About Us

Calisthenics Worldwide (CWW) is a professional educational platform for athletes, calisthenics enthusiasts and movement professionals. It encourages the intensive use of literature and life-long learning. CWW was founded to support athletes in their quest to explore new tools, tricks and methods in training.

Calisthenics Worldwide is a worldwide community platform that’s all about sharing the most impressive tools for people who are interested in body weight exercises and calisthenics. Our platform helps improve physical and mental conditions in an educational, fun and responsible way.

With a team of 4 movement specialist we created a continuous process of publishing valuable content. We upload at least one article a week. Every upload will contain one specific topic in the training and/or calisthenics niche. We divide topics into the following themes: calisthenics, weight lifting, recovery, nutrition and mental health.



Different Ways to Use Our Platform

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  3. You can request a video-chat with one of our coaches and have 30 minutes of intensive live help
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Meet Our Team

Jari Dohmen - Physiotherapist

Jari Dohmen
Physio, coach and owner

Cock van den Hombergh - Calisthenics Worldwide

Cock vd Hombergh
Physio, coach and blogger

Jan Willem Plug- Calisthenics Worldwide

Jan Willem Plug
Mental Coach, linguistic specialist and marketeer

Jelle Smeding

Jelle Smeding
Freesyle coach and social media manager