6 Tips to Start with Calisthenics

6 tips to start with calisthenics

If you are reading this , you probably already know that calisthenics is a great way to improve your physique. But maybe you don’t know how exactly to start this sport. We are here to help you start with calisthenics.

For everyone who wants to start with calisthenics there are some basic rules you need to understand before you start working out. We summarized the 6 best tips for you.

  1. As with any workout, technique is essential. Make sure your form is perfect. Five perfect pull ups is better than ten half ass pull ups.
  2. If you are a beginner, full body is the way to go. Pull ups, push ups, squats, abs. All in one workout.
  3. Find yourself a good rep range. Maybe you can do 15 or even 20 pull ups. But, they are not perfect. If so, than it is better to carry out 10 reps perfectly instead. The same applies to pull and push ups, squats, etc. IKf 10 reps is the number with which you are able to perform each exercise perfectly and correctly, than do it. I usually do 10 sets of 10 for each exercise, resulting in 100 reps total. Doesn’t sound like much but when done right, it’s a killer!
  4. Diet is important but don’t get caught up in the notion that you need to be eating clean 24/7. No. That’s lame. Nobody is paying you to be ripped and eat clean 24/7 so don’t live like you are. Eat with common sense. Be sure to eat your necessary carbs and vitamins before a workout, and then eat a good source of protein after. It’s simple. No need to drown yourself in meal prepping, shakes and supplements. Just eat when you need to and when your hungry, and your body will take care of the rest. Also be sure to enjoy the occasional pizza or burger, like I do too.
  5. Stay away from junk. Sugar. Candy. Cake. Diet is very important, but staying away from man-made poison even more. Do not eat that crap.
  6. Calisthenics is healthy. It can be done almost everyday. Why? Because you are using your own bodyweight. Your body can adapt and learn to become stronger by growing and learning how to tear and rebuild the muscles. It’s your own weight and not a free weight that can wear and tear your body. Of course, calisthenics has it’s limits. You can only get so big. But it’s not about being big. It’s about staying healthy, strong, fit, without the use of a gym. If you wanna be the next Mr Olympia then by all means, join a gym and buy supplement. If you want to be healthy, strong and fit, do calisthenics!

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Hi Jari, thanks for sharing this. I currently workout for 30 to 40 minutes per day. I mostly to push ups, pull ups planks and leg raises with some jump roping.

Recently I came across an article here: https://calisthenicwarrior.com/finally-a-calisthenic-workout-plan-that-sticks-no-equipment-needed/ where they recommend focusing on one single body part per day. Like a day for the chest – chest day, a day for back – a back day etc.

Do you think this is the right thing to do without mixing it all up every workout day?


Hi Jari, thanks for the tips. I used to go the gym since last year and I didnt find it interesting and I needed a huge motivation just be at the gym. I have been doing callisthenics for two weeks now and I find it more interesting than going to the gym and lifting weights.

I don’t have proper workout routine, I just picked up a few excersises from youtube videos. I read an article here> https://calisthenicwarrior.com/why-you-should-stick-to-a-beginner-calisthenics-program/ and they recommend sticking to a workout program as a beginner. Do you think that I should stick to a calisthenic workout program put together by an expert?