About Calisthenics Worldwide

Calisthenics Worldwide (or CWW) started as a social community on Instagram in 2016. It has since grown rapidly with the inclusion of the calisthenicsworldwide.com website and a YouTube channel. With over 30,000 monthly website visits, 84,000 Instagram followers and 1,5k YouTube subscribers and all rapidly growing, our strategic aim is to keep Calisthenics growing until it is an Olympic sport.

Today, CWW is an educational and community platform for sharing the best tools and information on all things Calisthenics related. We believe that Calisthenics is for beginners and experts alike, and that the best way to further Calisthenics is to bring those two together. With a team of 2 movement specialists and a professional writer, we continuously create new and valuable Calisthenics and bodyweight exercise content. We believe in life-long learning and an intensive use of academic literature to give you the absolute best and most up-to-date information available.

We hope that our platform helps improve people’s physical and mental condition in an educational, responsible but foremost an entertaining way. Above all, we believe that Calisthenics is for everyone. Calisthenics is for women, for men, for young, for old and for any budget.

What We Do

We tackle anything from the big questions like “What is Calisthenics?” to the nitty and gritty reviews of available Calisthenics Programs and affordable Calisthenics equipment. We offer a great resource for both free and paid training plans and Calisthenics diet programs. You can find ALL Calisthenics products available on the market on CWW and you’ll find our unbridled opinion on them. We make it our goal to provide you with the best possible decision we can and offer the options that fit your goals and your budget.
Our web shop offers a carefully curated and handpicked selection of the best Calisthenics equipment available. Through our extensive partnerships with grassroots brands like Cali Move, Gornation and Pullup & Dip, we have secured frequent, exclusive discounts for the CWW community.

You can also find us on our Calisthenics Worldwide YouTube channel with your host, Jelle Smeding, showcasing many excellent Calisthenics products and creating tutorials on how to tackle your next Calisthenics exercise. With over 300 long form videos and shorts on both equipment and tutorials, it is a rapidly rising informational hub in easily digestible video format.

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Who we are

Jari Dohmen - Physiotherapist

Jari Dohmen

Involved with Calisthenics since 2013, Jari is the vision and the expertise behind CWW. As a professional Calisthenics coach and a licensed physiotherapist, Jari gives us that academic edge needed to provide you with fact-based information and comparisons. As the proud owner of CWW, he also steers its direction with new content ideas and stays up-to-date with scientific research.
Jelle Smeding

Jelle Smeding

he former director of the Dutch Calisthenics Union (NLCB.nl) and certified Calisthenics coach trained by the Calisthenics Educational Institute (hetcoi.nl), Jelle is our YouTube host and does both the presenting as well as the editing. With 15+ years of Calisthenics experience, his content is always informative, highly educational and ever entertaining.
Stefan Wolberink

Stefan Wolberink

As an experienced professional content writer, English language specialist and a published author, it is Stefan’s job to take Jari and Jelle’s expertise and package it as readable, high value articles. He is also the final editor for the CWW blog and makes sure our articles are easily found on the internet.

If you have any remarks or questions, we’d love to hear from you. You can contact us with anything relating to Calisthenics or one of our Calisthenics channels. We always enjoy responding to community questions and feedback.

Frequently Asked Questions About Calisthenics Worldwide

Who is the founder of Calisthenics Worldwide?

Jari Dohmen started Calisthenics Worldwide in 2016, after his BarBrothers fan page gained popularity. He has been active in the Calisthenics scene since 2013 and as a professionally licensed physiotherapist, he realized he had more to offer the community than a fan page.

Does Calisthenics Worldwide have an Instagram?

You can find Calisthenics Worldwide on Instagram @calisthenics.worldwide

Does Calisthenics Worldwide have a YouTube Channel?

You can find Calisthenics Worldwide on YouTube @CalisthenicsWorldwide