same. Time to take a dive into this Norwegian man’s past and present and of course, what he can offer us mere mortals.

Who is Sondre Berg? 

We should start with who Sondre Berg was. Sondre Berg started his Calisthenics career like so many young men before him; as an awkward, self-conscious teenager who doesn’t at all look the part. Slightly chubby, with feminine features and sort of a baby-face in his mid and late teens, Sondre decided to change all that. He realized that nothing comes from nothing and, if you want to look good, then you need to work for it. This is how he discovered Calisthenics and, what a life-changer that was for him.

He now boasts the body of a Nordic god, capable of superhuman feats. He competes in the Street Workout World Cup, essentially the Olympics for Calisthenics. He is a major inspiration for many young men, teenagers and adults alike to achieve their dream physique. His Berg Movement program is most popular, which has countless followers.

Sondre Berg 10 year journey and transformation with calisthenics movement and handstands

What is the Berg Movement App?

This is actually a complicated question. Let us start with telling you what it isn’t: It’s not a personal coach of flesh and blood. Know enough now? No, we figured you want to know more about the Berg Movement App. In essence, it is a fully customizable, progressive workout plan which tailors exactly to your needs and capabilities. It does so more or less automatically and you can tweak or change your workout anyway you want. It is one of the closest things you can get to having a 24/7 available personal trainer without actually having to pay said trainer a full-time wage. 

The Berg Movement App has so much on board that it’s sleek and clean outward appearance is the deception of what hides under the hood. That’s why we started this with telling what it isn’t and, all of the rest is included where it comes to Calisthenics exercise and workout plans.

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How Does the Berg Movement App Work?

You download the Berg Movement app on your phone (available in iOS and Android) via Sondre Berg’s website and start it up. You’ll be asked to choose a ready-made Program, of which there are quite a few for you to follow. These Programs focus on building up core strength, core skills and transforming you into a versatile athlete. You can start as a beginner with the Bodyweight Foundations or get straight into more advanced Programs if you like. You can also pick highly specialized Programs called Single Skill Programs. These focus entirely on developing one skill or a part of your body and, include exercises designed to do just that.

But you can also choose to create your own Program or tweak and existing Program to your liking using Modules. This is where we need to explain a little on how this system works and what makes it so versatile and easily customizable. 


Each Program consists of a number of Modules. Modules are sets of exercises following a similar theme. They workout the same muscles or muscle groups and/or develop the same skill or stunt to perform. If you pick one of the many readymade Programs, you won’t have to worry about these. But you can also make your own Program or use an existing Program and add in or remove Modules. This allows you to easily make a fully customized Program all for you. 

With the number of Modules available, this creates a nigh-infinite number of Programs to develop yourself. At the same time, the point and click nature of the Berg Movement app makes it as uncomplicated as can be.

Standalone Workouts

If you’re not looking to create a Program or just feel like you want to do something else that day, you can create a Standalone Workout. These aren’t part of any Program and allow you to pick and choose your exercises for that single workout. Progress isn’t tracked and so doesn’t impact your progression.

Program Workouts

Each Program, whether custom or not, is a weekly workout schedule. The Berg Movement app automatically creates a schedule for you, along with rest days and what you should be doing on training days. This includes the number of sets and reps for each exercise. Exercises are staggered by muscle-group. This means that even if it’s not a rest day, different muscle groups will be allowed to rest while others are being worked out. This helps facilitate discipline and to keep you active.

At any time, you can change the number of sets or reps on each individual workout. This way you can adjust your own difficultly level according to your current skill or increase the difficulty to push yourself harder.

You can also include new Modules altogether, to add a new skill you wish to master to your program. This is a good way to diversify a Program you really like already and just want to expand upon. 

Progression & Test Days

The first day and on regular Test Days, your progression will be tested. You’ll be instructed to do the exercises from your Program and potentially with new ones from more advanced variants of your Program or selected Modules. These will almost always ask you to accomplish a number of minimum reps per set and then to failure. You’re not meant to accomplish or even complete these Progression tests. The Berg Movement app is testing your current level of progression and will update your current Program/Modules accordingly. 

Most often this means increasing the number of sets and reps per exercises or allowing you to experiment with entirely new Modules which you can then add to your Program, should you feel ready to tackle that new challenge.

Tweak Rest Days and Schedule

You can customize which days you want to be your rest days. If you’re too busy on certain days to do any training anyway, this is a handy feature. Likewise, you can tweak your schedule accordingly so workouts take place when you have the time for them. There’s no excuse for you to skip a workout now.

Workout and Module Levels

To help you get a sense of where you stand, all Modules and Programs are coded with a difficulty level along with a variation level. This indicator comes after the name of the exercise, for instance “Full Body L1 B”. Full Body is the name, L1 is the level and B means variation B. What this tells you is the following:

  • What is exercised (your full body)
  • The difficulty level (level 1, the easiest)
  • Which variation (in this case B, so there is at least also a variation A)

Especially after Test Days and, if you show favorable progression, you can upgrade the Level of your exercises to a higher one.

Sondre Berg Movement App Review

We’ve been working out using the Berg Movement app for some time now. It really is quite a lot of ground to cover. It didn’t help us do this review quicker when we started at the very beginning, with L1 Modules. But it does help you get a better understanding of what to expect. 

Form & Function

Absolutely stunning, concise and informative at the same time. Each workout day comes in a number of “blocks” or sets and reps. Each block works out a muscle group and there is an additional rest between blocks. Instead of just rest, however, the Berg Movement app includes stretches during the rest. It was very clear what the app wanted us to do. 

You can swap out exercises and Modules, which is very easy to do. On the Swap Exercise screen, you’ll be presented with a list of similar exercises of different levels and variations. Select the variation you like and, that’s it. Your Program has been updated. The next time you use that Program, your updated module selection will be used automatically.

Every exercise comes with a video which you can play during the set and rep. The video will keep playing for as long as you’re busy and you slide over to the next exercise. It’s almost as if the instructor, who is Sondre Berg, is there with you and exercising along.


All navigation is done with presses and swipes. The progression through each workout session is kept as simple as possible, with simply swiping to the left being the way to go from set to set and block to block. Customization of Programs is also kept to one to two pages and a point and click way of selecting exactly what you want. There’s nothing we can really add here, it’s so simple to work with that you’ll have it figured out immediately. 

Sondre Berg Himself

We want to add your host, Sondre Berg himself to this. He does all the exercises and explains them himself. His Norwegian accent is very light and he is quite eloquent. At the same time, he speaks naturally and doesn’t adhere to a strict script. He’s jovial and doesn’t take himself too seriously. We can see why people Sondre Berg so inspiring as a personality.

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Our Experience with the Berg Movement App Workouts

The Berg Movement app really focusses on skills and agility. Just like Sondre Berg, you’ll be aiming for becoming a hand-stand professional. The way there can be as gradual or as extreme as you want it to be. The Berg Movement app really is a very diverse and dynamic tool in your arsenal. The easy-to-use app had us working out in no time.

At first, we were worried it would take us forever to progress, due to us starting at the very beginning. But the starting Progression test gave us superb results and really put us about spot on where we were as Calisthenics athletes. The adjusted Program, which the Berg Movement app did or suggested by itself, was just the right workout for us. After the second Test Day, we felt our individual Programs were a near perfect match for what we needed. 

After some experimenting and looking for good Modules to add, we added one or two modules for areas we felt lacking in ourselves and to build up those skills. That took a little figuring out. The Berg Movement app offers a lot of customization and, it took some trying out of different things to determine what we liked.

The exercises themselves are just at the difficulty level we expect them to be. If you’re a beginner, you’ll go nowhere near the inverted stuff like handstand push-ups. The Berg Movement app slowly works you up to a point where you can begin to do incline exercises and work gravity against you a little bit at a time. 

Pricing & What You Get with the Sondre Berg Movement App

There is only one subscription level and it entails everything the Sondre Berg Movement Berg Movement app has to offer. There are no additional tiers or other in-app purchases. You do get a discount if you pay upfront for a longer billing cycle. The prices are as follows:

  • $19.99/mo.
  • $99.99/6 mo. (equivalent to 1 month for free)
  • $159.99/y (equivalent to 33% discount per month)
New Logo for the Berg Movement App

7-Day Free Trial Included

Get it here:

This includes everything we have discussed above. To recap:

  • A free 7-day trial, don’t like it walk away with no questions asked, period.
  • Full access to the Sondre Berg Movement app.
  • Hundreds of exercises with high quality video follow-along instructions.
  • Readymade Programs from beginner to advanced Calisthenics.
  • Infinitely customizable Programs, Single Skill Workouts through easy to pick Modules.
  • Automatic weekly workout planning, also customizable to exclude days you can’t or plan resting days differently.
  • Progression tracking days with recommended options to advance your difficultly level.

Conclusion for the Berg Movement App

The Berg Movement app itself is gorgeously shaped and organized. Everything is easy to do and as clear cut as could be. Sondre Berg himself is an enthusiastic and encouraging presence, which is a big deal because Calisthenics is really about your mindset and perseverance. 

The workout, the schedule, the difficulty, it can all be customized at will and from a huge set of different exercises. This gives you nigh-unlimited options to tailor your workout to your exact needs and schedule. Progression is regularly checked and allows you to experiment with higher difficulty levels or adding completely new exercises altogether. The Berg Movement app will quickly adapt its workout programs to your capabilities as a practitioner and with good accuracy.

If you’re just starting out, it can be a little bit of a hassle to find out the exact optimized workout for you. Juggling with Modules and exercises you may have never heard off or which you aren’t sure you can do, can be tedious. We advise you to first do a readymade Program for beginners and stick through that. It will give you a very sturdy foundation and, in this case importantly, a firm understanding of what these exercises mean. After following your first Program for a month or so, you’ll be ready to adjust and customize where needed.

Who do we recommend the Berg Movement app for? We recommend the app if you’re either a beginner looking to get a lean, muscular and healthy body or an advanced Calisthenics practitioner who wants to acquire, maintain or improve on advanced movement skills like various handstand exercises and planches.

Other Calisthenics Apps like the Berg Movement App

You might have noticed that the Berg Movement App is missing from our 12 Best Calisthenics Apps review. It wasn’t included simply because testing out all these apps to their fullest, allowing for a couple of weeks of following their programs, takes a lot of time. Sadly, the Berg Movement app fell by the wayside. Now that we’ve caught up with our much-needed reviewing spree and subjected the Berg Movement app to a serious examination; we feel it is worthy of being added to this list. We even feel like it will score very high, on par even with The Movement Athlete for sure.

If you feel the same way (or not), let us know in the comments below.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Berg Movement Trybe App

Here are some frequently asked questions about Sondre Berg and the Trybe app.

Is the Sondre Berg Trybe app beginner friendly?

Yes, it certainly is. You’ll start with building up core strength and then your skills are built-up gradually. There are periodic Test days in which the program tests out existing skills to their limit and adds new skills to see how you fare with them.

Is Sondre Berg reliable?

Sondre Berg makes no attempts to hide his past and how he got where he is now. He started out at almost the very bottom physically as a young man and, through Calisthenics, acquired his dream physique. He now competes high-up in the Street Workout World Cup and inspires many to get in shape and stay healthy. When it comes to Calisthenics, Sondre Berg is a reliable source.

Alternatives to the Sondre Berg Trybe App

Comparable to the Sondre Berg Trybe app is The Movement Athlete. This is also a sleek, clean and customizable workout app that offers gradual progression.

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